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    Minecraft has several horror mods, but there are few that fulfill the role of a psychological horror mod, a mod that really makes you feel like you're not alone in the singleplayer game. This mod can really make you feel watched and tormented throughout the game. Not only that, but it can bring the whole Slenderman concept to the game.


    - The Masky

    - Kate

    - Slenderman


    - Flashlight

    - Proxy Mask

    - Bloody blue sweatshirt (for Steve)

    - Bloody green sweatshirt (for Alex)

    - Knife

    - Disc 1: Slenderman's song

    - Disc 2: Slenderman's Lullaby

    - Disc 3: Sympathy for Slenderman

    - Disc 4: recording of Slenderman's appearance at a police station

    - All eight pages

    - Slenderman boards

    - Books telling stories of Slender

    Slenderman behavior:

    He is a rare mob to spawn, and only spawns in forests, but specifically in the Giant Spruce Taiga. Before appearing, you will hear a low hiss, and when you look around, you will see Slender watching you, standing, about 7 blocks away. 30 seconds will pass, after which the player will be blind. When the blindness passes, Slenderman disappears, and in the chat appears the phrase in red "He found you, now you are his". After this event, Slenderman will appear in your world watching you.

    His appearances are not frequent, but when he does, the player will hear a low hissing sound, and Slender will be far away, behind a tree, watching you. I should make it clear that it doesn't always make a hissing sound, so his appearances may be surprising (the screen won't have a static screen when the sound comes, that makes no sense). When Slender appears and you can see it, two things can happen:

    1- Slenderman will disappear automatically

    2- He will stand looking at you, and if you look at him for a long time, you will get nauseated along with the hissing sound that will get louder. After that, Slender disappears

    At night, his appearances become more frequent and he becomes less discreet, appearing closer to the player. When you go to sleep, there is a chance that Slender will appear in your window, but it won't stop you from sleeping. In forests he can also appear a little more often, and in caves and abandoned mines as well. In the mod's default settings, Slender will appear as he is most often portrayed: a tall, thin man with long arms and legs. However, you can change its size in the settings, to make it the same size/model as a regular player.

    What can Slenderman do in your world?:

    - Most of the time, he places pages for the player to collect. When you collect some, Slender may appear. However, the mod is not intended to make you collect pages like in games, this is optional

    - Has a small chance of him sets forests on fire, as shown in the game Slender: The Arrival. And sometimes (it's rarer), he sets YOUR HOUSE on fire, that's while you're adventuring.

    - While the player is out of house, there are chances that when he comes back, all the paintings in his house will be replaced by Slender drawings

    - Dogs can disappear, and before that, instead of making tamed Dog sounds, they make rabid Wolf sounds, as animals tend to see the supernatural. Slender just disappears with them as they are an obstacle in your way (this is rare to happen)

    - While in the caves, you have chances to hear footsteps that are not yours, and no other mobs

    - When entering a forest, there is a rare chance that the game will turn night out of nowhere (remember that Slender is able to control the weather)

    - Slender can camouflage itself using other mobs, such as: Enderman, Cow, and Zombie (most common being Enderman). To know whether or not the mob is Slender, just observe its behavior. For example, if you find an Enderman, and he's standing at a distance looking at you, and doesn't do anything even looking at him, it's because he's not an Enderman, the same goes for Zombies and Cows

    The Masky and Kate:

    Kate will only spawn in caves and abandoned mines, when she appears, she will chase and attack the player (there is no way to kill her, being able to kill her would take some of the fun out of things). To run away from it, the player must use the flashlight on it, which will run away. Each damage from her takes two hearts (this of course, if the player is not wearing armor).

    Masky, on the other hand, behaves a little differently. It can appear on the surface, and there it will just act as a stalker, watching you from afar and discreetly. He can put up signs saying meaningless things and random numbers. In the caves, then he becomes aggressive and will chase you. He takes 3 hearts of health each damage (without armor). He cannot be stopped by the flashlight or killed, but if you manage to escape, he will disappear.

    Both Masky and Kate are rare to appear.

    The Villagers:

    The Slenderman doesn't just have you on his list, Villagers are also his target. Both before and after meeting the Slenderman for the first time, when you enter a village, there will be a chance that some Villagers will start mysteriously disappearing, and the reason you already know...

    Become his:

    A very interesting idea I thought of for this mod is that you can also be a Proxy. And how does one become one?

    Well, the mod will have a sanity system, and every encounter with Slender, as well as Proxys, will lower your sanity a little. After 30 days and with 0% sanity, when Slender appears, he can still automatically disappear, but sometimes he can just stand there, staring at you. No nausea, just a low wheezing sound. The player can approach it, and after that, if you right click on it, if you don't, the Slender will just disappear after 1 minute. By clicking on it, the player will be teleported to a new dimension, in this case a corridor made of red wool. At the end of it, you will have the Slender and a chest.

    A low hissing sound can be heard, and upon opening the chest, you will have a Proxy mask, knife and two hoodies, one blue and one green. Picking up these items will result in the player returning to the normal world. After that, you are no longer a normal person, but a "puppet" of Slenderman. Your screen will be red, and in place of the hunger bar, you will have a blood bar. This bar works like the hunger bar, but just kill mobs like animals and Villagers to fill it (basically it's a kill urge). When the bar is at the end, the player will be slow, wither effect and will receive damage (damage that does not lower health). Aggressive mobs won't attack you, Villagers and animals will start running away from you, a very low hissing sound will be heard all the time, and the Slenderman will always appear. There's no way to go back to being someone normal... Only if you create a new world.

    Anyway, that was today's mod suggestion for Minecraft Java. I hope you enjoyed.

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