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    Quote from Lenny_Lemar»


    Skype: i will msg it to you


    Experience: i have played MC for over three years and i am pretty experienced with building. i have been builder on 2 servers and Admin on 1.

    How long can you play per day: 2-5 hours but as it is close to christmas i am going to be away for a bit so i wont be too active around this time

    Position: Builder

    Why do you think you should be staff: I think i should be staff as it can be great for all of us as i can share my unique ideas and you guys can teach me much more. It would be great fun for me and you.

    What style do you like building in: I like making houses and litle cottages as i am a pretty good interior designer and can make big things aswell like skyscrapers and things like that.

    Picture of builds: I have one as i only have one creative world

    Accepted as Builder
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    This server is Epic with all the features like bosses and slimefun

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