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    Position Applying : Moderator

    What is your name? Stacey
    What is your in-game username? staceychao
    How old are you? 16
    What time zone do you live in? CST (Central Standard Time)
    Are you multilingual? If so, in what languages? I speak English and Spanish fluently. Also, I'm currently taking Chinese in school.
    Have you ever been kicked/muted/banned on a server, Why? Yes and because I was acting immaturely/breaking a rule/being annoying most likely. (However, it's been at least a year or two since last getting kicked/muted/banned. I've learned from then and have stopped.)
    At what level would you rate your maturity (10 being most mature)? 7.5 - 8
    What past experience do you have at being a staff member? I've been helper and moderator numerous times as well as doing some lore writing for role-play servers.
    What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with someone younger than them?
    Take into consideration of their age and situation. They are less experienced than you. Be a tad more patient with them and treat them respectfully.
    How many hours do you play a week on the server?
    None yet.
    Why do you want to be a staff member on this server?
    I read the description on the objectives of the server and your experience with hosting servers before. Reading that it almost succeeded but didn't quite because of inactivity of the staff really makes me want to help. I want the server to succeed this time and want to contribute in any way I can. I think I am fairly decent at a moderator position due to my experience and attitude towards treating everyone fairly and politely.
    Why should we accept your application over others?
    I like to think I act with consideration rather than rashly as some people do. I don't abuse powers given to me and am not biased towards anyone. I also think that I'm experienced in the moderator position, having it several times in other servers and knowing the commands well. I'm also not invested into any other servers, giving me more time to contribute to this one. Also, I genuinely want to help.
    How many applications have you made before? None on this server..... or any server in a while.
    Any additional information? Even if I don't get this position, I'd still like to help. If there's any way I can help, please let me know.

    Discord: Staples#0066

    Hope you have a nice day and thanks for reading my application.
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    First Name: Stacey

    Minecraft Name: staceychao

    Discord (Preferably) or Skype: Staples#1137

    Age: 15

    Experience with this Position:
    - I've been Moderator several times on different servers, my most memorable position at a server called KnockturnMC. Sometimes, before becoming Moderator, I've started as Helper before getting promoted. Administrator is a position I've gotten only once (server closed soon after, didn't get any experience). I've also been offered Co-Owner twice but declined the offer due to having no prior knowledge.
    - (Assuming this isn't an RP server but I've been on the lore team a few times. I can write decently)

    If so, how much: Answered in the previous question with specifics. I believe I have decent knowledge of Moderator, knowing basic essential commands and what to do with disruptive presences.

    Anyone who can support you: No, sorry (Well yes, but I'd rather not ask due to them being loyal to their servers.)

    How mature are you (1-10): 7 (I'm serious when needed but enjoy humor)

    How kind are you (1-10): 8 (Sometimes sarcastic, but mainly for the jokes. I'm pretty warm unless you break rules)

    Tell us about yourself: I'm a 15 year old nerd who enjoys playing Minecraft, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. I'm a sophomore that looks like a 7th grader in real life and sound like one. I take advanced classes, am two years ahead in math, and enjoy chemistry. I love art in all forms and strive to be talented as well as hopefully getting into a programming class next year. I'm pretty basic, having brown hair and brown eyes. Favorite music is pop and some rap (Very basic). You can ask me any questions that you want, I'll most likely answer them. Anyways, here's a smiley :)

    Why should we pick you:
    I have experience in this field although it's limited. In most servers that I've been a part of staff, they end up closing down a few days, maybe weeks after opening. It's hard to learn from such a short amount of time, especially with very few people coming on before it closes. I hope, with this server, that I'll be able to gain some experience. I'm more than eager to learn.

    With this, I'm also not part of staff on any other server so I can contribute more. I'm able to come on Saturday and Sunday nights always and in the mornings of every day. I'm always on Discord if I'm on my computer which is even during school.

    I'm pretty welcoming, especially after being helper. I enjoy greeting new people and making them feel welcomed. It's always great to see someone continue to play regularly because of some words you say.

    Lastly, I believe myself to be hardworking. Of course, school will catch on and somedays will be hectic (those being the days I won't be as active). I'll do my best with any tasks given and completing them in a timely manner.

