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    posted a message on [Technic Pack][Whitelist]Fall of Albion -100 years Later- [Survival-Peaceful]
    In game name: State307
    Age: 16
    Do you have experience with these mods? NOPE
    Write a little about yourself and why you want join (about 1 paragraph) Uhhhhhhhhhhh. I like various flavors of pie. Andddddd yeah, that's about it. I want to join so I are can has fun.
    Do you agree to the rules? yes/no if no you will not be whitelisted: Yes
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    posted a message on ♦☆♦ Fall of Albion ♦☆♦ Survive and Thrive! [Whitelist] [Dedicated Local Host] [Play how you want!] [Mcmmo] [24/7] [Ventrilo]
    In game name: [State307]
    Age: [15]
    A brief description of your building expertise(preferably screenshots):[On a scale of 1 to 10: 5 or 6]
    (you'll have to build a bit on the server before we add you to member status)
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    posted a message on [WIP]RealmCraft
    Can't wait for this to come out officially. I already have a boner for it ;]
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    posted a message on KenCraft II
    Download doesn't work for me.
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    posted a message on Unicorn Island
    When the **** is the server going to be fixed?
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    posted a message on Unicorn Island
    Quote from ahlatki

    State you are added Have fun on the server :biggrin.gif:

    Thanks :biggrin.gif: Sounds really fun.
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    posted a message on Unicorn Island
    - Do you agree to our rules and conditions? Yes
    - In-game name? State307
    - IRL first name: Auston
    - What is your character skin? SWAT Dude
    - If you could describe your life with the title of a movie, what would it be? Hangover (the first one, not the second cause I've never been to a tranny bar.)
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Aether Collaboration Mod - V1.02 - NEW MOBS, FIXES, ITEMS AND FEATURES!
    This is gunna be AWESOME.
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    posted a message on ♚ █ ★ Three Kings Roleplay ★ █ ♚
    1) Any experience in being a Staff member?
    I have been apart of many different groups. I was an admin on many Garry's Mod servers, and even ran my own server at one time. I have been a Mod on a few MC servers so far, and know what to do, and what not do. I have also been a forums moderator for a few different groups/clans. I will also donate money every now and then.

    2) Why should you be a moderator?
    I should be a Moderator because I have spent a lot of time in the server, and accomplished many things. I know most of the regulars on the server now and really like how the server is ran. I am very fair and actually look into the problem at hand, I don't just do the "Well he said you did it so good bye" *bans user for life*.

    3) How many languages can you speak?
    English-Fluently German-Basic Stuff

    4) How often do you play Minecraft?
    I put in a lot of hours in the summer and other breaks. I can also put in time during the school year, just not as much as I would like.

    5) What country are you from?

    6) What timezone and time are you on usually?
    Mountain Time

    7) Do you have Ventrilo?
    Yes, my mic is broke at the moment. I am either going to get it fixed or buy a new one, in the near future.

    P.S. I sent my application in a few days ago to Unicorn_Kiid, but I don't think it went threw. And I can't remember if it was on here, or Facepunch.

    Thanks for reading, State (MC name: State307)
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    posted a message on New server recruiting builders/admins!
    I would like to be an admin or mod for your server.

    I have been playing Minecraft for a while now, and have been admin/mod on about 5 other servers. I have also ran my own server but ran out of funding for it :tongue.gif: I am a very reasonable person, and I don't **** around. I am also very familiar with most of the plugins you have listed.
    Although I am not the greatest of builders, I am very capable of making some cool stuff (unless it requires redstone :/)

    What I can do for the server: I can devote a lot of time to the server, and give it the attention it needs. And since I know mostly everything about the plugins, I can provide a lot of help with those. I am also willing to help with ANYTHING.

    Other Info.
    Age: 15
    Minecraft Name: State307
    Location: United states.

    Thanks for reading, State
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    posted a message on Guns!
    I think you should be able to make guns in Minecraft. Using iron ingots, and planks maybe. Then you would have to make the bullets using more iron ingots, and gunpowder. They would just be like a single shot though, maybe like a musket.
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    posted a message on Post your CTRL-V

    Woah, that was a while ago.
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