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    posted a message on Unban hack prevention?

    There is no such thing as force op.

    There is no such thing as force unban.

    One of the following is happening:

    • an admin account is compromised
    • your server is cracked and allows unauthenticated logins

    In either case, you have a problem. More information is needed.

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    posted a message on Hamachi server only working for me :/

    Unless you absolutely cannot portfoward, your first mistake is using Hamachi. It's pretty much impossible to diagnose your issue because it can be so many different things.

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    posted a message on Enjin or Other?

    If you want a news portal, use WordPress, and then pick a forum software of your choice. I'd recommend XenForo or Invision Power Board. Both XF and IPB have portal functions available, so keep that in mind, but if you want a true news portal, stick to WordPress with a forum backend.

    Do not use Enjin. I've been doing this for years, servers that use Enjin are an instant no-play for me. It's slow, the cost of it makes zero sense beyond a year's time, and it's a walled garden. Want a feature? Too bad. Ask their developers, and maybe they'll get to it.

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    posted a message on Site-wide SSL

    Ah, I see. Seems ad companies can't do anything correctly.

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    posted a message on How can I delete the last save on my Minecraft server?
    Quote from LZ_XC»

    My server is port forwarded and I need to know cause someone blew up everything with TNT.

    The server doesn't keep old saves, it simply overwrites them. Deleting the files won't restore the previous state of the map.

    Since the map is blown up, I'd assume it's useless to you. Turn off the server and delete the world folder, then restart it.
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    posted a message on EULA Enforcement
    Quote from Vexilius»

    Mojang is a company and is only doing this to avoid negative publicity.

    That's a factor, but more than anything, it's an IP issue as well as one of those things where Mojang clearly hasn't enforced their EULA at all, really. If they selectively choose who to target with their EULA (e.g. people redistributing the game) then their legal standing in court (if stuff goes that far) can be affected negatively. Microsoft as a whole is not known to be very open with their games or really any software they sell either, the EULA clarification and all happened just before the acquisition which just seems like way too much of a coincidence to me.
    Quote from Axy»

    EULA Enforcement make it harder for everyone to create a server. But, BUT, if you would be smart enough to do a server that self-sustain, it is easy. In that case, you don't have to do anything more. About medium and small servers, a solution I found it on the run was collaboration between them. It seems that a lot of small servers may die, and some of the medium too, but EULA will make better for community. At least, we will no longer see empty servers.

    There is no such thing as a self sustaining server unless you mean owners paying cash out of their pockets every month. Very few people donate to servers for nothing in return.

    Nobody should have to "collaborate" with other servers in order to stay online. It is plain ridiculous.
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    posted a message on EULA Enforcement
    Quote from Dekema»

    Anybody that knows a thing or two about economics and sociology is that when the oligarchs are broken up, the masses will enjoy the spoils. Just because the big boys can't rake in a profit anymore doesn't mean this will turn players away from Minecraft in general, including the smaller- to medium-sized servers.

    To add to this, there are many different ways servers can generate revenue in addition to cosmetics. Show "ads" and announcements in the chat box. Institute a monthly fee to remove these. Problem solved.

    I'm not sure how you think this actually harms big servers, because it doesn't. If anyone is harmed, it is the smaller or medium-sized servers.

    Big servers, like Mineplex or whatever other overrated server you can think of, have absolutely massive playerbases. Tens of thousands of people. Now, Mineplex complies with the EULA, but they have tens of thousands of people that could potentially donate.

    Now let's talk about my server. We hit around 40 players on a good day and have a couple hundred consistent players. I have a few hundred people who give or take could choose to donate. You can't compare that with tens of thousands of users, especially considering cosmetic perks will be valued more on a larger server because you stand out a lot more because there are more people. Why purchase cosmetic stuff on a smaller server when practically nobody cares or will notice?

    This will only bring more power and players to the bigger servers, essentially killing innovation and creating monopolies over players.
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    posted a message on Catching up with other Staff

    Jesus, I'm old. I was 12 when I was added to the Servers team. I'm now 16. I remember all of you, so hi :P

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    posted a message on Future of the Minecraft Server Hosting section
    Quote from LordSkout»

    So all the [secured] hosting companies will obviously love this. The rest... not so much. forum should be a lot less utilized though. There won't be any place on MCF to request or offer hosting sponsorships, then? Your suggestion of finding a server that needs room to grow... leaves nowhere for that to actually happen. Not on MCF, anyway.

    I'll be sad to see the Hosting Requests section disappear. I've met some interesting people there and learned a lot. It's the only section of MCF outside of the main news page that I read on a regular basis.

    I see where you're coming from, and the requests section can have a legitimate use for some people. The problem is, 95% or more of the threads in that forum are people wanting a free server or a sponsorship who have no idea what they're doing, with most of the sponsorship requests falling through and hosts just end up advertising their paid services more often than not. If someone really was looking for a sponsorship, contacting companies directly about it would be a much better way to go, since companies often won't look for you, you look for them.

    Most of the people posting in the forum don't follow the recommended guides or templates that are stickied either, so we also end up having a bunch of three sentence posts demanding a sponsorship for a factions server or some other old and overused concept. It really gets frustrating to look at, and it's not the intention of the forum. People don't seem to get that.
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    posted a message on Spigot/PermissionsEx: Change Admin's chat color?

    It is easier to do this through Essentials, it's not complicated whatsoever. Your config would look like this, you're just replacing 'Moderator' and 'Admin' with whatever the name of the actual groups are. Of course, you can also add more by simply copying and pasting those lines and changing appropriately.

    # This section requires the EssentialsChat.jar to work.


    # If EssentialsChat is installed, this will define how far a player's voice travels, in blocks. Set to 0 to make all chat global.
    # Note that users with the "essentials.chat.spy" permission will hear everything, regardless of this setting.
    # Users with essentials.chat.shout can override this by prefixing text with an exclamation mark (!)
    # Users with essentials.chat.question can override this by prefixing text with a question mark (?)
    # You can add command costs for shout/question by adding chat-shout and chat-question to the command costs section."
    radius: 0

    # Chat formatting can be done in two ways, you can either define a standard format for all chat.
    # Or you can give a group specific chat format, to give some extra variation.
    # For more information of chat formatting, check out the wiki: http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Chat_Formatting

    format: '<{DISPLAYNAME}> {MESSAGE}'
    #format: '&7[{GROUP}]&r {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'

    Moderators: '{DISPLAYNAME}&7:&f {MESSAGE}'
    Admins: '{DISPLAYNAME}&7:&f {MESSAGE}'

    # If you are using group formats make sure to remove the '#' to allow the setting to be read.

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