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    I found a bug, please don't fix it - I am having fun trying to grow the tallest corn plant in Skyfactory 3 - but when I harvest the top it grows a new plant. it reminds me of the days when I worked at a hybrid corn growing (pioneer Seeds) and they had corn plants about 10 - 12 feet tall. Right click hte top, and it harvests the ear then plants a new one on top.

    corn plant gone tall

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    the addition of coloured blocks, as with rich intense colour is a feature I desire and not a death knell. For me - a builder - I enjoy having a greater pallet. I admit I would much desire stairs and slabs in all the available blocks so I have greater command of detail.

    The New coloured blocks are virtually flawless. They do not have the texture of wool, or the muted earth tones that clay has - yes clay is also useful to me.

    The addition of Parrots is not a Death Knell for me. Parrots add ambiance to the game - I am also one of those who roots for more fish in the sea and whatnot, however I can landscape my coastlines where needed when needed. Parrots look great on the ships I build. Yes, as mentioned for the pirates around, parrots are a fantastic detail.

    I can see how fighters would perhaps see this as a death knell - however if they wait to see what map makers create for them to play - they may change their tune.

    But as a builder: These bright colourful blocks ATTRACT me as opposed to repel. Its a breath of beautiful life.

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    Okay I see what you are getting at. Rather interesting and unique. I support the idea. I don't recall seeing such a concept in any games I played before.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w19a Ready for Testing
    Quote from Bernkastell

    damn it, how do I remove upvotes? upvoted this clown on accident...

    I will just upvote you instead ;)
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    posted a message on Minecraft No Longer Officially Working With Oculus Rift
    Ah farmville in 3d... I used to play that stuff regularily, then I discovered Minecraft... was so much more fun... Disappointed about Oculus. I was looking forward to it. I just do not trust facebook with it.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w02a Ready For Testing! YAY!
    Quote from minergirl

    cant believe people complain about the game 'ripping off' mods. thats a GOOD thing. firstly because then we dont need to have the mod, and secondly because it improves the game. This game has so many great features that used to be mods only and i dont know about you, but i hate installing mods then waiting 500 years for them to be updated. Smooth lighting is my favourite thing to ever come from a mod. It would be good if theyd do the damn API but until then, rip away. Id be honored if mojang put any mod i made into the game!

    the whole thing comes down as to what they think came first initially the game or the mod. Bugs the pit out of me when they start to sob "stealing from mods" when the game belongs to mojang and mojang allows modders to modify.
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    posted a message on 13w36a Snapshot Ready for Testing!
    Quote from Funkytron

    Redwood forest? Really? I meant more the names, but you are right about Minecraft being cooler with even MOAR biomes.

    redwood forests exist in real world, therefore they are not "copying" I believe redwood forests have been in a few different packs, as well as world edit has a redwood type tree that you can spawn a forest. Also take in consideration the amount of mods, and biome additions there are out there. There Are going to be instances of where Mojang does things that are similar to mods. I doubt they do this on purpose, except when they say, Dr Zhark was consulted about the horses, or, I forget the instance, around the pistons.

    Earth is a huge planet with an incredible variation of biomes, sceneries. Mojang is allowed to make their take on biomes. The Biome with the big trees, the special podzol dirt, resembles a typical coniferous forest (that has that amazing spongy ground) The mesa, resembles the painted desert with the very contrasting strata layers of light and reds. It screams grand canyon, dinosaur hunting grounds. I have land up in an area of canada that has smooth exposed rock, clearings and pine forests. SO although a mod exists, the modder cannot claim copyright on something that exists naturally. (I know apple would try to do something like that) Mojang just needs to have their own take on the subject.
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    posted a message on Will 1.7 have new NETHER biomes?
    Actually it would be kinda interesting if some work was done on the nether, as stated above, it's supposed to be a form of hell.
    Using dante's inferno to describe 9 circles of hell, would be kind of interesting, if details exist of each circle (biome) I know hte 9th circle is supposed to be frozen. I would love to see other hellish biomes, or fire resistant trees, forests or mushrooms that could grow in overworld with the right stuff (such as soul sand for netherwart)
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    posted a message on To all who think Notch steals from mods.
    Anyway, many of the mods I see are only for singleplayer. I am glad to see him implementing some of the wonderful ideas and they can be in smp as well. COnsidering the tone of the email he posted, I will never use one of the potion mods. I will not give that individual satisfaction of my download. I don't think he's got on their cases about using adfly or donations for their mods which could be conisdered making money off his work.

    What the mods were doing was filling in a hole that people felt was needed to be filled. This in turn indicated to notch what he needed to do to make the game more satisfactory for the masses. People loved pistons, pistons were added. people enjoyed the NPC villages (providing millenaire was the inspiration) he worked them in. I'd still use that one because I do not think the creator flew off the handle.

    I think he has also mentioned somewhere, I cannot think of the source, that he can and will implement any idea he feels is worthy to be implemented.

    They should be honoured if he did infact use *their* idea. They should realise it was noticed. Not the creator of that email, if it is potioncraft, lost all my respect.

    Keep up with the good work Notch and to all modders who find their ideas in the actual game, you helped shape the game. congrats. Except to the ingrate, the writer of that flamitory email. If you can do better, do it yourself.

    [edit: leave my typos and errors alone, I'll deal with tem when I get to a normal sized keyboard, :tongue.gif:]
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    posted a message on Biomes in the new updates
    I love the massive oceans, but I tend to love doing things with oceans and bodies of water. I just need them deeper, possibly to bedrock (Or at least 25 blocks deeper than currently) too grassy for the plains? A bucket of water usually works wonders for me for clearing that. It would make a great cattle ranch. A massive desert is an entertaining idea for a Massive pyramid. I am contemplating one of them and mushrooms are <3 I just wish I could find one.

    Other biomes. I would definately like to see other types of landscapes. crazier swamps, estuaries, marshes or bogs. Swamp trees I have made in the past, are mangrove, which I added extra block to make sort of roots growing from the trunks into the water. I am not sure I have pics of that idea... I made one quick:

    Rainforests, temperate rainforests, thick crazy aft jungles thick with vines, ferns and flowers (more variety more exotics)

    a larger selction of plant life would do well to enhance biome type. Know what minecraft needs? Coffee :tongue.gif: (Steve starts his morning as a zombie until he has his first cuppa and then he becoems fully human :tongue.gif:)

    Volcanos would be absolutely epic. Of course they can't be growing, but lava flows down their sides would produce the correct effect. Active and "extinct' even larger surface Calderas or water filled caldra lakes. Stuff like ejecting steam, bubbling water, or "rain effects" would be awesome, but I doubt they'd have time with crunch coming.

    But variety in the oceans might make those areas less tedious.
    Oceanic vareity could be, Trenches, Undersea volcanos, reef systems in warmer climates. Although that could be problematic until there is a better way of exporing them. Other things growing in the ocean might make it also less barren. I usually plant leaf blocks in the seas to give them plants for the squids to squid about under. Fish are definately needed, some sort of extra oceanic mobs at least.

    I enjoy enhancing my world's environment. These were just my two pennies.
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