    How are you different from everyone else: I'm not good at building, PVP, nor am a programmer or texture artist. However, I believe I can be a helpful part of the team. As I've stated, I'm pretty dedicated when it comes to something if I put my mind on it. If you want me to build better or learn something, I'll do my best to do so. And as indicated by my first statement in this question, I'm brutally honest when it comes to myself. (If that makes sense) I listen well, get along pretty well with people, and strive to continually improve. (Hope that answers this. If not, you are always welcome to ask for answers if you have questions.)

    How often can you be on: I can be on every morning if I wake up at 3:00 am. and play till 6:00 am. I'm usually an all-nighter and have time during the night to play. Regardless, I'm on Discord atleast 8 hours a day and able to be texted if needed. These are certain times, but I can come on during the day or after school sometimes.

    Somebody is using fly hacks. What do you do:
    Screenshot the evidence, then temp-ban them (or perma-ban depending on how this server functions) while sending the owner proof.

    Somebody is using PvP hacks. What do you do:
    Screenshot the evidence, then temp-ban them (or perma-ban depending on how this server functions) while sending the owner proof.

    Somebody is using x-ray hacks. What do you do:
    Screenshot the evidence, then temp-ban them (or perma-ban depending on how this server functions) while sending the owner proof.

    Somebody is griefing the server. What do you do:
    I'd warn them to stop before performing any punishments. If they continue after my warning, I'll kick them warning them once more. Afterwards, if they decide to continue, I'll temp-ban in time intervals (30 minutes, an hour, a few hours, depends).

    Somebody is harassing another player. What do you do:

    I'd tell them to stop at once and apologize before moving to punishment. If they continue harassing the person, a mute will suffice. After that mute, if they continue or choose to harass another person, I'd either perma-mute or temp-ban depending on the situation while screenshotting.

    Somebody reported someone but lacked evidence. What do you do:
    I ask the person if they have any screenshots or chat logs of the incident. If not, I'll tell them politely that I cannot do anything without the evidence. However, I will keep an eye on both the people and maybe be able to do something if they are seen doing something wrong.
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    posted a message on | >>> AUREA VALLEY <<< | RECRUITING BUILDERS/DEVS/WRITERS |

    IGN: staceychao
    Age: 14
    Country/Timezone: USA, Central Standard Time
    Discord with four digit tag: Staples#1137
    Email (optional): [email protected]
    Position of interest: Writer

    How much experience do you have in minecraft and the position you’re interested in?

    I've played Minecraft for almost 5 years now. Although I haven't been on 1.12 much, I have a lot of experience using earlier versions. I've been staff several times, ranging from Helper to Moderator. I am familiar with the commands and position in general.

    For the Writer position, I've had experience writing lore for two other servers. They were Medieval at one point, but I quit with the owner constantly changing the theme and making me rewrite lore and background. The other server, I didn't have much time at the time, but I do now.

    Are you currently staff on a server? No.

    How much time can you contribute to the server? (Please be honest!) Since it's the summer (I still have a month of it), I can probably dedicate at least 3 hours per day, a maximum being maybe 7. When school does start, I'll probably be at least active two hours per day.

    Why are you interested in this server? I've really been looking for a Roleplay server since I'm not such a big fan of factions and creative servers. I've been looking for something different and this peaked my interest. I love the ideas you have in mind for the server so far, and the information you've messaged me. I'd really like to help out in making the server flourish.

    What is one creative idea you’d be interested in working on as a staff member? (i.e builder - I’d be interested in building a harbour town etc etc)
    I'd really like to write weapon/armor/item lore as well as quests. I think the idea would be fun.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my application! :)

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    posted a message on TabbyMC Staff Needed! (Helpers, Builders, etc)

    TabbyMC is a server having Factions, GTA, Creative, and more! Although still in progress of being made, staff is needed. To apply, head to the Discord channel and get on Minecraft.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/VU73uXA

    Minecraft IP: tabby.minecraftr.us

    Good luck on your applications!

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    posted a message on Recruiting Staff and Builders

    Server IP: tabby.minecraftr.us

    Discord: https://discord.gg/VU73uXA

    Join now to apply for staff!

