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Hello, my name is Meyling, but I am also known as Stellaria and Mizuli. Rarely, I use Kitberry too. I've been playing Minecraft since November of 2012, so I'm not exactly an 'old' player. I've joined around 1.4 and I have been playing ever since. I'm a large One Piece fan, as you probably can tell. In fact, I love anime in general. I'll actually put down all the ones I have seen and currently watching. Maybe we both know one I placed down? Oooh right also.. I also have a thing for organization and neatness so.. It's sorted to death. Sowwy :c Another thing..
I watch some dubbed anime, but most is english subtitles ;p (subbed) One Piece is always on top. I watch the subbed and I'm on episode 510+, before the timeskip. :D Been watching since the summer before my 1st high school year. I'm currently in 3rd so.. Jesus.. 3 years.. WHAT.. x_x

-Completed Dubbed Anime-
Lucky Star

-Not Completed Dubbed Anime-
Soul Eater
Sailor Moon

-Completed Subbed Anime-
Tokyo Mew Mew
Madoka Magica
Attack on Titan
Black Rock Shooter

-Not Completed Subbed Anime-
Kill la Kill
Sword Art Online
Fairy Tail

I play MapleStory, Minecraft and rarely Mabinogi.
I also play Cube World, which is ok I guess :/ Needs updates.
MapleStory (GMS);
Level 162
Pirate - Angelic Buster

Any questions? Feel free to ask me I'll gladly answer! Well.. depending on question ?


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Location The Country of Nautila

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