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    Quote from Zaesar_AoH»

    Once the eldritch stuff is available I want to create a bolt-ice-taint focus with full power and splitting somewhere in it.

    THAT thing will be quite powerful. The advanced focus just has not got enough power for me. Neither did ice ._.
    But taint at lv 5 packs a punch with split. 16 damage.

    Plus, I have a heal focus and a break plan focus.

    I only need one attack focus. I am more pacifistic :D

    A really strong attack is to make a shotgun blaster focus.

    Start - Scatter [30 degree arc, 2 projectiles] - Scatter [30 degree arc, 2 projectiles] - Scatter [30 degree arc, 2 projectiles] - Projectile [Seeking, speed 1]- (Damage mod. Personally used Flux rank 4).

    The triple scatter ends up being 8 total projectiles, and with slow speed seeking projectiles, you can get all of them to home in on a single target. With Flux 4, you have 7 damage per projectile, ignoring armor. All 8 bolts hitting the same target is worth a whopping total of 56 damage per cast, although you are most likely to hit only 3-4 of them, which is still more than enough to 1 shot most of the time.

    Increased divisions on Scatter doesn't increase total damage, but stacked Scatters do. Each scatter is worth 2x damage total effectively.

    Notably this was made on beta 13, but as far as the patch notes go it should have only improved in effectiveness, with the Seeking modifier on Projectile being buffed to be more reliable.

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    On the topic of getting Ordo, Nether bricks are a very easy source of it. You effectively turn each Netherack into 1 point of ordo.

    Also, something to note, doing your essensia distilling in the Nether is a really solid choice. The rifts often spawn at lava level, and the seeds consequently die to the lava doing nothing.

    Even if this isn't the case, Magma blocks ALSO damage the seeds, faster than they can transform them into tainted rock.

    And if the worst comes to worst, and the Seed actually does survive? All that worthless Netherack... is turned into tainted rock, which when the seed dies, turns into porous stone. AKA ore central.

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    A few infusions I would like would be related to more "useful" effects. Perhaps an upgrade to morphic fingers that further lets you use your hands as a omnitool (although, weaker than a normal tool) and/or perhaps have a built in silk touch for your hand-digging. A swim speed booster as well would also be nice (Thaumic Webbing?) to further put value to the underwater breath upgrade (Which, quite frankly, is worthless if you have a respiration helm 99% of the time). Again with Morphic Finger's upgrade, let it also have the ability to augment your bare handed punches as well. Warped Tumor should be able to effect your permanent warp as well. Considering how much warp you end up with if you have just a few addons (I have a few of the add ons, and currently sit at a 67%ish of the warp bar as perma warp. Literally no point to trying to fight lesser forms of warp at that high) I wouldn't even notice an additional 50 points of standard warp being stored. If nothing else, warped tumor should have upgraded follow up that lets it help you fight specific warp effects (Sun scorned, Blindness/Blurry Vision, death squads, ect.) instead.

    Personally, I'm a fan of divergent choice pathways, and having each of the infusions having a further enhanced upgrade, that you can only pick one of. Example : Warped Tumor has an upgrade to help it resist either Sunscorned and Unnatural Hunger, or the death squads (Mindspiders/Eldritch Guards).

    It just feels like a lot of the effects are redundant with things you will find on your armor anyway, and other things are worthless (Or, at the very least, unliked) due to the lack of a toggle on the effect. It just feels strange, that the hardest to unlock part of Thaumic Horizons (so far anyway) is one of the least useful.

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    Azanor, I've had a strange issue with it as well. Me and a friend were taking a boss on on our server, and the pearl simply did not spawn. Instead, it spawned a second rare treasure bag, which was sort of BS to us. And another thing (separate incident), I've seen the Eldritch Guardian boss have his "the floor is lava" attack destroy items that fall onto it, which has destroyed a rare loot bag in the past for me. The fact he was a Warding one, and literally took like 40+ hits to just break his ward with a smite V sword (which did 22 damage to undead, of which he should have been considering he was based on the Eldritch Guardians) was just icing on the cake of his BS, considering his raw damage output could take me out in like 5 seconds with mostly targeted attacks.

    Minor rant over. Like the system overall though, just those minor BS incidents can be a PITA. I do really wish we could make that locking mechanism ourselves though, in a way where it is resealable. Hell, a lot of your structure blocks would be nice to have decorative forms of (Matrix pillars, place-able horizontal and upside-down as well, Matrix block itself in it's animated form, pedestals in any direction.)

