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    posted a message on The Fuse [Upcoming mini game server]
    The Fuse is an upcoming Minecraft mini-game server which will include numerous unique features that will make it stand out from the rest.

    We are currently setting up for development of the server and may take some weeks to get into the BETA stage. You are welcome to visit to check out the progress of the server.

    We currently have 5 mini games planned, 4 of which are not available on other servers. We are planning to impress and can't wait to release what we have in mind as we hope it to be a huge success!

    We are making this post now to get the word out and to gain people's interest when we do open for BETA. We are very excited to announce this server as it has been in planning for quite some time now. We hope that it will cater for all different players interests and show them something that hasn't been seen before.



    While you wait, feel free to check out my other server, Level Up Minecraft. It has: Survival, PvP, Skyblock, Hunger Games, Creative, TF2, Paintball and CTF servers all witihn the 1 server!

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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 Date and Location?
    Sydney would be an amazing place to hold Minecon!
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    posted a message on [Need Dev] Need Experienced Dev in PHP/MySQL/Java

    My name is Squirzy and I am the owner of Level Up Minecraft, a fairly large Minecraft server community.

    I do believe this is the right section. I am on the hunt for an experienced developer in php/mysql and java to create an improved voting panel for my server. This is because my current voting panel is buggy and doesn't have some features that I want included.

    I would like a plugin on the server that will remind players to vote every x mins if they haven't voted, as well as a command such as /vote time which will list how long the player has until they can vote again. I will provide more detailed information to you if you are interested in the job just to keep this post short.

    Level Up Minecraft website:

    If you are interested, please let me know on the bukkit forum.
    Looking forward to talking to you,
    Kind Regards,

    Owner of Level Up Minecraft
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    posted a message on Pride PvP | Factions | Raiding | Teamspeak | 275 Slots |
    Quote from blacktide46

    Squirzy, talk to me on Skype: ajkcar i wanna talk to you bout something

    Talk to me on my website - I don't add randoms on Skype.
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    posted a message on Pride PvP | Factions | Raiding | Teamspeak | 275 Slots |
    Any server were players can actually buy Mod/Admin/Unban is just a recipe for disaster.
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    posted a message on Awesome world, pink sheep!!! :D:D:D
    Wow, this is great considering the spawn rate of pink sheep - yet there are more then 1 at the spawn
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    posted a message on Level Up Minecraft - Survival | PvP | DisguiseCraft | 24/7 | Dedicated

    Level Up Minecraft is a fast growing bukkit server. The server started out back in Novemember last year as a Factiob Server. We have since grown to an average player base of 60 during the weekdays and 100+ on weekends. We have had over 30,000 accounts log onto the server since January and making the top 70 on Minestatus including 1431 registered users on our website.

    We have just purchased another server to expand our name giving us the opportunity to provide our players with 2 different game types, Survival and PvP. In the near future we are also planning to release a Creative server. We are in the process of creating a cloud, enabling players to teleport between servers within our servers it self and experience the ability to change servers with a simple command in-game.

    You can visit our website at
    Server IP:

    Both our Survival and PvP server is hosted in LA with a dedicated box of Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650 OCTO-CORE processors combined with 16GB DDR3-1600 ECC registered ram, two Intel 180GB 520 series ssd's backed by a LSI 9260 Raid controller with cache and a high speed internet connection giving minimal lagg anywhere around the world.

    The server network has many great features for all players to enjoy.
    • Survival server - which includes 6 build worlds (COMING THIS WEEK)
    • PvP Server - Factions based PvP gameplay. 4 worlds dedicated to Factions, 1 world dedicated to towny and spawn world which has sewers and other PvP arenas. Mod Arena soon to come.
      • Factions - Create teams to fight against other teams to see who comes up as the top Faction
      • Towny - Create and build up your towns to start a war or become allies to form a nation.
    • DisguiseCraft - Have the ability to turn into mobs with a simple command. When you get attacked or attack someone in a disguise, you/then will then become undisguised to remove unfair gameplay.
    • mcMMO - Brings a new touch to the game, level up woodcutting, excavation, sword and many other skills. This gives you rewards while playing the basics of Minecraft.
    • Stable Economy - We have managed the economy so everything on the server is affordable no more ridiculous high prices
    • Donator Features - The server runs off donations only. All donations brought into the server will help expand the servers and create an even better game play.

    All our moderators and Admins have been picked by myself and other admins as they shown dedication to the server, respected and helped out the players. All moderators start out as Mod Trainees and are given 2 weeks to prove that they have the ability to do moderator jobs. This is to ensure that there are minimal stuff ups to keep our players happy.

