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    posted a message on MultiMC 5 [Windows / Linux / Mac]
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    posted a message on [ADV / GAME] Alucard - 1000+ DL - Uses new snapshot features
    It's very fun on single player, but very difficult (atleast for a noob like me)

    Me and a friend have been trying to get mutliplayer working for a while now. We got the world working, but the 1st button doesnt teleport you, and none of the really cool things that are in single player work either.

    (also, you dont lose at daybreak, and you cant make it infinitely night)
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    posted a message on [1.3.2][Bukkit]The Hunger Games Plugin v1.4
    I would love to see a ton of servers doing this, lol.

    If enough register or whatever, we could have a LARGE tournament.
    do 15 or so tributes each server/round, do that 10 times, all the way down to 1 winner
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from god_chris

    Are you stupid or something? how can he update it for 1.9 if he doesn't know what needs to be edited? you obviously have no idea what sort of time and effort people put into these or how they even work for a start. You and your pre-pubescent friends just want things when its convenient for you. 1.8 is still a pre-release and if you haven't noticed is full of bugs, he probably waiting for the official version to come out in case anything big changes and would break the pre release version. freaking 11 year old noobs :dry.gif:

    u just got trolled...noob

    also...can't wait for the 1.8 pre for this mod...can't play it without it =P
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    posted a message on [1.6.X] Portal Gun - Reconstructed [v1] - Rewritten... again.
    somene please start a "Portal Mod Map" page where people can post maps to. Also i think the adventurecraft mod with timed events and such would be great in combo.
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    posted a message on [v1.7.3] Configurable Cake!
    I love the mod, great idea and it has many uses.
    But i have a request:
    Can you make the cake also be configureable to just last 2X as long, and maybe 3X as long...or configureably to X number of uses???
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    posted a message on [MOD][WIP] The Artifacts Mod, a goal for Minecraft
    i would really love for someone to start working on the modding part =P
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    posted a message on [MAP] PayloadCraft - TF2 Inspired Minecraft Map
    Just letting you know so you arent as hopeless for a TF2 SMP mod...I've already started making it ;^]
    (hopefully ill make a thread in a few days)

    and intradox, you can e-mail or add me on steam if you would like to, we do need a mapmaker (or two) still. And i really love you're payload map pics.
    [email protected]
    and sroag on steam
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    posted a message on Runesmith's 32x32 Textures: Discontinued
    Quote from terra_ff6 »
    Can you make textures for nandonalt's cactuscraft? That would be awesome :biggrin.gif:

    And I love the whole package, nice work!
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    posted a message on [Mods] Angel's Modding Sanctuary - Golems v1.1
    awesome...just awesome
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    posted a message on Deathmatch Mania's Future Updates Suggestion Page.
    Quote from Beu50 »
    also it would require a fairly powerful server to run all that on one map, so i would have to redefine how maps are constructed. It sounds complicated but very worth it :\.

    you could always have the warp system up, with the destruction of the players inventory...so the player could use something like:
    /warp main
    that would teleport you outside of the fight area...where there would be a bulliten board showing what map was active on the server, and the rules for it.

    but then have a mod on the server called server port, that would look like a nether portal, but actually take you to a different server, running all of the same stuff, but with a different active map and bulliten board.

    and to quote TDx2_Philly :

    3 game modes for ya :smile.gif:
    Idea 1, Search and Destroy:
    Team 1: Got 1 TNT, which they'll have to place some where on the map. They only got 1 TNT, and if the person with it dies, the team will have to pick it up. 
    Team 2: Have to defend the place. Cannot pick the TNT up (possible a mod to do so?), and once the TNT is armed, they'll have to defuse it somehow. 
    Maybe there is a mod, to make the TNT have a longer time before blowing up, so the other team can defuse the TNT, with another mod?

    yes, i agree with the, team 2 cant pick the tnt up. But i think there shouldnt be a way to defuse it. I think it should blow up regardless,( people have guns, its gona be hard enough to get into the building to destroy it) but possibly have the game mode be:
    Set time: 5 minutes
    (5 minutes for team 1 to blow up team 2's buildings)

    Beggining time: 2 minutes
    (2 minutes for team 2 to build X number of buildings [maybe like 3])

    After 2 minutes, team 1 goes after the team 2's buildings, but the person with the tnt CANT have weapons. (so when you pick tnt up, its set as your active item, and you cant change it) While everyone esle is playing normally.

    5 for blowing up target block(s)
    +2 extra for each kill from the explosion
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    posted a message on let this topic die
    Quote from taddyed »
    When the server gets more popular and needs more moderators id love to be one. I wouldnt mind because im hideing and watching people most of the time.....just waiting to put a [>>-i>] or a

    :GP: :Iron:

    Throuh their head :wink.gif:

    ive been stuck home with the ice keeping me from going to school the entire week.....
    been trying to see how many mods at i time i could put in untill i crash :biggrin.gif:

    I would also really love to be a part of this somehow, I already have a lot of experience hosting, modereating and maintaining a server...because of my own. You can totally e-mail me at [email protected], or add me on steam: sroag...and contact me there, i would be able to possibly make a forum for the server, or a website or something, i think this would be good especially when you get the rank system up or whatever.
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    posted a message on [WIP][MOD] LINK IS UP makeMyItem - Random Items
    i would love both =^]
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    posted a message on No sprites left?
    hey, im having the same problem, but its with a couple different mods, i havnt used cosmics yet, but. What it does say is : " No sprite indices left ..."

    i think this is caused when a mod is trying to find its sprites or texture, and something goes wrong.

    Or possibly when 2 different objects are trying to use the same index, that would cause it to say there arent any left.
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    posted a message on [REQUEST] Jet Setcraft Radio
    yeah, this would be really awesome. Like a possible FULL CONVERSION MOD, that you could then have for the server gang battles n stuff, this would be awesome.
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