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    The best post-apocalyptic mod in the history of Minecraft!

    Have you ever wanted to blow some zombie brains with some epic guns? (more ''good looking'' than Flan's)
    Have you ever wanted to have some bad-ass 3D soldier gear,or just some casual clothes, and be able to see them while looking down,just like real life?
    Have you ever wanted to live in a post-apocalyptic world,where you can experience all the cool features listed above,while still being on minecraft?

    The Last Days mod aims for a extremely realistic DayZ inpression,to make your survival more dangerous,realistic and cool at the same time! How awesome is that?!?!

    With Last Days,you can:

    -Have a cool-looking custom inventory,just like in DayZ!
    -Have some bad-ass looking gear,like backpacks,clothes,soldier gear,helmets,masks,all fully 3D!
    -Blow some evil mob brains with some awesome pow-pow 3D weapons,like shotguns,rifles,machine guns,and more!
    -Eat some yummy food,which,by the way,can rot,so you better eat it right away!
    -See your Awesome 3D gear in first person view,making everything look way better,because,how would see your body NOT be cool?
    -See the blood of your foes fall on the ground,making combat more realistic and brutal,just like real life!
    -Play with your friends in a all-out war with evil monsters, or just battle for fun with other players,because this mod has MP support!
    -Search for resources in custom world types,with random loot chests and decorative blocks!

    Little wiki:
    -Weapons Will shoot only if located the first three slots.
    -Weapons can be reloaded only when the ammo is in the hotbar.
    -For to set improvement to weapons you have to take it in hand and press F.
    -To pick up an item you need to approach it and press RMB.


    If you want get donation option write me here in pm.

    Licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/
    If you want post it anywhere else you must include author name and source.


    VERSION (CURRENT 0.0.7b)
    DOWNLOAD - 0.0.7b (Clickable)

    [FIX]Premium and deluxe works correctly.
    [FIX]Server fix.
    [FIX]NVG fix.
    [FIX]Bullet fix.

    [FIX] Fixed all known bugs.
    Server now work.

    -0.0.7 (First PRE-BETA version.)
    [NEW]Added smart moving support
    [NEW]Added AKM
    [NEW]Added 9a-91
    [NEW]Added AK-74N
    [NEW]Added grenade
    [NEW]Added JNG-90
    [NEW]Added AKS-74U
    [NEW]Added ACR
    [NEW]Added many cool attachments for guns
    [NEW]Added flashlight
    [NEW]Added corpse
    [NEW]Added some blocks
    [FIX]Added some new backpacks
    [NEW]Added new loot system (ALPHA)
    [NEW]Added new GUI in game and some changes in others
    [FIX]Opening container crashes
    [FIX]Fixed bugs. I do not know how many... But i think more 750
    P.S. I can't remember all changes :P

    [NEW]Added new model for weapon spawner
    [NEW]Now you can disable and turn on your laser (Standard L key)
    [FIX]Laser line from third person when you gun on the back
    [FIX]Current item sync
    [FIX]Main menu
    [FIX]Loot spawn
    [FIX]Fixed other bugs

    [NEW]Added weapon PKP Pecheneg
    [NEW]Added weapon MP7
    [NEW]Added weapon AK-74m
    [NEW]Added weapon GLOCK-17
    [NEW]Added weapon DESERT EAGLE
    [NEW]Added attachment system (Handgrip, bipods and e.t.c.)
    [NEW]Added gui bar in Gui In Game
    [NEW]Added NPC (Trader, bandit and hero)
    [NEW]Added containers for items
    [NEW]Added first person animation
    [NEW]Added balaclava skull
    [NEW]Added helmets
    [NEW]Added respirator
    [NEW]Added police suit
    [NEW]Added warm clothing
    [NEW]Added desert vest
    [NEW]Added seasons
    [NEW]Added headshot system
    [FIX]Now you can die from the cold
    [FIX]Backpacks capacity
    [FIX]Fixed food and drink
    [FIX]Fixed inventory
    [FIX]Fixed dupe
    [FIX]Fixed bags (100 or more other changes)

    [NEW]Added block rack
    [NEW]Added block bonfire
    [NEW]Added block sofa
    [NEW]Added block chair
    [NEW]Added block lamp post
    [NEW]Added block tent
    [NEW]Added block well
    [NEW]Added item radio
    [NEW]Added item clock (To watch time Press F)
    [NEW]Added item match (Used on bonfire)
    [NEW]Added shovel sapper
    [NEW]Added balaclava (Black, green, pink, beige)
    [NEW]Added earflaps
    [NEW]Added caps (6 variation)
    [NEW]Added moto helmet (6 variation)
    [NEW]Added combat boots black
    [NEW]Added new reloading animation for pistol
    [FIX]Now you can drink even when full
    [FIX]Loot tables rewritten from scratch.
    [FIX] Fixed bags

    [NEW] Added tip how to raise the item. (When you collide with items highlighted in red)
    [NEW] Added new potions: bliding, thirst, cold.
    [NEW] Added config file where you can setup entities spawn's.
    [NEW] Added chat msg.
    [NEW] Added epi-pen, morphine, bandages and e.t.c.
    [FIX] First person view
    [FIX] Loot tables.
    [FIX] Fixed bags

    [NEW] Now dropped items lay on the ground.
    [NEW] Added new animation for m4a1.
    [FIX] Now items are not added to the slots for unloading, a backpack and a mask.
    [FIX] Increased chance of spawn weapons for military boxes.
    [FIX] Fixed bags

    [ADDED] New gun skins.
    [FIX] Now zoom work correctly.
    [FIX] Now meele weapons rendered in 3D
    [FIX] Fixed bags



    q: Why my textures is pink?
    a: Repeat the third point of installation.

    q: Why i can't pick up item?
    a: Collide with item and press RMB

    q: Why my weapon don't shooting?
    a: It must be the first three slots.

    The creators:
    Steeven Richard (old Vokeez2) (Head coder, autor, textures, models)
    Xytabich (Textures, models)
    Just (Textures, models)
    CallMeTom (Tester, textures, models)
    Danil Yermolaev (Textures, models)
    Eugene Gaydabura (Ideas, models)
    Alexander Hamsters (Textures, models)
    Based of LD:Zombie Mod which was based of DayM.

    Maybe it's not all people who help to project :)
    Pls tell if you helped. I can't remember everyone.
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