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    Now that 1.9 is finally released and Forge community is slowly working towards a 1.9 version, I guess I gotta dust this dang thing off and prep to maybe do some coding again in the next few months. Or something. IDK.

    I'm really gonna have to see how the 1.9 combat mechanics are implemented in code before I make any real decisions on where I'm going with this mod --if even anywhere.

    Current thoughts:

    - That combat strength meter is gonna be a butt

    - The sweeping mechanic is gonna be a butt

    - You bet your butts I'm gonna make sure Skeletons stop having infinite ammo

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    Quote from Shadowfury333»

    It looks nice. What kind of things does he sell?

    Tools perhaps?

    Wandering Testificates will probably sell things that you'd normally have to explore to find or are generally difficult to craft/create.

    For example, you might find one selling seraph wings or anchor charms (which you'd otherwise have to synthesize via alkahestry which typically requires ingredients gathered on incursions into the mirrored plain). You also might find one selling rare artifacts you'd normally only find in chests.

    There may be different variants of Wandering Testificates that, similar to villagers, have different outfits and specialize in selling different items.

    It's also likely these wanderers will use a different trading GUI with some slightly different mechanics.

    I'm also debating giving the player a way of 'summoning' a wanderer. E.g., create a kind of signal post and then if the player isn't nearby for an amount of time, the signal post summons the wanderer to meander in from afar.

    Makes them slightly more reliable than just hoping one spawns randomly nearby.

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    Wandering traveling Testificate? Because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I would like for him to wear a hat but I can't get the hat to render and I'm tired of poking at it for now.

    Ideally, these guys pop up once in a while and sell you rare things. IDK.

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    posted a message on Nephenee 1.2_s2 - Scriptable Semi-Auto Block Replacer [Win/Mac/Linux]

    Download Latest Version Here: Nephenee ver. 1.2_s2

    Old Versions:

    Nephenee ver 1.2_s1

    Nephenee ver. n.1.0

    Download Latest Source Here: Will post soon, once 1.2 gets out of _s phase!


    Since most of Nephenee's code is publicly available source provided by Mojang, this project is open source. Additionally, no profits will be made from its existence.

    However, if you'd like to tip me for my work, you could always head over to my Patreon and pledge a buck?

    (Sure, it's not a Patreon for Minecraft stuff, but on the plus side you get cool art-y stuff?)


    This utility was made possible thanks to Mojang's publicly released Anvil Converter Source

    What Is Nephenee?
    Nephenee is a Java-based command-line application that allows you to search through a Minecraft world's .mca files for instances of a particular block ID and replace them with another value.


    Well, it's a complicated answer.

    This utility served a noticeable purpose back in pre-1.7. Minecraft still relied heavily on those precious limited integer block IDs and ID conflicts were a very real thing. Take me, for example. Pre-1.4.2, I picked ID 145 for a mod ore block. And then 1.4.2 came out and 145 was now vanilla anvils. Yay! Nephenee came into existence as a means of fixing the problem of now having wild anvils all around my world save.

    Today, ID conflicts really aren't a thing because string IDs and automatic mapping handling. HOWEVER! Just in case, Nephenee is back in action for whoever might need it and why ever it might be needed!


    1) Download the latest jar file

    2) Place the downloaded .jar in a convenient location
    3) Open a command prompt / terminal and navigate to the jar's location

    • Windows 7 users can also, from the jar's location in Windows Explorer, hold shift and right click on empty space, then select "Open Command Window Here"

    4) Type in the follow:

    java -jar nephenee_[version].jar [script file]

    Where [version] is the rest of the jar name (the version), and [script file] is a path to the .nee script file you wish to run.
    5) Read and follow Nephenee's prompt(s). It's mostly an automated utility.

    Note: While it's technically an executable jar, please refrain from trying to run it from your file manager via double click. It no work-y that way.

    .nee Scripts
    Nephenee uses nephenee files (.nee) to figure out what it's supposed to do. Here's an example:

    DIRECTORY minecraftModded1710
    WORLD test1
    DIMENSIONS overworld
    REPLACE ThermalExpansion:Rockwool 2 Growthcraft|Cellar:grc.fruitPress 0

    The above file tells Nephenee to:
    - Go into the minecraftModded1710 directory in your AppData/AppLib/Home folder

    - Find the world named test1

    - Search in only the overworld dimension

    - Replace all instances of Thermal Expansion's "Rock Wool" of metadata 2 with GrowthCraft's "Fruit Press" of meta 0


    - You can have as many worlds as you want in a single file. Just put another DIRECTORY WORLD [...] ENDWORLD

    - You can have as many REPLACE lines as you want

    - String block IDs are currently case sensitive. Type them carefully!

