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    posted a message on 📢 Looking for PR Manager | Upcoming SMP with levels, skills and quests! 💎 | Unique & Friendly Community 🧡 | New project 📄

    Country: Michigan
    IRL Name: Sydney
    Female/Male: Female
    Age: 15
    IGN Name: Squiddy_Squidney
    Server History:
    I normally play on survival servers.
    The main server I play on is a magic mod pack server. That's really all I play on
    I do play Minigames sometimes though.
    But I enjoy playing and working on vanilla survival servers, or modpacks based on magic.

    Previous Experience: I do have some experience with advertising, and I make a lot of profile picture edits and banner edits. I also love writing and making news articles for communities I'm in for different games. I'm more than willing to learn for this position!

    Design skills (1-10): I'd rate myself an 8
    Writing skills (1-10): I'd rate myself a 9
    Able to communicate via voice: Yes, of course!

    Hours online weekdays: Weekdays I get up at 6 AM for school and I finish school around 2:30 PM (EST) But I have discord on my phone so I'm normally available to talk via message.
    Hours online weekends: I normally try to get up as early as I can. Normally around 11 AM, and I can stay up as late as I need too. (EST)

    Discord name: Squidney#3309
    Discord on phone (yes/no): Yes!

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    posted a message on 🔥TotallyNotSuspicious🔥 - 1.13 [16+] [Custom Map] [RESET in Dec.] [WHITELISTED SMP] [Vanilla] [DISCORD

    Squiddy_Squidney looking forward to the smp!

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    posted a message on ★Wellandel★ Story-Driven MMORPG - Recruiting many positions!

    Just applied! Hope to hear from the team soon :)

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    posted a message on ✨Evolution Vanilla Whitelist SMP {NEW}✨

    IGN: Squiddy_Squidney

    Discord (Include #xxxx(Must Have)): Squidney#3309

    Location And Time Zone: Michigan EST

    Age: 15

    Do you understand the rules/regulations: Yup, understood!

    Anything else: I plan to record, maybe?

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    posted a message on 🎀 Vanilla Latte 🥐 {Season 1} 🧡 Vanilla 1.13.1 🍦 Whitelist 🍦 Friendly Community 🍦 Dedicated Hardware 🧡

    What interests you about our personal server? I been with the community for a couple days, and you guys are so welcoming and nice. I been looking for a community like you guys so for long. And I would love to contribute and be apart of the community!!
    What would you like to tell us about yourself? Im Sydney! I'm a very kind, mature outgoing girl who enjoys playing videogames!! I also do online schooling and I also like to draw!

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    posted a message on Allimore ~ A Towny Community Server [1.15.2] [Towny] [Light RP] [No Whitelist]
    IGN: Squiddy_Squidney
    Why do you want to join?: Mainly to build an amazing community, make amazing towns, and make amazing friendships! After seeing the screen shot of what you guys done so far, amazed me. It super nice to see a hardworking community, can't wait to join!!
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    posted a message on || 👻TeavanaMC SMP👽 | Vanilla 1.13.1 | Hermit-Craft Data-Pack(Updated) | Whitelist | 15+ | Mature |
    Minecraft IGN:
    Discord name:
    EST (EST UTC−05:00)
    Have you read the rules?
    Yes I read the rules.
    What's your Minecraft pet peeve?
    Honestly has to be bullying and inactivity. I used to be bullied quite a lot so I really hate seeing others go through the same. And I also hate inactivity cause I love playing with others and its pretty boring playing alone.
    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    Hi! I'm Sydney. I'm a 15 year old girl who enjoys playing video games! I play other games (like overwatch). I been looking for a mature community to join that would be willing to accept me. I been looking for a year now and I really hope that I could be accepted into this one. I may not meet the age recruitments. But I would really appreciate if I could be given a chance. Im very active and understanding.
    Anything else you'd like to add:
    I been in a mature community before. I can handle swearing and those other things. Im very mature and I understand COMPLETELY if I can't make it in. Which is why I wont join the discord till I know if im accepted. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have an amazing night/day.
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    posted a message on Nocturne [Serious Roleplay] [Medieval Fantasy] [Minimal App] [1.13]

    [Minecraft Username]: Squiddy_Squidney
    [Have you read all the rules and guidelines?]: Yes!
    [Do you understand that breaking a rule and/or not following our guidelines can lead to a permanent revocation of your access to the server?]:I understand!

    I'm very excited for this server to be released tomorrow! Amazing work so far!