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    posted a message on Server in Need of Staff! Talented Builders mostly needed, Admin, Mod, Chat-Mod, etc needed too!

    Hey everyone,
    We here at B-Nation are currently looking for staff for our new Skyblock server.
    The server is NOT currently open to the public. If you apply for a position and are accepted, you will be given the server IP as well as the rank.
    As of the moment, since the server is not open publicly, if you were to be accepted to (For example) a chat moderator, you will not be expected to actually begin your duties unless asked so by a higher staff member or when the server opens.


    DISCORD SERVER - https://discord.gg/gHeFJcD

    Good luck as well!

    This is the application format:

    1. IGN (In Game Name) -
    2. POSITION -
    4. AGE (Must be at least 14 or older.) -
    5. WHY? (Please be detailed and specific.) -

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    posted a message on Helpers Needed!! Server opening very soon!!

    TheCell is in need of a couple of Helpers! If you are interested in applying, head to the link I will provide below and click on Staff Applications.

    When will the server open? The server is planning on opening on February 3rd.

    What is the server about? TheCell is an amazing prison server that has a lot of potential. We hope you will help us to make it grow!

    http://thecell.enjin.com/forum <--- Don't forget to follow the format of the guidelines.

    https://discord.gg/USSQZJ9 <--- Link to Discord Server (Yes, you need Discord)

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    posted a message on SERVER NEED STAFF

    Username: staceychao
    Age: 14
    Timezone: CST (Central Standard Time)
    Why are you applying for Moderator: I would really like to help out the server in anyway I can. However, I'm horrible at building, redstone, and I've never developed in my life xD. That leads to two options, Moderator and Co-Owner. I wouldn't trust myself with Co-Owner as I have no experience whatsoever with the rank. I have been Moderator many times and I should say, I love to hang out with the community and chat. I'd also like to make sure the chat doesn't go wild or inappropriate because...... well..... that can be bad. I would love to help out this server, I like having to be funny as a requirement x3.
    Previous Experiences: I've been Moderator in the past but still need some guidance with the position since you can always learn something else!
    Skype (if you have it): enileeismc (Although I'd rather prefer to use Discord)
    Email: [email protected]
    How long are you able to be on minecraft: At least 10 hours a week ^-^
    Are you funny or serious?: I'm usually a chill person who can make people cringe with my jokes <3 (Although, I will be serious in some situations with people.)
    Have you been a moderator before: Yes, as I had said. I've been it about four times.
    Do you want to be responded with email or on this post?: On this post, por favor <3

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    posted a message on Looking For Staff

    Mine never was reviewed ;-;

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    posted a message on STAFF POSITIONS ARE OPEN >>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<< TO APPLY

    Applying for staff? Moderator (Or whichever staff rank you think is the best)

    Your in-game name: staceychao

    What timezone are you in? CST (Central Standard Time)

    What country do you live in? U.S.A.

    What languages do you speak? English, Spanish, Chinese (Second year of it)

    Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? (i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc) Yes, I can screenshot.

    Why do you think you should become staff?

    I'm friendly, kind, and patient. My best experience being a Helper was for a server named Knockturn. I had to spend at least an hour per newbie, guiding them to Hogwarts and answering their questions. The reason I quit was because I didn't have enough time to guide many, I had gotten another staff rank which I wanted to make sure I excelled at, and I was going through some tough times IRL.

    I'm fairly mature. Although I love to have fun, I can be serious when needed and whenever. I try my best to do well at everything too. You really don't know that being disappointed in myself is a horrible punishment, worse than how I could be punished on the server or warned because I failed. I hate failing but I really hope to learn why I failed and not do it again. Sorry if I'm a bit rusty at first.

    (More of a reason why I am applying) I want to give it a go. Again, of course. To be completely honest, being staff on other servers hasn't taught me anything. I'm hoping I can learn more and gain more experience through this server. I've moderated and seen moderators before which is why I am applying. However, applying for Admin or Head Mod would be too much and I'd be too inexperienced.

    How long can you be active on the server every day? At least 2 hours usually. I usually do maybe 4 though.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? 2011 I believe, when I graduated from Elementary School which 4 years ago.

