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    Most of you might have heard of the texture overhaul for the 1.13 update, and many dislike it and want to stick to the default textures. So why not keep both in the game? In the resourcepack menu, there should be both of the new and the old packs by default, so we can choose from them whenever we want. I hope that this feature comes in the game. If someone else has already posted a thread like this, or this is already planned, PM me and I will delete it.

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    posted a message on I am building an adventure map ! need builders

    Medieval is not my taste, but I recommend you use Default 3D Resourcepack

    It is good for medieval themes.

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    I have a request for a heaven portal which would be made like nether portal but with gold blocks. In the heaven, there should be no monsters and never be night. A new block would be added - The cloud block by which the heaven would be made of. A new food item called heaven fruit should be added which fills the food bar and gives a new effect called flight which enables us to fly like in creative mode. The Heaven fruit should be obtained as we get apples but in a new tree called heaven tree with wool leaves and which can only be grown on clouds with heaven wood. The cloud block could only be obtained by a Heaven Shovel made by heaven wood. Things obtained in heaven can only be placed and used in heaven. A Heaven armor should be added crafted by surrounding gold armor by Heaven wood. The armer would give us the same powers we get by eating a Heaven fruit and have same protection as Diamond Armor. Heaven cities should be added where we can find Angels and trade things with Heaven fruits. The heaven should spawn any entities (not monsters) which died in overworld.

    Hope everybody likes the idea.

    Thanks for reading !!

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    You can create a small, simple house with enough room for your chests, furnaces, bed and some wolf companions. After gathering more resources, you can create a farm and a stable near your house. When you advance in your world, Then you can dig down and can create an underground room where you can place more advanced items like a library. You can continue by yourself by now.

    Hope it helped !(Please hit the green arrow if you like)

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    posted a message on A tip for chest, furnace, crafting table or any other usable block/item

    Want to put a flowerpot on top a furnace or crafting table? Want to put a block or item on top of the chest without placing blocks behind or ahead of it?

    You will need to keep holding the sneak button (default is left-shift) and right-click on any usable block to place the block you are holding.

    Hope it helped ! (Please hit the green arrow down there if you like)

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