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    1) What is your Minecraft username (or "IGN")?

    My IGN is Stick303.

    2) Please explain why you would like to join the Server.

    I want to join the server because I am fond of the Gulliver mod, and this server looks amazing both for using the mod and playing on a nice server in general.

    3) Please explain how your talents, skills, experience, personality traits, and aspirations can help contribute positively to our server.

    I’m a good miner (not to brag), and I find diamonds or iron in a fair amount of time.

    4) Please list five random facts about yourself that can help differentiate you from other players.

    1. Personally, I think that griefers are noobs because they are too lazy to even get their own things.
    2. Some other games I play are: Terraria, Limbo, Infiniminer, the Halo series, Hexxit, Banjo-Kazooie, etc.
    3. My record for diamond finding is 5 on my 1st day and 18 on my 2nd day.
    4. My favorite mob in MC is the enderman.
    5. I know both StormySapphire and BallisticPipi in real life.
    5) To ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities on our server, please read the Novice's Creed, and write down one right or responsibility that you enjoy the most.

    I like helping new players get used to servers, and anyways I usually end up befriending them.

    6) And finally, to confirm that you read the Big Sister Server Quick Guide please write down the name of the official server currency.

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