About Me

Name: Steve Craftwood

IGN: SteveCraftwood

Minecraft Status: I own the PC version, the Pocket Edition for Kindle Fire and the Xbox 360 edition

Skin: Myself, Steve Craftwood (The Player), with my journal in one pocket, cooked steak in the other and my Diamond Sword [Voidbane] strapped to my back within a leather sheath.

Pets: My pig Cubie is my greatest companion and friend, I also have two ocelots (a tabby named Nova and a tuxedo named Miffy), a wolf named Snowy, a chestnut horse with white splotches named Emerald and a Red Dragon named Obsidian

Favorite House: I usually build a house with the layout of the library in villages, one block above the ground. It has two floors, and an oak wood frame filled in with oak wood planks. Oak wood plank flooring (cyan carpet in the second floor which is my bedroom), a stone brick stair roof, and a stone brick basement with a storage room, nether portal room, emergency tunnel and guest room (for villagers in SSP). I also refurbish Strongholds to live in and I often build my house in Villages and live with a Villager until my main base is finished.


Mining, diamonds, Cubie, cake, practicing swordplay

Location Craftwood Reach

Profile Information

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