    Also, something I've been curious about for quite a while... why do we get the Infernal Furnace before Bellows, balance and progression wise? An upgrade to the vanilla furnace to have better efficiency and speed, before unlocking the faintly slower but free (with the same bellows from the previous setup) that also increases ore drops with the nuggets, makes a lot more sense progression wise for your gear. Hell, Infernal Furnace could be a post infusion thing after that, where it is dependent on something you have to make with the infusion alter to make the structure. I just wonder why anyone would ever use the triple bellow vanilla furnace when they could just use the infernal with the same bellows.

    I mean, this is a great time to consider swapping it up, all things considered.

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    Nice little thing. Mind if I recommend you setting it up so that you can craft decorative variations of all the unobtainable/heavily limited generation TC blocks?

    Thinks like the Runic Matrix's pillars (place-able from any direction, at that, so that you can have them upside down or on a wall), the matrix itself (version that spins, not the default block that is used to craft the alter), the Eldrich capstones/pillars, and the like? It would give you a quick burst of material to help fill up the mod a bit more, while not being too hard to do I would think.

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    posted a message on Magipunk Revived : Magic based Forge server with heavy Magic focus.

    Big, Bolded, Bright Damn

    Red Sign of READ ME.

    Be sure to follow some of the clearly typed out instructions in this thread if you want an invite. If you don't, I WILL ignore you. To get invited, PM me over the Minecraft forums, stating your MC username, how old you are (warning, we are a pretty "mature" server. In our VOIP, expect to see lots of vulgarity), and why you are interested in joining us (Please, put some effort into it. And for Christ sake, use good I hate txt speek), and I will give you the relevant info needed to join, as well as whitelist you.

    Server Rules

    General rules are quite simple. Most of them are common sense.

    • Don't be a ****. It isn't hard. Really. Just show some common decency, and you can easily hit this requirement.
    • Try to protect the land. Don't just flat out destroy everything you see. Don't make "noob pillars" without taking them down. Stuff like that.
    • No thievery/griefing. If I catch you doing either, I will ban you. Pranking is acceptable, so long as it creates no long term damage to the player's build. Example: One time on the server one of our players pranked another by filling his house with a good 50+ scarecrow entities. Was an easy mess to clean up, and quite hilarious for the server. Another case was we had a server member who was paranoid about TNT, so we placed a few TNT panels in his base (Forge Multi part thing, lets you cut some blocks into 100% worthless parts) that while freaking him out when he saw it, did absolutely nothing. Examples of NOT acceptable"pranking" is pretty much anything that can cause lasting damage to the player or his build. Placing lava in their base, blowing it up, or just breaking blocks in general is not acceptable.
    • Thaumaturgy - As a player, you are limited to taking two nodes out of the environment to have within your base (Building your base around the node counts as this, unless it was just natural 2+ nodes in that spot). A pair of people living together can have 3 nodes. Towns, which are groups of 3+ people get to have up to 4 nodes. Do not destroy any nodes within a pretty large radius of spawn. Anyway, you should be building your nodes to have effective ones.




    Server's VOIP (Voice chat)

    The VOIP used by the server is called Dolby Axon. It is a high quality VOIP that is free of charge, and is simple to use. To get an invite to our chat, you have to friend me (Steelflame) on Dolby, and I'll add you to the server's chat room. Messaging me in this chatroom is by far the most reliable/fastest way to contact me, as I almost always leave Dolby up. The use of this chat room is in NO way required, and is purely optional.

    Mods Used on the Server/Modpack (Up to date)

    A listing of mods used by the server, their authors, as well as all permissions to use these mods, and links to their main pages if applicable, as well as a status of the mod as far as either adding it or using it in the pack.

