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    posted a message on Modded SMP -- Small Community -- 16+ Server with Under 20 Players -- Crackpack

    Both of you guys are accepted. Check inbox for details.

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    posted a message on Modded SMP -- Small Community -- 16+ Server with Under 20 Players -- Crackpack

    Both of you are accepted. Hope to see you on soon!

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    posted a message on Modded SMP -- Small Community -- 16+ Server with Under 20 Players -- Crackpack

    Accepted. I have sent the server information in a private message.

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    posted a message on Modded SMP -- Small Community -- 16+ Server with Under 20 Players -- Crackpack

    Of course, I filled out the application below.

    Minecraft Name: step679

    Real Name(first only is fine): Alex

    Time Playing Minecraft: Since October 2011

    Time Playing with Mods: Since January 2012

    Time Zone: EST

    About Yourself: I'm English but have lived all over the world, currently in America. I am a big fan of modded Minecraft, especially tech mods and have played technic type mods for a few years now. I helped create this server in partnership with a few friends and currently am working on recruiting a few other players. I have been known to play up to 10 hours of Minecraft without stopping, back when I had the time.

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    posted a message on Modded SMP -- Small Community -- 16+ Server with Under 20 Players -- Crackpack

    MinedDotMe is a small modded Minecraft server using the Crackpack, available through the ATLauncher. We cater to a small but dedicated group of mature players that are interested in forming a vibrant Minecraft community. We have limited moderating tools and enjoy having a server founded on honor, trust and respect of others.

    We prefer that all applicants be 16+ but any mature-acting players will still be accepted. We often like to collaborate while playing and we prefer but don't require that all applicants be willing to use Skype to voice chat. We generally have a hands-off moderating policy but stealing, griefing, spamming and not respecting members of the community are all strongly discouraged. To apply, please fill out the application along with a short (3-4 sentence) bio about yourself.

    Minecraft Name:

    Real Name(first only is fine):

    Time Playing Minecraft:

    Time Playing with Mods:

    Time Zone:

    About Yourself:

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    posted a message on PotatoCraftSMP| 100% Vanilla| Friendly Community| Lots of Fun and Looking for New Players|
    1. Name: Alex

    2. Age: 16

    3. IGN[In Game Name]: step679

    4. Timezone/Country: EST (-5)

    5. Do you watch MindCrack, CubeSMP, or HermitCraft: I used to, I don't anymore.

    6. What MindCrack/CubeSMP/HermitCraft Players do you Enjoy Watching: When I watched them, I mainly just watched Etho.

    7: How Long Have You been Playing Minecraft for: Almost three years, since October 2011.

    8. Why do you Want to Join PotatoCraftSMP: My friend Zeke highly recommended it.

    9. Do you have Any Friends that Might Want to Join the Server, and If you do, tell them to Apply and you will Get a Bonus Surprise on the Server: Yes, his username is Virtualpineapple.

    10. How Good Are you at Building/Redstone on a scale from 1-10: Building 7/10 Redstone 6/10

    11. Do You Have A YouTube Channel, and will you be Able to Record?(This Is Optional): Yes, but I likely won't record anything.

    12. Tell me Something Cool about Yourself: Although I live in America, I'm actually English. I've lived in five countries and flew 22 times before I was two years old.

    I <3 PotatoCraftSMP
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    posted a message on 1.7.4 Vanilla Server No Lag New Community – #therealminecraft – Looking for Mature Players!

    I'll keep this short and sweet as I should probably be getting to bed around now.

    I'm Step679, also known as Alex. I've been playing Minecraft since August 2011 in Beta 1.7.3. In short, it's one of, if not my favorite game that I have ever played. I've logged well over 600 hours playing it, most of which was with mods installed. About a year ago I joined a small, completely vanilla server named Ruston and had great fun on it until they shut down from lack of interest. I'm looking to recapture that new sense of discovery that comes with finding all the new features added in the last couple of updates.

