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    This is an amazing mod idea and with you taking ideas from us as well it makes it so much more, because u get your origanal ideas along with ideas from the people who want to use it. But with your world generation you should add a biome, Glaciers, large sheets of ice that are 3 - 5 blocks thick, and below is stone. But yeh Awesome idea with the mod! Also with the frost planks you should be able to make frost sticks and by using friost sticks a enderpearl and arcanestone you should be able to make a Frozen Blade, Witch does more damage then diamond but lasts the same amount. Cant wait to download it Rep Given
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    Quote from CyberVirus

    So will the mod include the starting screen like there is in wow. And the bar with all the attacks and actions?
    the bar with the attacks and actions is the same thing as minecraft's hotbar. It holds the abilities till used
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    I replaced it with the new one so that u could see how much i would want to put in
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    Yes it would be, and i have added more features since i posted this.
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    What is a clan
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    posted a message on [Closed] MistyCraft
    1. Your IGN:
    Mrcat4974AndKitsunekaji2. Age:
    17and183. Gender:
    Male Both4. Tell us more about yourself~ : We like to build together on the same servers and we use old style buildings ussually in village form
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    Cmon people post your opinions and more idea wiht this mod please
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    Quote from Harry2898

    I have started a giant project that includes building the whole World of Warcraft (WOW) map, a mod that includes most pr everything that is in WOW (that is possible to add to miencraft). For this i need lots of experienced modders to help with this project. For this mod I will be adding items, blocks, mobs, food, etc.

    For more information people visit the project home page by clicking the link below!

    I love the map idea
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    posted a message on The easiest mod request ever. Period.
    Quote from itsJama

    The fact that your not saying "Please", is just sad and I being a modder know just how hard it is to mod. Next time you might consider saying please. M'kay?

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    1 sandstone bricks shouldnt be that hard they are a pretty easy code
    2 go with this guy ^^^ wait till 1.3 and all the updates
    3 I would go with place a block then place a slab of a different texture like stone slab on wood block or change the wood block with a fencepost
    4 yeh they are all correct it is uber hard to code
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    posted a message on Need Ideas For A Famous Mod
    Check out my mod idea i went all out with it http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1305901-magic-and-science/
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    Features -
    New ores - Copper, Cillenium, Carbonite, Zanifite, Coron, Minetanium, Mammoth Ivory
    Meteoritic Ores - Meteoritic Iron, Tenzanite, Creonite
    New Blocks - Granite, marble, Iron glass, Carbon Fiber Glass, Stable TNT, Meteor
    New Trees - Paper wood, Iron Bark, Thin Trunk Tree, Mutated Wood
    New Dimensions - Astral Realm, Ancient Forest
    New Items - Ancient Fire Relic, Lightning Relic, Creeper Relic, Carbon, Carbon fiber, Minetanium Sticks, Ivory Weapons, Piece of Ivory
    New Armor - Carbon Fiber, Minetanium, SpaceSuit
    Biomes - Glacier, Crater
    New Ingots - Copper, Cillenium, Carbon, Zanifite, Coron, Minetanium, Meteoritic Iron
    New Crystals - Tenzanite, Creonite
    New Fuels - Fossil Fuel, Zanium
    Space soils - Moon stone, Dust stone

    For a better description of these things look here

    Copper - Just like Iron only less common
    Cillenium - Slightly weaker then iron, Very conductive, As rare as gold
    Zanifite - Strong as stone, More flammable then gasoline, As common as Iron
    Coron - Just like iron, Very Explosive, As rare as gold
    Minetanium - Stronger then diamond, Rarer then diamond, used to stablize things
    Carbonite - as rare as gold, very flexible but stron when bound together
    Mammoth Ivory - Chunk of petrofied Mammoth Ivory, stronger then iron weaker then diamond, only spawns in layers 18 - 36, rare as diamond, Drops ivory chunk
    Granite - Aesthetic
    Marble - Aesthetic
    Iron Glass - Aesthetic, when broken it gives you glass
    Carbon Fiber Glass - Aesthetic, When Broken will give it back
    Stable TNT - Aesthetic, when hit does not explode
    Meteor - The dirt of meteors
    Paper Wood - Can be smelted then crafted into paper, Very rare
    Iron Bark - Smelted into iron ingots, Uncommon
    Thin Trunk Wood - When crafted goes straight to sticks (12 of them)
    Astral Realm - A realm in space, everything is empty with a few planitods with Meteoritic Metals, Fly to move but speed is drasticaly reduced
    Ancient Forest - Generates a forest full of giant trees, Cillenium and Zanifite can be found here
    Ancient Fire Relic - Infinite Flint and steel
    Lightning Relic - Calls down a lightning strike
    Creeper Relic - summons a creeper on the block with your pointer on it
    Carbon - Made from smelting Carbonite
    Carbon Fiber - Made by putting 3 carbon in a row, used for Carbon fiber glass and Carbon fiber armor
    Minetanuim sticks - Used for crafting relics to provide stability
    Ivory weapons - Weapons made of Mammoth ivory
    Piece of Ivory - Make 4 by crafting an Ivory chunk
    Carbon Fiber Armor - Stronger then diamond armor
    Minetanium - Strongest Armor
    SpaceSuit - Allows travel in space
    Glacier Biome - Large area of ice
    Crater Biome - Small area where a meteor hit the overworld about 9 - 25 blocks in diameter, Spawns meteor, and meteoric iron
    Meteoritic Iron - Iron with a red tint only found in meteors
    Tenzanite - eatable resource (gives 1 food unsmelted, smelted gives 3 food)
    Creonite - Used in Relics
    Moon stone - the surface of small planetoids is made of this
    Dust stone - Surface of large plantetiods
    Fossil Fuel - Made by smelting bones, worth 16 blocks
    Zanium - Made by crafting 4 Cillenium and 4 Zanifite around 1 coal, worth 64 blocks

    Portals to the new dimensions should be build like a nether portal but
    Astral - Use Iron blocks then to light use a lever on the side (also can be turned off using the lever)
    Ancient Forest - Made of logs and lite by right clicking with a stick
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    posted a message on Possible idea for a modpack
    If i get the permission from all the mod owners to put these into a modpack what would be your opinion if it had the following mods please answer the question

    Timber Mod
    Twilight Forest
    Rei's Minimap
    Simple Ores
    Secret Rooms
    My People
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [No Whitelist] PotatoCraft SMP Completely Survival (Soon to be Tekkit)

    Welcome to PotatoCraft the best survival multiplayer server in Minecaft. We are completely legit, this means No Client Mods, No Spammers, No asking for creative, and No asking for admin.

    We have over 40 plugins that add to the environment!
    Some Plugins
    No Grief

    1.) Greifing is only aloud in Warzones.
    2.) No modded or hacked clients.
    3.) Stealing is allowed if unprotected.
    4.) No item handouts, No begging.
    5.) Do not ask for promotion.
    6.) Absolutly NO Racism.
    7.) No server system exploiting and no spamming.

    We will be updating to tekkit within 2 weeks so be ready for that and if you need a like Click HERE

    Also be sure to check our website for info HERE

    The server is non-whitelist so feel free to join at any time. Thank you and have a good day.

    IP: sc23.servercraft.co:3760

    If you have questions please address them to the site forums do not post of this please.
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    posted a message on in need of server that is complete smp
    no mods no plugins new world with no buildings other then npc vilages, no rules, no ops, only players
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