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Hi I'm Squilt and I like Affe.

don't open pls

the goat is not pleased,
she wants you to fill that pail with juice,
and bring it to the red king,
but don't wake him,
he's sleeping still.

the ferrets told me to tell you that the walrus said "it'll ready tomorrow at 5 o'clock"
and the pig said the said the lizard will be awake soon
his naps are rather long
earlier the sheep was weaving a basket but had to stop because she spilt her juice
on the grass the bread fly was stuck in a saucer of syrup
did you see the muffin man?
No did you?
he was running along that road
I saw nothing
he lives down something lane
I have such keen eyes
To see nothing of all sorts

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Snake walked up to me, snaked opened his mouth, snake said, "go into McDonald’s, pull out an AK15, kill 10 people, walk back out," snake told me that. It’s that snake there, he’s not talking anymore.

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The plastic is here our job is done.

Quote from Squilt

The Earth wanted plastic, so it made us so we could make plastic for it.

[quote=Squilt]Now its holding up an array of fully-erect hand penises. If it tries to insert them, activate vivisectors.
[quote=Squilt]it's teh smell of zeh hunt!

all aboards the Dingos lads!

Music, Games, Affe, etc.
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