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    Ludicrous speed! Go!
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    I pretty much agree here. Of course, Notch DOES have his own life, but I don't think he's putting enough "polishing" into minecraft.

    I mean, 1.8-1.9 were pretty much completely "add-as-many-features-as-you-can-and-dont-look-back" kind of a thing, and I think the features should be fully fleshed out before adding new things. (Such as NPC villages. He should have worked on those before implementing the End.)
    Quote from Duke of Lard

    Reading the argument is unnecessary, because we've seen it before. You think it's some unique idea that ought to be immortalized in gold.

    Quote from Duke of Lard »

    tl;dr, but I can tell that you're mad because your block game just isn't going the exact way you want it to. Can't stand it anymore? Don't play it.

    Ok, I don't like to get involved with these flame wars, but come on. This is hypocrisy at it's finest.
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    Guys, skyrace is probably like 12. You can't convince him of anything even with concrete evidence. Notch DID say (In a post a while back about adding other dimensions) that he would only add a maximum of TWO other dimensions. The skylands was a prototype (which Notch said "looked really ugly"). The Ender is a CONFIRMED feature.

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    Skills won't be in 1.9. And Notch isn't coming through for us, its Jeb working on the project.
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    Quote from chezzymann

    If that happened, the reaction would be:

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    Honestly I think you could up the scare-factor 10x by just making them always teleport behind you. Not when they're aggro-ing, just in general. You're just walking through a cave, and you turn around when- Oh jesus christ an enderman has been trailing you the whole time.
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    Well, it seems to be a common theme for people here to post "Why this update sux", and the like, so I thought I'd make a post as to why I think it's a fun addition to minecraft.

    The biggest thing is, it makes me want to explore again, which is something I haven't felt since I first joined back in Alpha. Suddenly, I want to go spelunking again, and look for abandoned mineshafts to conquer, and fight off hordes of blue spiders.

    I feel like going out on a boat for the day, wandering through the murky swamp pools, and stay in a mushroom base for the night (I love instant-mushroom bases, red mushrooms and bonemeal are an exploring essential now).

    I want to go to a ravine, and build a bridge across it to a small house, or follow a river over the horizon.

    Anyone else feel like that?
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    Quote from Touko1

    Planet's aren't circles. They are balls(expect some(Earth))

    Btw, I really hope your entire post is sarcasm.

    Of course it's sarcasm
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    Very well done guide. And very accurate in terms of feudal Japanese culture. You should add a section which discusses interaction with other countries
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