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    False Fire allows you to place fire as a decoration. It does not burn, damage, or wear out. You can also recover it.

    Credit: MCDigger for the idea from the request forum.

    Mod Spotlight
    By jackdavid12345 (thanks)


    Shapeless Recipe

    (any vanilla dye works)


    [Forge] [MC 1.7.10] False Fire 1.0.1 - <Adf.ly> <Direct>

    Change Log


    • Blocks can no longer be placed on top of your fire.


    • Added color fires with recipes.
    • Fixed rendering bug.
    • Fixed crash bug. Didn't realize I had to use "gradlew build" to export a jar. I was using Eclipse's export feature.


    • Initial version.

    Known Bugs:
    - At this time there are no known bugs.

    Please post here with any issues. Thank you.
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    I fixed the crash bug, and added colors.
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    Greetings fellow miners, crafters, and modders,

    Why am I posting here: I am writing this post partially to guage how much interest/support there is for this type of mod/modpack, and partially to see others' ideas as well. I look forward to your feedback!

    About me: I have not previously made a mod for Minecraft, but I have a background in game programming and 3d modeling. My typical tools are Unity3D, Google Sketchup, 3D Studio Max, and Adobe Photoshop. I started game programming when there was still DOS and Windows 3.11. I used QBasic, and ANSI C. But since those days, I've learned C++, C#, Java, Lua, ... well, you get the picture. But I still consider myself a novice compared to professional game developers.

    Name: Provectus (Pro-Vect-Us), Latin word meaning "advanced".

    Overview: There are a lot of great tech mods out there, almost every one has something I love and something I don't love so much. Mod packs such as Tekkit/Technic, and FTB have brought a lot of great tech mods together into a more or less solid game, but often times I feel like many mods step on each others toes in these mod packs, and I also feel like they don't have a unified theme. It feels messy to me.

    I would like to see a mod or group of mods made that have unified theme (aka unified art and gameplay direction), that not only work well together, but create synergy. What I am proposing is extremely ambitious and large scale, thus it is a very good idea to break down into manageable components.

    A series of mods perhaps structured something like this:
    • Materials, Construction, and Architecture
    • Fuels, Energy Sources, Power Grids
    • Industry, Robotics, and Factory Equipment
    • Science, R&D, Medical, and Technology
    • Warfare, Combat, and Defenses
    • Logistics, and Transportation
    I can't say that the above list is definitive or all-inclusive, but it gives a pretty broad grasp of what I am suggesting. And most importantly is that these pieces would be specifically designed to work together and be in the same theme, to create a better sense of immersion.Now, while the above list of areas are mostly already covered by existing mods (although, again, not under a unified theme), there are some more additions I feel would be beneficial to the whole community that are more along the lines of back-end technology:
    • Better/scriptable AI, more life-like NPCs, scriptable interactions (Scriptable to the developers and server admins, not the players)
    • Better combat/movement physics (Smoother and more accurate combat between players, especially involving fast ranged weapons and magic)
    • An economy integrated with NPC shops and player trades
    Again, this is not a complete list, but are a couple things I feel would add a lot to the game for everyone in general.

    Materials, Construction, and Architecture: This component would include ores needed by the rest of the components that are shared amongst 2 or more of the components. It would also include any construction related tools (such as scaffolding). And finally, it would include decorative blocks for scifi architecture, possibly including micro-blocks and slopes. This component would be required to use any of the other components.

    With scifi, I believe it best to make materials based on real world elements:
    Standard Elements:
    • Hydrogen
    • Oxygen
    • Carbon
    • Copper
    • Aluminum
    • Titanium
    • Palladium
    • Lithium
    • Thorium
    • Iridium
    • Tungsten
    • Uranium
    • Neptunium
    • Plutonium
    Scifi Elements:
    • Adamantium
    • Unobtainium
    • Dilithium
    • Trilithium
    • Boronite (used to create Omega Particle)
    • Cortosium (armor hardener, extremely heat resistant)
    • Plasteel
    • Durasteel
    • Transparent Aluminum
    Real Futuristic Elements:
    • Nano-carbides
    • Neutronium
    This list might be simplified, for gameplay reasons, because I know that strictly following reality doesn't present the most fun gameplay challenge.

    Fuels, Energy Sources, Power Grids: This component would also be required to run any other component that requires a power source. It would add fuels for generators and reactors, as well as the actual generators and reactors. It would also include the means of transmitting, distributing, and converting said power to other locations/forms. There would also be means of storing the power in both stationary units and portable energy cells.

    At the moment, there are several sources of power:
    • Chemical Reactors/Generators
    • Fission Reactors
    • Fusion Reactors
    • Cold Fusion Reactors (Arc Reactors)
    • Anti-Matter Reactors
    • Hyper-Matter Reactors (inspired by Star Wars)
    • Quantum Singularity Reactors
    • Omega Particles (inspired by Star Trek)
    And I have these for power distribution:
    • Cables
      • Copper (useable up to fission)
      • Gold (useable up to fusion)
      • Nano-Carbides (eg carbon nano tubes) (useable up to ???)
      • Superconductors (useable up to ???)
    • Power Couplings (a means of wireless power transmission, inspired by Star Wars) (useable up to hyper-matter)
    • Plasma Conduits (maybe constructed like a particle accelerator -- 4 blocks surrounding an empty block, inspired by Star Trek) (useable up to quantum singularity)
    There would also be various types of power convertors which are akin to transformers in real life.