    1. Forge - cpw
    2. Thaumcraft 4 - Azanor - Permission obtained.
    3. Automagy - Tuhljin - Permission obtained
    4. Thaumic Infusion - DrunkMafia - Permission obtained
    5. Thaumic Horizons - TheKentington - Permission obtained.
    6. Forbidden Magic - SpitefulFox - Permission obtained
    7. Witching Gadgets and Traveller's Gear - BluSunrize - Permissions obtained
    8. Thaumic Tinkerer - Vazkii/Nikosune/Pixlepix - Permission obtained
    9. Ars Magica 2 - Mithion - Permission obtained
    10. Clockwork Phase - Lumaceon - Permission obtained
    11. Realistic World Gen- Ted80 - Permission obtained
    12. Streams - delvr - Waiting for contact with dev
    13. Biomes O' Plenty - TDWP_FTW - Permission obtained
    14. Twilight Forest - Benimatic - Permission obtained
    15. Erebus - TheErebusTeam - Permission obtained
    16. Bibliocraft - Nuchaz - Permission obtained
    17. Chisel 2 - Automatic_Maiden/Pokefenn/TheCricket26 - Permission obtained
    18. Carpenter's Blocks - Mineshopper - Permission obtained
    19. Iron Chest - cpw - Permission obtained
    20. Artifice - Shukaro - Permission obtained
    21. NEI, CCC, ChickenChunks, and Forge Multipart - Chicken_bones - Permission obtained
    22. Zan's Minimap/Voxel Map - MAMIYAOTARU - Permission obtained
    23. Armor Status Hud, Status Effect Hud, and bspkrsCore, Crystal Wing and Starting Inventory - bspkrs - Permission obtained
    24. Hunger Overhaul - Parker8283 - Permission obtained
    25. Agricraft - Infinity Raider - Permission obtained
    26. Damage Indicators - rich1051414 - Permission obtained
    27. Jabba - ProfMobius - Permission obtained
    28. Pam's HarvestCraft - MatrexsVigil - Permission obtained
    29. Witchery - Emoniph - Permissions for non-profit or public pack
    30. Botania - Vazkii - Permission obtained
    31. Decocraft - RazzleberryFox - Permission obtained
    32. Malisis Doors - Ordinastie - Permission obtained
    33. Better Storage - copygirl - Permission obtained

    If I do not have a mod listed up here and it is on the server, MC forums probably derped up and removed the edit, please tell me if you notice this so I can fix it.

    Not a part of the mod-pack, but on the server

    Morphius - Changes it from 100% of players needing to be in bed to trigger night to day, to 66%. Makes it a bit easier to trigger it for server convenience.

    Recommended additional mods

    If you want to add any client side mods, feel free, but be warned, Optifine (B4 or A4 works decently well, can't remember which) tends to bug out somewhat with a few of the mods in the pack, and if I catch you using any X-ray mods/texture packs, I will ban you in a heartbeat. There are plenty of methods in our modpack to make mining easier, I won't stand for any cheating like this though.

    Server Website Down for now, may be back at a later date if Patreon donations are high enough for me to maintain the cost for one.

    Important Notices - 3/09/15

    *A covenant formed of many magical disciplines gathers in an ancient tomb, to perform one of the darkest arts*

    Witch - "Are you sure we should do this? Some things should stay dead, you know." Thaumaturge - "Some things should, but this one shouldn't. This was one of the few places we could escape our persecution for the "black magic" we practiced according to the rest of the world." Witch - "Yes, but in this act what we are doing is in fact very very black magic. Necromancy is nothing to joke about." Necromancer - "It is nothing to joke about. But the art of reanimating the dead in and of itself isn't evil, only those who fall to it's darkness, letting the desire for more power consume them..." Archmage - "And in and of itself, is not our search for freedom from the technological caste an effort for us to become more powerful though, Necro?" Necromancer - "No. What we do with that freedom would decide that. Some of us just want to be free of the risk of some all powerful machina "god" deciding we are the scum and villainy of the world." Druid - "Yes. A wish for life isn't evil. Only the purpose behind that life can potentially be called it. But lets make sure we do this right, and not fall to the evils of this magic." Chronomancer - "Yes. Anyway, this will require all of our power to perform this. This isn't just resurrection of a mere human, what we seek to do is bring back a lost god, who can stabilize the energies of the void to keep the world alive. Are we all willing to risk our lives to potentially give the rest of our kind a chance of freedom and a real life?"