    - You can use -1 as a metadata wild card (i.e., ignore metadata for that block)

    - You can specify any permutation of the three main dimensions (overworld, nether, end)

    - You must specify at least one dimension or Nephenee won't do anything

    - If you don't specify the directory, it defaults to the regular .minecraft folder to find the given world

    - You can't specify directories outside of AppData/Application Support/Home right now

    - You can put comment lines in .nee files by prefixing them with #

    Legacy Mode

    Nephenee offers a "Legacy" mode that allows you to use numeric block IDs instead of strings. This is mainly for pre-1.7 worlds, people who don't know how to string IDs in 1.7, or operating on vanilla worlds. To enable Legacy Mode, use the legacy flag:

    java -jar nephenee_[version].jar -l [script file]


    java -jar nephenee_[version].jar -legacy [script file]

    Note: In Legacy mode, string IDs are turned off. You can only use numeric IDs.

    An example of a legacy script:

    DIRECTORY minecraftModded1710
    WORLD test1
    DIMENSIONS overworld
    REPLACE 518 2 449 0



    For the curious-minded!

    Q) Is Nephenee safe to use?
    A) Yes, it should be. I've done testing and I've yet to see any detrimental side effects. But, just to be safe, you should back up your world save elsewhere just in case!

    Q) Does Nephenee work with FTB/Technic/etc?
    A) Unfortunately, Nephenee does not work with launchers or dedicated servers that store world saves elsewhere than the Windows AppData, Mac Application Support, or Linux home directory. You'll have to move those world saves to a valid location. However, it does work nicely with Mojang's profile launcher.

    Q) Does Nephenee let you replace instances of blocks found in inventories or chests?
    A) No, it's strictly world blocks. ItemStacks of blocks are unaffected.

    Q) Does Nephenee work with worlds that have save data for mod-added dimensions (e.g. Aether, Twilight Forest)?
    A) Unfortunately, Nephenee does not yet have support to detect extra dimension data folders. This hopefully might get fixed in a forthcoming update!

    Q) Why script files?
    A) Would you rather be typing into an endless command line user prompt?

    Q) Why no GUI?

    A) Because it's a command line tool. Also, GUIs suck and I hate them.

    Q) What's a "nephenee"?
    A) My favorite character from Fire Emblem.

    Version History


    - Fixed a bug with extracting metadata nibbles incorrectly (thanks for the help, Shadekiller666! ... Mojang...)

    - Fixed a bug with putting back metadata nibbles incorrectly (missing bit mask)

    - Added some more console output so users know it's working and not frozen


    - Actually probably works with block IDs higher than 255

    - Metadata sensitivity

    - 1.7 String ID support

    - Multi-world support?

    - Directory specification


    - Basic ID find/replace

    - .nee file support

    Upcoming Features
    - More robustness for handling users trying to input all the wrong things.
    - More personality?
    - Support for extradimensional region folders
    - Better code?

    - TE mode for replacing ItemStacks of blocks?

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    posted a message on Post your Art!

    Postin' art again because lolwhynot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    (Full res: http://starshadesjack.tumblr.com/post/117670742399/hephaestus-from-danmachi-requested-by-neonie)

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    posted a message on Driving Exam!
    Oh, wow, that's unfortunate. :/

    I took my driving exam back in April 2014 (yes, I've had a license for less than a year so far and hi, I am 23) and it was ridiculously easy. It was pretty much just a drive around the block in a minimal traffic area. Not really sure why but I'm somewhat grateful for that since I passed first try. The only thing the examiner/officer had to say was for me to watch my speed (I have difficulty keeping speed consistent and it'll vary +-5MPH, typically).

    It's kind of odd that I managed to pass it so easily. Unlike most people, I didn't really get a permit until I was an adult and I didn't really do the requisite 50 hours of driving + 10 hours of night driving (or w/e) so I pretty much just winged it ^^;;

    Fortunately, I got to use my own car for driving and a 2014 Subaru Legacy is an amazing vehicle to drive test in.
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    Quote from thebaum64»

    Your lines are so smooth XD oh my goodness


    Heheh, yeah, I use Paint Tool SAI, which has a "stabilizer" setting that lags the input a bit but smooths the lines. It goes from 0 to 15 and then S-1 to S-7. I use S-5 for final line-art. Suuuuper smooth laggy drawing xD;;

    But, it's useful because then you get super cute smooth line art like this and people absolutely adore it! but still not enough love to get commissions... OTL;;;

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    Since my avatar no longer represents my own art and it's been like half a year, update on my arts :v

    (x-post from and full res on my tumblr)
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    My avatar is my art. ` -`

    [edit: since my avatar does change and no longer is my own art, the avatar in question:
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    Quote from AU_Lord»

    My suggestion is to lose one maximum Heart in the Overworld every time you die in the MP for a set amount of time. You also could make it permanent and add in some kind of compensatory item that recovers lost hearts. Or we could just say Golden Apples (The severely nerfed ones) will cure it.

    Also, if we drop these Mortuary Tablets in the MP, do we lose the items they represent in the Overworld for good?

    Oh, that's not a bad idea at all. It might conflict with some other mods but I like it and I'm going to add that.

    I'm thinking the player won't be able to drop items in the M.P. They also won't be able to transfer them into chests (which will be a unique kind of chest that only accepts items only found in the M.P.). This is also to prevent the player from circumventing the caveat of amulets taking up space.
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