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    posted a message on Tweaks to Giants - NOT A "Giants in Survival" THREAD!
    I hope they leave giants the size they are in the monster spawners, because it is really funny depending on how you put blocks around the spawner. "He looks like hes stripping!" Beside's if they did shrink them in monster spawners, you couldn't tell what type of zombie they were.
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    posted a message on What if EA bought Minecraft?
    Creative mode only 49.99!

    Survival mode only 44.99!

    Hardcore mode only 39.99!

    Open your inventory for only 4.99!

    Break three blocks of dirt for only 1.99!

    Minecraft for only 999.99!
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    posted a message on Command Blocks In Your Inventory? [Suggestion]
    I hope in future updates they add command blocks in the Redstone category of your inventory.

    Why would this be useful?

    You know how more commands are getting added, command blocks are getting really popular in the redstone part of Minecraft. This would be easier so you wouldn't have to type /give [Player] minecraft:command_block 1 0 every time you needed a command block.

    Could I still use the give command for command blocks?

    Yes, 99.999% of the items in Minecraft can be given using the give command. That still includes command blocks.

    Here is were the command block would be added.

    Are command blocks really that important?

    Yes! Command block are big thing in Minecraft now pretty much every minigame uses at least one command block.


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    Thank You!
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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?
    I was banned for puching a admin IN PVP LOL!
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    posted a message on [1.8] [Village] [Blacksmith] Village Just Block Away From Spawn!
    WARNING: Must be on Large Biomes world type to work.



    Village Coordinates:

    -253 64 245


    Tutorial On How Seeds Work, Note, Not My Tutorial:

    Like this post if you have found obsidian in a blacksmith. :obsidian:
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    posted a message on WEIRDEST WAY YOU EVER DIED IN MINECRAFT?!!
    What it the stupidest weirdest dumbest way you died in Minecraft? This thread is just for fun, there is no wrong answer. Don't forget to tell me how you mostly die in Minecraft above. And PLEASE tell me the weirdest stupidest dumbest way you died in Minecraft. Don't leave disrespectful feedback.

    Thank You :D

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    From YoshieggsMc,


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    Like this post if you have died more than 100 times in Minecraft.

    If your reading this, comment "StepByStep_Lightning" at the end of your post, if you do that I will follow you and like that post, simple. :D

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    posted a message on Looking for 1.8 seed [request]
    Try this seed it's not exact but close, seed: -54637839
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    posted a message on What Is Your Favourite And Least Favourite Mob?
    Fav: Wolf

    Least Fav: Skeletons

    Skeletons cause its annoying when your try to run up to them and hit them, but they keep pushing you back with there bow...
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    posted a message on all my stuff is gone
    This happend to me you where in 1.8 then switch back to 1.7.

    Be aware this will happen with snapshots too.

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    posted a message on ANY IDEAS?!!
    Quote from Albertdoug»
    You Should Build a Map About Finding the hidden Key and Have some parkour,survival,and puzzle.Also make it multiplayer. Thanks for reading this

    I might try it thanks!
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