    Chemical Fuels:
    • Li3N and CO2 (fast exothermic reaction)
    • H and O
    • Hydrocarbons
    Fission/Fusion Fuels:
    • Uranium
    • Neptunium
    • Plutonium
    Anti-Matter Fuels:
    • Deuterium (Hydrogen isotope) and Anti-Hydrogen
    • Dilithium (used in anti-matter reactors as a catalyst)
    Scifi Fuels:
    • Palladium (arc reactor)
    • Omega Particle (most energetic particle in existence, inspired by Star Trek)
    • Quantum Singularity (google: Kugelblitz)
    • Hypermatter (faster than light particle that can be annihilated)
    Industry, Robotics, and Factory Equipment: This component might add additional materials that are specific to industry, such as new metals. It would also include means of processing and refining raw resources, as well as means of automation, and machines that allow for construction of more advanced machinery and electronics. For robotics, I was thinking something along the lines of using ComputerCraft Turtles with a re-skin to better match the unified theme I mentioned before.

    Some of the more advanced materials that would be produced in this component are:
    • Steel
    • Transparent Aluminum (10x tensile strength of steel)
    • Nano-Carbides (50-100x tensile strength of steel)
    • Titanium
    • Etc (anything more advanced than copper and iron basically)
    Industrial processes are typically necessary for producing useable materials out of raw resources.

    Science, R&D, Medical, and Technology: This component is a little less defined in my mind right now, but I think that a scifi mod should include some element of experimentation. Another possibility is a tech tree similar to those you would see in 4X games. Naturally, the science component should also include cool gadgets and things like you would have seen in the Black Mesa Labs of Half Life, because it's cool and fun. Medical stuff might include genetic modifications, cybernetic implants, and drugs that give you an extreme temporary buff (and then a bad longer term debuff).

    Many materials can only be produced in a lab, for example:
    • Unobtainium
    • Omega Particle
    • Adamantium
    • Etc (anything very difficult to make will basically require use of special processes)
    Medical possibilities include:
    • Cloning yourself to avoid loss of levels or skills the mod might include
    • Cybernetic implants to augment your body (extra hearts, speed, jumping, night vision)
    • Stimulants for powerful temporary boosts, but they have long bad side effects after use.
    • Healing of wounds or broken bones
    I would like research to feel progressive. I think this mod should be more than just building cool machines and reactors. I think there should be an element of experimentation. If we could include a certain degree of tinkering with components, I would expect that players would come up with creations that even I didn't expect. It might be difficult to code this, but if for example, reactors could be built a million different ways, and each part of a reactor could be configured in a million different ways, it could be very interesting. This would be optional of course, because I don't want to force people to have to try a hundred different reactor builds to get things working.

    Warfare, Combat, and Defenses: Mostly self explanatory, this component includes various tiers of weapons, armors, and shields. It would also include sentry turrets, and force fields. It would also include new mobs.

    I would like to see many different kinds of weapons and armors, each with specific strengths and weaknesses. I think this would create an element of strategy to the game, and would have a sort of rock-paper-scissor effect.

    Some examples of weapon types:
    • Modern Rifles/Pistols
    • Gauss Rifles/Rail Guns
    • Plasma Rifles (think stormtroopers)
    • Plasma Swords (think lightsaber)
    • Rocket Launchers
    • Grenade Launchers
    • Meson Blasters
    • Lightning Guns
    • Flamethrowers
    Armors could be based on elemental damage types as follows:
    • Heat/Fire
    • Physical/Kinetic
    • Explosive
    • Electric/Lightning
    • Radiation
    • Etc (what else?)
    If each set of armor offered certain strengths and weaknesses to different damage types, that would be cool. Other possible types of protections might be possible, such as personal shield emitters?

    Logistics, and Transportation: Think a combination of Applied Energistics, and Thermal Expansion's ducts. It would also include light bridges, elevators, mag-lev trains, and hover craft/bikes.
    • Vehicles (hover bikes (1 seater), hover craft (2 seater, 4 seater), mag-lev trains (linkable passenger cars))
    • Personal Accessibility (elevators, ladders, light bridges, etc)
    • Item and Liquid transportation and storage (like applied energistics and thermal expansion)

    TL;DR: How much would you be interested in a mega SciFi mod that includes lots of different elements?

    P.S. If people do show interest in this, I will continue to update this thread with new ideas, and a clearer and more detailed specification of what this mod would include.
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    Quote from MrClayMinnow
    WOW! I love how you divided up your mod/s very neat and very easy to understand.

    Quote from SacredWaste
    I like the idea and how dedicated you are. Good luck.


    Quote from Linuxgamer94
    Um, how is this going to be the ultimate Scifi Mod? There is no mention of what sereis you want to put in it.

    I was thinking more along the lines of mostly original content, while drawing inspiration from existing series such as Star Wars and Star Trek. I don't want to mix and match different scifi worlds; I want to create a unique scifi world that is its own original world.

    For example, here is a gatling particle cannon I modeled (not yet textured):And here is a small spacecraft or starfighter I modeled (again not textured):(Although I don't have any plans to include any space-type content in this at the moment.)
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