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    posted a message on [1.3.2][FORGE] The Aurorae V5.0.0 [10,000+ Downloads]
    I'm just curious as to what those .DS_Store files are. As they are the only files of their type I have seen in Minecraft. This mod is also one of the few I have had trouble with(Eternal Frost being the other one. I am just 2 dimensions away from my world gate idea I am trying to make, a mega epic build(Forecasted 25,000 blocks to be used to build it, possibly more. In survival mode.))

    I am thinking(after I finish getting all the mods I want for it, enough for 4 extra dimensions) that I may stream this massive build as one of my first attempts as streaming.

    This mod always gives me that black screen of death though, driving me nuts(I would actually prefer to use this over Aether, as it looks like this is updated more frequently). The total list of mods I have installed is...

    Twilight Forest
    Doggy Talents
    Elemental Creepers
    Rei's Minimap
    Steves Carts 1.5
    Invasion Mod
    TF2 Teleporter
    Enchanting Plus
    More Pistons
    Zeppelin mod
    The Portal gun mod
    Smart Moving

    Not even sure if that is all of them. Makes pinning down the source of the BSoD very hard.

    Just curious, but are those .DS_STORE files perhaps something related to the Mac OS? I just see that it is in both groups of folders that you provide in the download link, but I have not seen them on any other mod so far. Maybe a copy paste error set it so you put two mac OS mod sets in the folder?

    I was having these problems before I installed Twilight or Tropicraft, so they are not the cause.

    In response to THEYHAMDIGUY20; I just, where required, put them in my .jar, and the rest in my /mods/ folder. I keep a backup of both my bin, and my overall .minecraft folder, and re-backup my saves daily to make sure any new mods don't make it all go kaput.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] More Pistons
    Only problem I have at all with this mod is it naturally blocks a lot of mods that add a new world/dimension, because, for some reason, they all like to put the portal blocks and such right where you put your pistons.

    Perhaps change the default IDs so that they are less likely to conflict with other mods(I noticed the conflicts with both Tropicraft and the Twilight Forest dimension mods)?

    One last thing. PLEASE make these compatible with the Magnet Pistons of http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1340159-magnet-pistons-v10-modloader-required/. I want my 8 long drawbridge that looks like it is fully made out of Cobblestone, and not piston siding.

    Great mod though. Just wish it had those two featues(one of which is more my laziness talking than an actual severely needed improvement).
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