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    So I could finally upload pics...I think.

    It's now the 5th Minecraft day. Been going along fine, although my Hunger's almost completely depleted (hurry up, Wheat!), and I've fought no monsters except a Spider and saw no monsters except the mentioned Spider and a Zombie that despawned as soon as I looked at it. Probably because I live on a small Island surrounded by water and there's no space for mobs to spawn. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

    Enough talk >_> here's the Island when I first saw it:

    And here's the island when I finished clearing it up (I planted that single Birch myself, it became my Heart-Tree later):

    Here's the Island's look right now, all the trees being the offspring of my Heart-Tree (I was using a different Texture Pack):

    It's really messy even though I've been basically playing by the rules...with my own ones added of course. If anyone wants it (although I don't think anyone would), I'll post my Journal entries here. But right now, this is done.:
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    Quote from Pinguin39

    Thank you =)
    A negative 'wow'. hmm.. something like 'wow you suck' or something?

    Anyways, I'll probably build more tonight after work!

    Umm...generally I'd think that if people wanted to say "Wow you suck" they would just say the whole sentence instead of a single "Wow", since I would have thought it meant.....................um...I'm talking nonsense aren't I?
    Anyway, I'm excited to see this finished...it's pretty awesome already.
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