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    Hello there, I saw you clicked on my post!, that can only mean a thing, you're interested in joining an SMP (Survival Multi-Player)!, well, QbitMC may just be the right one for you, and I would explain this in a moment, but firstly I would like to welcome you to the official Minecraft Forum post of the server, we're a 100% Vanilla server based on the popular series of the HermitCraft specifically, their Fifth Season with some modifications that are going to be addressed a little bit further on this thread, with that said, I will proceed with the rest of the thread

    About Us:

    What is QbitMC?
    QbitMC is a community of Minecraft players that like to play Minecraft in a Technical/Aesthetically way, and has the objective to put the community altogether, we opened in June of 2015 with the name of "VoidCrafters", within the past 2 years, we've got a lot of experiences with hosting servers, what players like and what they don't and we are here today offering you the best private server we could with all of our knowledge and the least (none) restrictions possible, we are very certain that this SMP is really going to be long-term.

    Why should I choose QbitMC?
    We're looking forward to building a mature community where we can all have fun, The staff all play the same with no additional commands/perks (not even op, only accessed by console), if you want to experience what is it like to be in a fully vanilla server, without having to worry about griefs or stuff like that and play like the hermits, you're in the right place.

    Are there map resets on QbitMC?
    No, once we open, that map where we start on May 7 is going to be our map for a really long time, I do not have any plans on shutting down this community and I'm pretty sure that it will stay like that all the time, there are going to be map backups every 24 hours (to be decided) that will have no lag impact on the server, I can guarantee that (very exhaustive testing)

    Are there any plugins on QbitMC?
    No, there are no plugins on QbitMC, we use the default server that Mojang releases on every game update

    Is there any way I can support the server?
    Yes, you can donate on this website, every single cent is used to keep the server alive and goes directly to the monthly payment of itself

    Can I apply to be a staff member?
    At the moment there is no way to get to be a staff member (because the server hasn't opened yet) when the server has a stable player base, we will consider adding an application form to be a staff member

    How can I join QbitMC?
    You will need to fill this form
    Once you do that you need to post a comment on this thread, within the next 24 hours, a staff member is going to contact you, if this doesn't happen, it means that your application was denied.
    With all of that said, I would like to wish good luck to every single one of you that sends in the application form, lastly, I will drop some more information down below, have a nice day!

    Image Album:
    We've been working for almost two months in our newest map, and although most of the projects that we're working on are still in progress, we'll be glad to show you some of the stuff that we're working with:

    Server Mechanics:
    • Endermen can no longer Grief the terrain
    • Only one player needs to sleep in order to skip the night
    • The Enderdragon always drops an Elytra (and a Dragon head!)
    • Shulkers always drop two shulker shells upon death
    • Mobs have chances to drop their heads
    • The gamerule "maxentitycramming" is disabled
    • The gamerule "doFiretick" is enabled
    • Spawner generation has been dramatically increased
    • There are 9 scoreboards to count stats on the server
    • There are 3 scoreboard teams so players can easily identify staff members

    Our Rules:
    • You must be respectful with all of the other members on the server (any kind of verbal abuse will be punished)
    • Respect the environment (don't leave floating trees, replant saplings, repair creeper holes, don't do 1x1 pillars, do not use any blocks that don't fit the nether landscape if you're not building something specific)
    • PvP is allowed, but only with consent from all parties involved
    • Have common sense, we will trust your capacity to know what's good and what's not, and we know that you will avoid any kind of behavior that is not right
    • Express your opinions, complaints or suggestions with a formal format, property and with arguments from well-established / official sources.
    Allowed Modifications:
    The use of any modification not listed in here will be motive of immediate expulsion (contact with the staff if you'd like us to approve some other modification)

    More about us:

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    Hello there, I would like to suggest a simple yet useful mod that sends you a message everytime a lightning strikes with the cordinates of the event, I've been trying to do this for a long time, but I honestly don't really know how to code, the closest I've ever been to do something like it is this: Lightning detection

    And I did it modifying a class in the minecraft code (EntityLightningBolt.class) it looks something like this since then, I've been trying to get help everywhere, but unfortunately, I haven't got any, It would be great if you a mod that can do this :D

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    Name History (You may recognize me in one of those :P ):

    • Srdd900
    • SrDani900
    • iVoidDani
    • SickForLove
    • iVodDani (Again)
    • iBowDani (Current)

    Greetings! :D

    Edit1: Sorry for the bad grammar :'v

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    posted a message on If I cheated and made an End Portal...

    It will teleport you to the same dimension, same End, no extra Dragon, It will not crash your game. *cough* Cheater *cough*

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    Durzo! I love your pack :3 I have been waiting for a long time! Thanks for everything!

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