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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages

    Meyling fell and couldn't get up!

    Meyling thought cave spiders were adorable.

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    Quote from ImNotBlu»


    I can't build sails well :(

    Inside the captain's room.. well.. not really a 'captain's room'.. the snail on the table is from a mod.. uh.. pretend it's not there if you want.. o _o'

    I like this room a lot too.
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    posted a message on [Journal & Pics] After a Year and a Half, I Finally Found a Jungle

    It's amazing how you spend more than a year searching for a jungle biome.

    I've spawned in them plenty of times, groan and start a new world XD

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    posted a message on Archipelago of Manasteel

    Love the journal so much! It helped me out a bit with Botania too, though I really don't wanna go to the Nether =.= It's killed me sooo many times, mostly cuz' of the lava.

    Love your buildings too! They're amazing! :D

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    posted a message on Newish player, secondary base questions

    What I usually do is make a way to connect both bases. It takes a while but I like having multiple areas of settling down. The one I like best is my 'main hub', where I put all my valuables and whatnot. :)

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    posted a message on Giants and cave islands

    Well, I have to say I half support.

    Giants are not a good idea (no offense).

    Though that cave island idea.. An island with a large labyrinth under it like.. oooh that would be so cool! o3o

    *goes into imagination*


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    posted a message on Petition Against Minecrafts New 1.9 PvP System

    Uhh no. I like the new update, it adds new combat and abilities in. I can't wait for potion tipped arrows! <3 Besides, Mojang appears to be 'ignoring the haters'. :/

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    posted a message on Beta 1.7.3 is the king of the minecraft updates.

    I never played Beta before, but I have played Alpha.

    Personally, the latest Minecraft updates and the older ones are two different Minecrafts to me. Alpha is rather nostalgic though, I agree, except I never joined at that time. I watched somebody play it on Youtube before getting it myself and by then it was in it's 1.4 updates. I like playing Alpha if I am looking for something simple and it's nice. I like the health system of it back then too. The bows though.. they were so much cooler. Instant firing and idk the sound of them sounded better too imo.

    I like the current update too. I like 1.8 (though 1.7 was better) and it's fun to play. 1.6 has a lot of memories in it too, but eh. The different biomes? I love them! New biomes means new exploring and building possibilities. True, I miss Alpha's terrain. It was full of strange stuff. I'm sure Beta has a lot of similarities with Alpha that I don't know of anyway, but.. ugh.

    Basically, I'm saying I like both old and new updates. They're a different experience and I like going through and witnessing them all. It's fun to play different versions. ^_^

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    posted a message on Things that go into a medieval city?

    Well if it's a medieval-type city,.. I suggest going small first. Little things such as a stack of hay or banners can help a lot.

    Most of the time, medieval-type cities are walled in with cobblestone or what not.

    I can list a lot of buildings here for ya..

    Marketplaces, churches, military grounds, barracks, taverns, blacksmiths, the kings castle (if you want royalty in there), a jailhouse or two, archery ranges, libraries,

    Also a market street (where the marketplaces are found too). There you can make businesses such as bakeries, shops, etc.

    If you want a magical twist, then I recommend some crazy cults + a graveyard. Also wizard towers.

    Also nobody mentioned some commercing camps, where people drop goods off and such.. in a game I play called Mabinogi, there were some. People could sell and buy goods there and travel in wagons and such to deliver more goods.

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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?

    Ah so many responds.. would read them all but.. wow..

    Anyway, most of the fanbase of Minecraft is probably going through those 'nostalgia' phases. I'd ignore those kinds of people, only because the negativity can splash onto you.

    Though I think I know why others don't like it. They can't fully accept the changes.

    I'm sure every major update has a group of people who can't even fully grasp the ideas and they turn against them.

    I'm one of those people. I cannot stand change. I dread the update a little bit, but I've been through this since I joined in 1.4. Things are going to change and I can't control that. That is why some people are so angry about updates.

    Even then, some people aren't smart enough to realize that you can just download past large updates with the launcher and play them.. -_-

    Honestly.. I'm still waiting for some more 'magic' in Minecraft, but Thaumcraft mod keeps me busy with that one. ;p

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