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    We are running on a server and had some issues: when we used lumbinator, it would crash the server. Also, when using veinator, it would have our weapons and armor disappear and place backpacks we have (backpacks by brad mod) in the armor, weapon and shield spots. Any thoughts on this? It didn't happen every time, but we stopped because we were losing a lot of items. Thanks!

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    I have a question: when switching from survival to creative, is it normal that you lose everything in your inventory? I didn't lose my armor when I switched back to survival, but I did lose everything that I was holding on my character. This was the win 10 edition, and I'm trying to see if it is a bug or normal. Thank you!

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    So, this is my first time playing this, and I just realized on the win 10 version, you can switch between creative and survival. I made the switch from survival to creative to get a view of a house I made, but when I switched back, I lost all the items I had in my inventory. Is this normal or a bug? I didn't lose the armor I was wearing -- just my items. Thank you for the help!

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