    I'm likely to only manage a couple hours or less on the weekdays as I have two hours of Rowing training every day but my weekends are usually completely free. I'm fairly competent with redstone and back in the day I got accepted to the VoxelBox.

    I was a big fan of mindcrack once but no longer had time to keep up to date so now I usually just binge on new episodes every couple of months.

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing back from you,


    PS: Is there a server teamspeak or similar? I can charm you with my mellifluous English tones.

    PPS: I own the full version of Fraps.

    PPPS: Zeke (from above) told me about this server.
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server
    Out-Of-Character Details

    Minecraft Account Name:Step679
    How old are you?:15
    Time-Zone/Country of Residence:United States
    Do you have a good grip on English grammar and the English language?: Of course, expanding one’s lexicon is a noble pursuit.
    Have you had any previous experience in roleplaying?:No
    Have you read and understood and agree to the rules?:Yes
    How did you hear about the Lord of the Craft?:From a friend. Balluffip
    Link any previous applications you have made to the Lord of the Craft:None
    Have you posted this application on Minecraft Forum? If not, post it here: : Yes


    In your own words, define what the act of roleplaying is:Roleplaying within Minecraft, is the act of creating a character within the context of a fictional world and acting as if they were a real person. The goal is to immerse oneself within the fictional world and make it seem as realistic as possible.
    In your own words, define what the act of meta-gaming is: Meta-gaming is allowing one’s character to utilize information that they ordinarily couldn’t know. If I read information pertaining to an invasion in OOC. I couldn’t use it as justification to prepare for it.
    In your own words, define what the act of power-emoting is: Scripting the outcome of an encounter without letting the other player react. An example would be writing *I shoot an arrow at person xyz and it strikes them dead instantly”

    In-Character Details

    Character Name: Taenthal Fiyem
    Character Race: High Elf
    Character biography - Make this at least 2 paragraphs long, which must explain your character’s history, appearance, personality, age and any other details you deem necessary:
    A fine specimen of what pure Mali’aheral ought to look like, Taenthal stands tall at 6 feet 7 inches. Given a proper upbringing, he is conscious of his superior status and ensures this fact is explicitly known whenever interacting with lesser breeds. Now at the age of 232, a particularly fond number to Taenthal as it is a numerical palindrome, he spends his days absorbing literature like air in the search of new and exciting knowledge. Like all decent Mali’aheral proud of their heritage, Taenthal resides within the glorious city of Haelun’or, a landmark to the ingenuity and sophistication of the Mali.
    Taenthal is especially interested in debate as they consist of pure logic and only end when the loser’s battered form of a case is thrown, defeated, from the stage of inquiry. He regards fighting as shallow and mindless, a job more suited to those without such noble lineage, but fighting strategy is a task he tackles with deadly efficiency. Taenthal’s one true weakness is hubris, extreme overconfidence in one’s abilities, and is a weakness he has no intent on fixing. Namely because he refuses to believe it.
    What are your characters ambitions?: The acquisition of knowledge to further the cause of the Mali’aheral.
    Please provide an in-game screenshot of your skin here: http://imgur.com/abZcgeB
    Is there anything else you would like to say about your character: All has been said.


    Each question here must be answered with a minimum of one full paragraph, and detail the scene you are given in the way it would happen in roleplay. These questions should be answered in first person. Be detailed, not short.

    Upon entering the Mighty Human City of Arethor, you come across a shop-keeper calling out to sell his wares to passers-by. The shopkeeper is not a Human, he is a poor dwarf looking to make a living in a new city. What is your response?
    At first glance, looking at the beaten form of the dwarf, I wonder why the humans allow such filth into the city. Does it not taint their bloodlines? I suppose it does not matter if one’s own heritage is just as inferior. Upon closer inspection the dwarf seems to be selling small wooden carvings painstakingly chipped away from oak wood. They resemble work done by a child and feature sharp edges and cracks where simple precautions could have prevented damage. The dwarf takes notice of my evaluating gaze and tentatively asks, “Would you like to buy one?”. Turning around and leaving, I smile to myself. Only one possessed of great naivety could mistake my gaze for interest.

