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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Taller Worlds, Delicious Foods
    Could be XP, could even be thirst or some other hardcore-mode limitation.
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    posted a message on "Minecraft has run out of memory" again
    Java allocates itself a certain proportion of your RAM to use. Sometimes, this isn't enough. I don't have any links, but there are probably some Java launch flags/switches which will force a different RAM quantity. Worth Googlings!

    While we're here, what do you call high end? Are we talking about more than 3GB of DDR3 RAM?
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    posted a message on Need to change my name.
    Quote from zeppefx

    Hello.I'm not happy with my acc name atm (Zeppefx) and i would like to change it.Are the possibilities to change it?Rly i need to change my name. PlsGreeTz Zeppe

    From the page:

    "I would like to change my username
    We apologize but we do not support this action at this time. In the future, promise!"


    Quote from Kartoffelstyle

    Dear Notch is why my account has been banned from the playing style potato I'll ask you to turn back free account or I report you for fraud it is clear you have 20 days displayed

    Nice use of Google Translate. Sorry, Notch doesn't read this board. :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Ctrl+F5 to go to 3rd person instead of just F5 [FIXED]
    Are you on a laptop? I thought you had to hold Fn to switch the function on those keys.
    Anyway, in Control Panel there's probably a setting under Keyboard that determines which way round you want it to work. Have you checked there?
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    posted a message on Help, Odd Connection eror. First time.
    Are you using a link from a web page to connect to the server?
    It's very strange that the server is returning a HTML header as a response.
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    posted a message on Computer requirements
    Hi jjred09,

    My system is very similar to yours. Minecraft is definitely playable if you learn to manage the fog for best performance, but it can detract from the game a bit.

    Depending on who manufactured your computer, you may be able to put a low-end graphics card in it. This would solve the problem, but I have a HP Pavilion, and it doesn't have the right layout to fit a graphics card. Also, it would increase the power consumption and noise from your computer.

    In my understanding any computer with one of Intel's newest line of processors (called "Sandy Bridge" processors) should do a much better job than your current PC. These are not gaming computers, but the onboard graphics chip has come a long way, and should handle Minecraft easily. Very soon, PCs with Sandy Bridge processors will be the standard, so the price could come as low as £299 (or around $499).
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    posted a message on Fancy Graphics crashes
    Stop bumping pro.

    OK, so since you haven't got much to lose, maybe try re-installing the driver again. It might do it cleanly this time. Alternatively, in Device Manager, you can go to the properties of your chip and roll back the driver version to the previous working one.

    If you get Minecraft to launch, try changing the Advanced OpenGL option in the Video settings.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on "cant connect to"
    Maybe your account data was lost. Probably best to use this page:
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    posted a message on Pixel accelerator
    To fix that, go to the website for your graphics card manufacturer and get the latest driver. If you search the forum using the box at the top right you can find many topics about this.

    It probably would happen if you got Minecraft Beta, but fortunately it is easy to fix.
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    posted a message on Can't Get my Server set up
    If you use Hamachi, you both need Hamachi. It's simpler to do it the normal way probably.

    We have the same router, so here is a FULL tutorial:

    Connect to the router.

    First, we give your server a static IP as follows:
    'Advanced' tab - LAN IP Setup
    Under Address Reservation, choose Add.
    Select your computer from the list that comes up.
    Enter something like this into the IP field:
    Click Add.

    Now we forward the port to your new IP:
    'Security' tab - Services
    Click Add Custom Service
    Fill the fields with: "Minecraft", TCP/UDP, 25565, 25565
    Click Apply or Save or whatever
    - go to 'Firewall Rules' button (near top navigation)
    Under Inbound Services, click Add
    Fill fields with: Minecraft, ALLOW always, (the static IP you just set up), WAN: Any, Log: Never.
    Click Apply
    Click Apply on the Firewall rules page

    Should be good to go. Get back to us, and throw me some reputation if it worked :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Exponents
    Oh I see. I think that was just a specific way of showing that the wool blocks have different damage values corresponding to colour. Workaround is to give both wool and dye, as shown here:
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    posted a message on Ports Refuse to Forward.
    So... did you find how to get a static IP? Obviously it varies from router to router. On my Sagem, it's under Advanced|Lan IP Setup

    Once you have it, go to the port forwarding bit and set the IP to the new static IP of your server.
    Please increase reputation on helpful posts :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Pikmin
    I had treasured memories of playing on my friends' Gamecubes as a kid, so I bought myself one a few months ago, and then a load of games, including Pikmin. I didn't actually enjoy playing it as much as used to enjoy watching it and knowing it, to be brutally honest. Stages like the Forest Naval are too overbearing and tense to be fun, I thought. The whole game, in fact, is very tense. I'd rather help someone with a stage of their game than be responsible for a whole Pikmin campaign.
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    posted a message on Ports Refuse to Forward.
    Telerus, change your attitude. You come to the support forum to help people, not call them morons. Dude obviously knows what he's doing and needs help from someone with a higher ability than you're offering.

    Arkandy, it strikes me that you probably just forgot a step or a small detail when forwarding the port.
    Remember that you need to have registered a new static IP with your router against your server unit. You may have already done so, but it could be worth checking against this guide: to see what you've forgotten.

    Hope your problem is fixed soon. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft on Ubuntu/linux
    Are you running the official Sun/Oracle Java platform? You can also make sure it's the latest version with Syanptic or whatever.
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