    *A unanimous agreement rings out among all present individuals*

    Thaumaturge - "Then that settles it. I'll focus on tearing open a void between worlds for this new plane, OUR new plane, to exist within." Archmage - "I'll help form the world for us. For as nice as having a plane of existence to go to is, it is worthless if we have no actual world to exist within it." Druid - "And that world would be worthless if it was barren of all life. I'll cover that for us." Chronomancer - "I'll open a seam in time, to make it more reasonable for our Necromancer to actually reach Aria's essence. Not that I doubt his abilities, but even the best necromancer would find it impossible to perform a resurrection on this ancient and powerful of a being. So lets make it, at least to him, as if he is resurrecting the freshly dead. Any power I have left will go into starting the flow of time on this new world." Witch - "I'll enter the spirit plane, and pull both the Necromancer and Chronomancer into it with me. Being a touch more in tune with the spirits will further aid his cause." Necromancer - "Well, we all know what I am doing. But a final warning. Resurrecting such a powerful being will almost without a doubt leave massive tears in the veil between life and death as she comes through. This could potentially utterly destroy the nature of death in this world we are building. Who knows what form it will take after this is finished. It may very well be that the spirits of the lost never leave our world, reanimating the bodies of the fallen freely. Then again, this could help the very people we are trying to bring with us to this better world. A world where you get an infinite quantity of lives in which to try and better yourself... It would be a dream for many of the people who feel bound by our one life. No, not a dream... A reality!"

    All present - "Then let us begin."*

    A chant begins. It is impossible to understand to any not present, as they speak in the language of the goddess, and yet it manages to form in the air between them as a runic script.*

    The Resurrectionist - "We seek to bind existence, to hold it to our whim. Together we call on the lost goddess Aria, and bind her back to life, to hold a world we create in existence, a world in which we are free and able to live without worry! Aria, Arise!"

    *A massive blast of power surges through them all, shattering their minds and bodies. All of them fall, but in the space between them, a form made of light shines.*

    Form of Light - "I felt your wishes, and you all have paid the ultimate price. A place between worlds has formed, filled with life and power, wild and unbound. I shall gather up the souls of those who would want to be in such a world, and bring them there for you. May you all find true peace... And perhaps a chance in this world you have created."


    Anyway, free from our little "lore" post, I am proud to give the good news that I am back. I am going to be rebuilding the server over the next few days (most likely I will be fully opening up the server at 12 PM central time this Wednesday. I'll post further if it gets delayed, but 2.5 days should be enough time for me to get things fine-tuned.) I fully intend to stream my progress on the server this time around, and perhaps a few of the other regulars might as well (Looking at you Dolby chat regulars).Anyway, a rough changelog of what will be happening with this reset... 1. Full restart of the server. I am removing some mods, adding others. A more accurate log will be announced on Wednesday as I open the server back up, but if you want, you can try and figure out which "core" mods are in with my selection of "our world's creators." 2. I am taking full control back over of the server, and will be hosting it on Creeperhost myself. I will have a fixed budget I will allot to server expenses from me, and the rest will be covered by your donations to a Patreon account I am creating for this purpose. I will not be giving any added rights to donaters, you are just helping max out the quality of the server we are playing on. I might be slightly more forgiving of any issues that arise with donaters, but I hate the idea of "bought" power. I may decide to, depending on how stable the money you guys provide is, give us other things like a new website and such to hold for server purposes. 3. I will be attempting to have a fixed schedule for reboots and patches for the server, but I cannot say for sure that it will happen. 4. There will be, as usual, a basic starting area try and ensure everyone has a safezone to start out in and not get instantly murdered. May decide to create a statue to "our" goddess at this starting area.

    Anyway, I am sorry for the break I had to take from Minecraft and existence in general, but I had some issues to cover IRL with a bad boss at my old job. Note the old. Think you can guess what happened and what I had to do.Anyways guys, let the hype begin! Also, for now, PM me on the forums to get access to the server, I'll be putting out the download link in PMs then.


    Dynamic Map Rendering of Our World

    Dynmap link is http://magipunk.playat.ch:8123/. As I just recently put it on, it might take some time for it to fully render up the world, but it will after a while.

    Installation Instructions

    Currently, until/unless we get a launcher working, we will be installing mods using a pretty easy system (I go out of my way to make it easier, unlike some modpack/server owners).

    Step 1. Download the pack from the link provided in the PM, and place it upon your desktop. Step 2. If you have not already, run Minecraft 1.7.10 to have the files on your computer for Forge's sake. Step 3. Open the pack, and open the Forge Installer with Java. Install Forge to the default location it provides for the Client option. You only have to do this once, unless we update Forge versions, which we may do occasionally as mods demand it. You don't have to do this for every single pack update. Step 4. Drag the Config and Mods folders into your .minecraft (if having problems with this part, PM me or message me on Dolby Axon). I usually modify the file names in such a way to have it overwrite old versions, but sometimes it may fail. Step 5. Open the vanilla launcher, and click the Forge profile (should be the default selected one). Step 6. Play.

