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    I'd like to whitelist me and a couple of my friends. We are polite, friendly, RPG-based group of people from Czech Republic and Slovakia, which is cooperating for at least 3 years. At first, a small number of us was cooperating together on a certain server as the guild of Templar knights, then the majority of our current group joined (including me), and when our favourite server was cancelled, we were forced to create our own server, where the last ones of us joined our group. This server was running for about 1,5 years and was quite popular, but because we didn't have any minigames, etc. and were only RPG/guild/medieval themed server, the interest of other players quickly faded down and soon we didn't have almost any players, so we were forced to end our project and disgusted decided to stop playing at all, but still be in contact. We were reassembled a few weeks ago and with the new, reawoken nostalgic feeling, we have decided to find a nice, vanilla server, where we could have play again, like years ago.

    IGNs: Jebedeah, Rheorx, LieLea, Luckystroker, Pixelorez, didonas, Jaffawer, 007Jurda

    Ages: 19, 22, 17, 20, 19, 22, 22, 18

    Why do we want to join this server?: (above)

    Rules: Yeah, we all have read them, and of course, all of us agree with them. And about the numbers, we don't know if we have to write down the sum of every single IGN, or sum of all IGNs. For me: 13

    Excellent application. However, we do ask that each applicant create their own application. Thanks!

    Jebedeah, you have been whitelisted. Welcome!

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    All of your questions are answered in the original post...read it lol

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