    You’re wandering the Oren Road late at night, when a large Orc begins to threaten a nearby dwarf. There is no help nearby, and the situation looks like it will escalate into violence soon, what does your character do?
    Looking at the escalating situation before me, the necessary course of action is obvious. Quickening my pace, I clear the immediate vicinity just before the blows begin to land upon the face of the dwarf. I suppose I could have helped but that would require interacting with the Orc. I don’t have time to socialize with such illiterates, the dwarf is simply my ticket to leave. I’m sure my colleagues would agree that his sacrifice was for the common cause.
    Whilst walking down the road to Malinor, you stumble upon an old man. His walking stick , looks weak and frail, and just as you are about to ask something, the stick breaks, and the man falls to the ground. As he falls down, a bag of Minas falls to the ground, and splits open. As you watch the multiple coins spill out, you peer down at the defenceless man. What does your character do?:
    As I watch the human, a mere 80 or so years old and already so frail, attempt to lift his fragile form from the ground, a passing youth begins to divest him of his coins. Raising one eyebrow in amusement, I continue onwards, amused by the betrayal of one human to his own kind. Such barbarianism clearly must be commonplace among their kind. Leaving the scene behind me, I am comforted by the fact that I will soon be in Malinor, away from such public displays.
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    posted a message on Yet another "Build" Thread
    Quote from Penguin236

    Which parts did you order exactly?

    I ordered Lolpierandom's build but dropped the extra cooler and upgraded the graphics card to a 7950.
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    posted a message on Yet another "Build" Thread
    Thanks to all, I just ordered the computer parts.

    I ended up dropping the exta cooling in favor of the stock fan, if I ever want to overclock I'll purchase the extra cooler separately.

    I also upgraded the GPU to the 7950 and to save the extra hassle, ordered all the parts on Newegg. I ended up going slightly over budget with the final cost of the build at around $1100.

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    posted a message on Yet another "Build" Thread
    Quote from lolpierandom

    Ah yes, this is an important consideration as well. The build I suggested is fully equipped for overclocking- but if you aren't going to overclock, and are sure you won't, you could easily pocket the ~30-50 dollars saved, or put it towards the GPU.

    Possibly, depends on it's long-term performance. Will the cooler handle the extra heat?
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    posted a message on Yet another "Build" Thread
    Quote from lolpierandom


    Yup. Should be good, I'll see if the regulars for this forum iron out any more kinks.

    Also, for anyone wondering about choice of PSU, it's a Seasonic made, and is modular for all cables besides the 20+4 pin mobo and 4+4 CPU.

    Also, if you went a little over budget (think 20-50 dollars) you could probably up the 7870 to a 7950, but the 7870 is plenty to max most games.

    Thanks a bunch, I'll sleep on it and if no more suggestions come through, I'll order it.
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    posted a message on Yet another "Build" Thread
    Hello everyone, =)

    The time has come once again to update my aging computer. Unfortunately I don't trust myself to select compatible parts so I'm turning it over to the kind folk here.

    I'm looking for a gaming computer, under $1000 dollars that can run games like Skyrim reasonably well. I also play quite a bit of Minecraft as well as Assassins Creed.

    A super large hard drive is not very important to me, nor whether or not it is solid state or not.

    Thank you for your time,

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    posted a message on Minecraft, do you like it anymore?
    I still enjoy it, but no longer for the terrain. Vanilla bores me to death and the only way to keep it entertaining is to pile mods on it.
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    posted a message on Which one food would you consume for the rest of your life?
    Ramen Noodles.

    For non combination: Eeeh, probably chicken. Assuming of course I don't succumb to malnutrition.
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