    Donate to help out. Throw a few bucks into my Patreon account, and I'll channel it right off into the server to keep it going at a higher quality. There are even a few (non-major) mini-boost to donating even one time, of me giving you a shoutout on the server, and a statue of you in the Hall of the Goddess (Spawn safezone).


    - Thanks to Lord Albatross, Dep_, and Stangle Khan for their 20 dollar monthly donations. You guys rock!

    Adding the Magipunk Banner to Your Signature

    Pretty simple, just go to your options screen (located in the options at the top right corner of the Forums), and go to My Settings. From here, select the Signature section on the left hand side. Copy paste one of the banners below, and you're done.

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    posted a message on [TC4 Addon] Forbidden Magic - v0.575
    He specifically said that he would fix any bugs that people pointed out to him for TC4, but that was it. Content is locked at this point.
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    posted a message on Arcane Ascension [PR-8] (Floating Islands!) UPDATED 28/12/2015
    I don't think the crystals are good, but if you could ensure the vines never got longer than 5-8 blocks, that would be decent. The problem with Vines is how they will grow out indefinitely down, which can start to look pretty ugly when they get 20-30 blocks long as a thick mass, let alone 50+.

    If you do make crystals, without a doubt they should NOT be that shade of purple. Perhaps a mix of a deep purple and red, but definitely not lighter colors, a dark, impactful color will fit much better if you must have the crystals.

    As for the Island core idea, you would need to make the Islands bigger for that. Could I go back to a VERY VERY VERY old recommendation I had way back when on the original Arcane Ascension, and suggest a full stylistic overhaul of the islands to look a bit like Angel Island from Sonic Adventure?

    I personally think larger, stronger land masses floating higher in the sky (I'm thinking 200+ blocks across, 50+ deep with hills 30 blocks tall, at Y 150-200 being the "average" height for the ground level of the island would feel a lot more impactful for the sake of the mod, and you could additionally add some standard ore generation to said islands because they would look like they actually ripped a large chunk out of the ground when they rose into the sky (Further alluding to the power of the crystals/core of the island). It might be a much bigger slow down on each island when generated (unless you could bind it to seed somehow, something I would heavily consider looking into trying) but it would be much better overall to having rare mega-islands to having tons of small mini-islands generate to the point they start to clog up ocean space. It should feel like something you actually have to look for, and feel awe when you find, not can always see on your horizon as a small spit of land barely staying in the air no matter where you are in an ocean biome.

    I would make glimmerwood groves on these islands rather than them be the exclusive tree type on them, having them mixed in with normal trees (surely not every single different tree was mutated into the exact same tree when the islands rose up. Would make more sense if they instead grew on the already "living" sky islands in spots the magic was especially concentrated.

    If you wanted an even further push to make the island look perfect, a type of liquid (that looks like water) which would only fall ~10 blocks before dissipating (rather than going on forever as current water does) to make actual waterfalls that turn into mist would be insanely epic for the sense of scale on the islands. Again, some of these are probably a bit too much to do quickly, but hey, who knows, you might want to take it on if you think it could really help the look.

    Things have changed quite a lot in both Vanilla MC and Forge since 1.2.5 when I first asked about a more Angel Island look for the islands, might be a lot more possible now than it used to be (especially on the height restriction front from the old 128 restriction on world gen).
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    Quote from Azanor

    He was not the only one. A few modders have already quit, though not directly over the EULA change, but over the communities toxicity towards them. That thread linked a few pages back is a prime example.

    Honestly, a lot of us are wondering exactly why we are spending so much time creating free mods only to get hate in return.

    A big part of it I think is the average MC player's age. Most of the younger generation feels they are entitled the world and more. I think Thaumcraft avoids the worst of it because it is a much "deeper" mod to get into. It sucks that the loud minority is messing with the entertainment of the silent majority in this case, but kids these days have been taught that if you yell loud enough, you get what you want...

    I've seen a bit of it as a server owner (although usually my own server's community will quickly push out anyone like that) as well. I suppose it's lucky I pulled a pretty good community when the server is heavily active (upcoming reset has resulted in a lot of people dropping off the radar until post-reset).
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    posted a message on Runes of Wizardry (31 October - Reviving the Thread)
    Can't wait to put this on the server. Now if only I didn't patch before you put this out, I could have had it on now... oh well.
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