    Our servers and moderating team are working around the clock to bring players a better playing experience. We do changes based off the community input, we can't make everyone happy - but we do our best to make it enjoyable for everyone.

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    posted a message on [32x32] [1.3.2 & pre12w37a] SummerFields R29.a is out ! Ready for the latest snapshot ! [14/09/2012] [+950K Download]
    Great texture pack!

    We have made a server trailer with your texture pack:

    Feel free to use the video if you want to :)
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    posted a message on LegendaryCraft "Warning to other Servers"
    Here is something I found very funny:

    He has 0 reputation on mcbans, which means he is perma banned off all servers that have mcbans enabled. Goes to show how childish he is
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    posted a message on LegendaryCraft "Warning to other Servers"
    So after I showed LC my voting script AFTER they accused me of stealing theirs. There voting script now counts each site that the player had votes on, just not how many days they have voted. Which is exactly like mine...this change was made about a week or 2 after I had send my script to them in evidence of myself not stealing their scripts.

    They say other sites copy them...
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    posted a message on LegendaryCraft "Warning to other Servers"
    Quote from XxPAUNKxX

    LMAO, this has turned into something real

    look at the frontpage of this website -->

    Amazing :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on LegendaryCraft "Warning to other Servers"
    So after I had the conversation with felipe, I went to ask Maxim myself if the statement he made was true...this is a SS of what he said...

    I win! :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on LegendaryCraft "Warning to other Servers"
    Quote from Ocelot60

    Sounds like it's run by a bunch of selfish morons, how dare they accuse other servers of such things...

    I like your style :wink.gif:

    After I made my post that can be found up 4 posts, i was approached by Felipe, on my own website accusing me off stealing his voting script code, even though my developer has been working on the voting code for 2 days, and 1, the voting script that is on his website isn't even his own, if you check the source code within the iframe is connects to > A minecraft server that shut down only a few weeks ago.

    This is the exact words he sent to me:
    "I paid enjin to develop the site system, you may ask maxim, I then agreed for it to be released into the ultimate plans, I have a 35% share of all enjin sites. I got the plugin developed around a month ago, we have just been fixing stuff here and there. I also noticed your voting panel on your site. May I see its copyright? As it looks a lot like mine. "

    For one im pretty sure enjin wouldn't pay 35% of all sites profit to him for coming up with a shop suggestion. If he gets 35% of the profits, that means there is only 65% of the profits to pay all of enjin staff, including the developers and other expenses on top of that. This is something im going to ask enjin myself.

    2. Stealing the voting script code that he originally does not own is basically impossible to steal, as it also requires the dovote.php or whatever they call it to link to the actual vote sites. Also not the mention the plugin that would need to be on the server to reward players the diamond. Currently I have 3 php files set up that make the voting script run, and only one of those codings can be found by looking at the source code, the other coding is backend stuff that is unreachable by the general users of the script. And I had to pay a developer to get these scripts and plugins written up for me, I can even show the discussion we had in the bukkit forum + the paypal receipt of the payment. So in saying that, if I had to hire someone to write up a php code, im fairly certain I wouldn't know how to access backed files from a website.
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    posted a message on LegendaryCraft "Warning to other Servers"
    I apologize now if this is counted as necro-posting but, with Legendary's recent update news on their website about the auto ranking in-game when a player donates on the website. They say they were the first server in the WORLD to have such systems with enjin.

    I for one have had this system on my server for over a week now, and they just only got it on Tuesday. Me being me wanted to show them that they were not the first server in the world to get it, so i made a simple reply saying "You weren't the first server in the world as my server has had this for over a week now".

    ...few minutes later

    "You have been banned from this website"

    Really LegendaryCraft? To make it look like your the "#1 server in the world" which is now ranking #7 on Minestatus needs to ban users off their website for proving them wrong? Right...have fun with that

    I'm not even saying that my server was the first server in the world as the API has been out since December 21st, the coding only took my dev a day to complete so any website could have had it since then
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Level Up Minecraft [PvP] [Survival] [Donation Ranks] [LWC] [AUSTRALIAN]
    Level Up Minecraft is a world wide server and it comes equipped with Survival playing and PvP, with added features like mcMMO, player owned shops and Towns to create a RPG lifestyle.

    We also have donator ranks, were as your rank increases, you have access to LWC (protecting your chests), and as well as teleporting to players, more kits appropriate to the rank and transferring into mobs!

    More information can be found at

    Also, you can visit us on our:
    Level Up Minecraft Facebook: http://www.facebook....evelupminecraft
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