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    Quote from Swagiie99»

    This doesn't make sense, when i download this map and put it in to my Tekkit legends saves folder, and open up Tekkit Legends, the map isn't there to load.

    Why, and when i download the file, its only a .rar file i get, so not the map it self.?

    You are joking, right?

    Well, just in case, I'll help explain it for you.
    That .rar file is a compressed folder, that makes it easier to upload and download files by decreasing size into computer manageable chunks (in simpler terms, that is). You need to install WINrar or a similar .rar file un-zipper.

    When you download the map, you have to unzip it to an accessible folder form. Right click it, and in the menu that appears, click 'open', or 'open with' and select winrar (or other rar opener). The app will have you set options, but you should be able to navigate it quite easily. A new folder will have been created that you can edit and navigate freely. Check to see if a smaller folder contains all the map files on the inside. Use the folder with all the world files as the folder you drag into the saves folder in your minecraft directory.

    Here is a nice, simple and free .rar opener.

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    Seriously though, Crane is right
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