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    My god... The sheer complexity of your junction level is amazing! This is easily the awesomest train station that I've ever seen.

    I LOVE the glass floors, it makes it a celebration of tracks rather than just hiding them away. The load-then-embark thing is a cool idea too.

    I even like the design of the building itself. All in all, an awesome piece of machinery.

    Check out the 8-Way station that I made from your logic http://www.mcschematics.com/index.php?topic=1520.0

    It's not particularly complex but I think that it looks cool, and it doesn't require you to exit your cart to select your location. And it shows off the logic well :smile.gif:
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    Yo, I made a 4-Way Boat Junction with your redstone logic.

    I've since made the T-Junctions smaller and all glass, and the wiring from the back of your logic to the junctions is extremely dodgy in this version lol.


    It'll look nicer in the 8-Way one I'm building, should be done in like 4-5 hours.

    Thanks for your logic, I don't know why anyone would want to hide it underground, it looks awesome imo.
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    My newest invention : The 4-Way Button-Operated Boat Junction http://www.mcschematics.com/index.php?topic=1520.0

    This is a button-operated Boat-and-Powered-Canal system with display lights that can direct a boat down one of 4 directions. It is essentially a train station's junction yard, except with boats instead of minecarts.

    As far as I know, this is the first time anyone has made one of these :biggrin.gif:

    As with all of my Boat-and-Powered-Canal inventions, the boat moves of its own accord, you do not have to steer or press forward. The boat will never shatter, assuming you use my Powered Canal set for joining onto this switching yard.

    The Boat T-Junction was invented by Etho. The Redstone Logic was a collaboration between Zorak, Raken, and Angel_Mapper.

    This system currently just loops the boat around the 4 T-Junctions, it needs an entrance and exit canal to be attached to be of practical use. Those go on the upper canal layer. The boat will exit through one of the lower canals, depending upon which one is selected on the "Computer".

    A Boat Dispenser can be attached to this system to allow many uses before it needs refilling, the boats can also be made to cycle back into the dispenser with Etho's End Point With Holding Bay. Or, the boat can be destroyed safely with you still in it with my End Point With Lava.

    These can be found in this thread http://www.mcschematics.com/index.php?t ... 22#msg8522

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    Omg! I had no idea about this EATS thing... I can't watch vids atm but I'm gonna check that out for sure.

    Obviously there is no real reason to build these massive hulking boat dispensers, they can be replaced by a dispenser block and a button.

    But I do it for the challenge of solving problems as they arise in the construction.

    That's the only reason that I play minecraft, for the mental stimulation, otherwise its just "Hurr durr I killed another pig!!!" "oooh diamonds!"

    Not that Survival mode isn't fun to play sometimes...

    Thanks for the positive replies anyways.
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    This is copy+pasted from a post I just made on a .schematics sharing site, http://www.mcschematics.com/index.php?topic=1516.0

    I just wanted to reply in Etho's boat dispenser thread here viewtopic.php?f=35&t=84506 but apparently it's locked and I can't find any others relevant to Boating Technology.

    Maybe others will have interest in boating, maybe not. But since the door operated C-Booster was invented and the search for the perfect booster ended, minecarts have become very boring to me and so I have moved onto boats instead.

    "Okay... Where to begin.

    Firstly, I have to give a ****-ton of credit to Etho of the minecraft forums. His youtube name is EthosLab.

    This guy pioneered the automation of boats, his T-Junction is a thing of brilliance.

    Some of these .schematics, such as the end point with holding bay and T-Junction are just cleaned-up and ready-to-place versions of his inventions.

    Some, such as the boat station and dispenser I built totally from scratch but look similar to his because there are only certain ways to do things. I don't want to take credit for his brilliance, but most of this I built myself from nothing, using the principles discovered by dissecting his 10 boat dispenser.

    I had never been able to find a way to hold boats in bays or stop them from breaking because I didn't understand the mechanics of boats until I took apart his save files in this thread viewtopic.php?f=35&t=84506

    Now that I understand them, I've applied the principles of minecarts and railways to boats and canals. Instead of boosters, I made boat launchers. Instead of pez dispensers, I've made a boat dispenser that holds each boat in its own bay. Instead of a train station, I've made a boat station. Instead of tracks, I've made current-powered canals and elevators that should never break your boat.

    All of the canals are only 4 blocks wide and are powered by currents, once you press the go button you don't have to press W again until you reach your station. Using these various modular mechanisms, it is now possible to make junction yards for boats. I'm working on an 8-Direction button-operated one.

    I'll list the various mechanisms I'm uploading.

    1. A button-operated automatic boat launcher - you call the boat with a button, get in, press a button to launch.

    2. A boat dispenser that holds 10 boats ready to be launched.

    3. A stacked boat dispenser that holds 20 boats ready to be launched in larger bays that are easier to refill for the novice, and can have boats put into them from canals.

    4. A stacked version of the 10 boat dispenser that holds 40 boats ready to be launched. Can easily be extended upwards to hold 100's of boats.

    5. A T-Junction to change the direction of your boat. Powered by a lever. Endlessly re-usable. Made by Ethos entirely, only cleaned up by me. This thing is pure genius and I never could have invented it myself.

    6. A canal end point to put at your destinations. Boat is destroyed by lava while you are in it, you drop safely out of canal. I invented this.

    7. A canal end point to put at your destinations. Boat is held in a bay rather than destroyed. You must click to leave this one. Ethos invented this.

    8. My Current-Powered Canals : Input Bay, Same Direction Elevator, Reverse Direction Elevator, Right Turn, Straight, Long Straight, Downwards Slope, Upwards Stairs, Double Stepping Stones."
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