    Have you ever been banned in the past? (Forums & In-game) (BE HONEST WE DO BACKGROUND CHECKS)

    - Temp-banned 1-3 years ago (Don't remember exactly) from a server on Dwarfs v Zombies/Monsters for griefing

    - Temp-banned months ago for advertising

    (That's really all I remember, sorry if there is more)

    Do you have any past experience: I've been Moderator 4 times at least, Admin once, and Helper quite some but none as good as I did my job on Knockturn. (I didn't really learn from being a Mod or Admin as they were new servers that never really succeeded)

    Do you have Skype, for communication? Yes, the username is: enileeismc

    (However, I much prefer Discord because it lags less.)

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    posted a message on OPPrisonBrawl [Need Staff] [Need Developers] [Need Builders/Build Team] [Prison]

    I'd like to apply, is there any format you want for a staff application? Also, can you give me a bit more info on the server? :)

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    posted a message on ★ The Cell | Non-Op Prison Server | Need Builders | Staff ★

    Oooo this sounds like a grand idea for a server \o/

    Good luck on it ;D

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    posted a message on Looking For Staff

    IGN: staceychao

    Past Experience: I've been a Moderator at least four times for a month. (I had to quit due to several stressful situations I was in IRL) I've been an Administrator one time and have been asked to be Co-Owner twice. (I denied due to not wanting to mess things up) I've also had several experiences being Helper, but the most proud time I've been accepted was on a server called Knockturn.

    Extra qualifications needed to know: I've had Minecraft since 2012, when I graduated Elementary school. I know quite a bit about Minecraft although I haven't played much 1.11.

    Why do you think you would be a good Helper for the server?

    I've been Helper many times, I just haven't mentioned it much on "past experiences". I think I'm a fairly mature person and fair in general. I have some sort of humor but can be serious when needed. I'm patient.....very patient. Being a helper on Knockturn required me to spend at least an hour on a newbie, guiding them through Diagon to Hogwarts. (It is a Harry Potter Roleplay server) Sometimes, they were quite uncooperative leaving me many times and being outright rude. I love helping people, and it helps me too. Sometimes they are very nice, and I love making new friends. I want everyone to feel as welcome as I once felt coming onto servers. I want to share that experience with anyone on any servers, which is why I want to help this one too. ^-^

    Would you be a help to the server and how?

    I can make sure people know what there is to this server, and make them stay. I can advertise to my friends as well, in which they will probably love it. I can make sure people aren't confused on where to go and answer any questions they have.

    Scenario #1: A new player logs in, how do you welcome them?

    "Hello (username of new player)!! Welcome to this server <3)
    Or to a friend: "Hey (friend's name), I see you decided to come ;3. It's a cool server, you'll enjoy it <3

    Scenario #2: You spot a hacker, he is flying around, how would you handle it?

    I'd gather evidence and show a higher rank, maybe admin or moderator+
    I'd also warn him/her to stop this behavior and try to remove his flying ability.

    Scenario #3: A player is racially discriminating in the chat. What would you do?

    I'd mute him and privately message him to not do it again. If he continues, maybe another mute for a longer period. If he still continues, I'd tell higher authorities of what is happening, and provide screenshots to justify my actions. I'd let them deal with it.

    Scenario #4: Someone is spamming in chat (Though we have a system that prevents this) and he is somehow bypassing our spam system, what would you do?

    I'd mute him. He's bypassing the system that's preventing spam. You also shouldn't let others onto your account. Whatever they do is your responsibility. If they were younger siblings too, how would they bypass the system? I'd also report him to higher ranks and maybe get some advice on further situations like this.


    I am trustworthy enough. If you want to make sure, don't give me this rank at first. You can always get to know me first, I can give you information and hopefully prove I'm trustworthy to you. I hope I can already show I'm trustworthy just through my personality. Honestly, I just want to help. It makes me happy when something works out successfully, and I was there to help make it happen. I won't abuse my perms, I know better than to do that.

    Also, I hope I can be apart of the team! <3

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    I'd like to help out for the server. I've been a Moderator at least three times before and Administrator once. I have experience with handling players. If you want more information, please PM me as well. <3

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    I meant IP, it doesn't work for me \o/

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