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    posted a message on 💎Staff Positions Available💎 - Prismarine Semi-Vanilla

    Squidney's application


    Name: Sydney

    Discord username (Required): Squidney#3309

    Age (Optional): 15

    Have you worked for other servers in the past: Yes, I have. I worked for a gaming community for around 2 years.

    If so, what was your role/responsibilities: Managing the section I was staff in, moderating chat and hosting events!

    Time zone/region: EST Michigan

    Why do you want to join our staff team: You folks seem very professional. Which is what I have been looking for. I'd love to be on the team to help you guys create the best experience. I'm very mature and kind to others. I believe I would be a great fit to the team due to my maturity and experience.

    How many hours can you dedicate to the server on any given day: Im available around 1PM EST to 3:30AM EST. Thats normally my availability as of now. I can dedicate any time during those hours, as long as nothing occurs during the day.

    Other information: None as of now.
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    posted a message on [1.13] The Fish Tank ---- New Map! Aquatic Update [Whitelist] [24/7] [Mature] [Vanilla] [Mindcrack/Hermitcraft style]
    IGN: Squiddy_Squidney
    Discord: Squidney#3309
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: EST
    Why should I add you: I may be a little bit younger than most of you guys, but I am very mature. And I understand if I cannot be accepted, (but I would like a chance) I enjoy playing with a nice and mature community. Hopefully you can accept me and we can build amazing things!! Hopefully we can all be friends :)
    What's your go to food: Honestly those dinner meals. I got a lot of those in the freezer I eat everyday LOL
    NOTE: Im a girl just figured I would let you know in case someone asks!
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    posted a message on Eclipse Gaming | SMP | Fresh World | Snapshots | Whitelist

    Minecraft username: Squiddy_Squidney
    Age(optional): 15
    Timezone: EST

    How much you will play(We aren't picky): I can play everyday if needed for a few hours!
    Why you would like to join: I want to because you guys seem like a nice friendly community! I would love to play with some kind folks :) Hopefully you can accept me! I am getting back into Minecraft again and I can't wait to play with some nice people!

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    posted a message on -- 18+ Youtube Realm Looking For Youtubers/Streamers! --


    IGN - Squiddy_Squidney

    Age- 15

    Country- Michigan


    How often will you be actively doing server and recording stuff?- I can be very active! Im new to having a youtube channel/twtich so I want people to record and have fun with!! Im very dedicated to my channel (I recently just finished my banners) so I can start making videos!

    Whats the bare minimum amount of time you can invest in this (Number of days per week)? I can get on everyday if needed.

    Tell me about yourself!- Hi! I'm Sydney a 15 year old female streamer/youtuber!! Im very outgoing and kind and I love playing video games! I recently just made a channel and twitch channel. Im very mature and always willing to help others! Hopefully you can accept me even though i'm only 15. If not, its ok and I wish the best of luck!

    Have an example of any Minecraft stuff you've done? (Optional)-

    Other info you'd like to share- I know im only 15, but i'm very mature and outgoing! Hopefully you can accept me as I understand if I cannot make it in. BUT I understand the things people say such as cursing (I do not have an issue with it at all) and other things.

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    posted a message on Daedalus Modded SMP [Whitelisted][Custom Modpack 1.12.2]

    Application format for Squidney

    - IGN


    - Reason for applying
    I love playing with others and just having fun. I'm applying to make some amazing friends and build amazing things with them! I love playing modded minecraft and learning new mods! And I want to learn with others of course! I havent played with others in a while and I want to get back into that!

    - How did you find out about this server

    I found out by reading this post! I look for smps that im interested in all the time on this forum. Im extremely interested in this one!

    - Experience in modded minecraft [this information will not be leading in making our decision]

    I have quite a lot of experience, I played minecraft for years and I always enjoyed modded!

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    posted a message on Tired of Starting Over... Again?(No Resets/Uncluttered)(Survival/Hard)

    Hi i'm Sydney. My IGN is Squiddy_Squidney. Sadly I really do wish to join. But I am not over 18. I been in an adult community before so I actually don't mind what anyone says (cussing and swearing and other things) BUT I would still like a chance! I will be 15 in less than a month. (July 3rd) so i'm 14. Hopefully it wont be an issue! If you need to talk to me about it more. My discord is Squidney#3309 ! Thank you have a splendid day!

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    posted a message on ☼ The Croissant - A Small, Friendly Community ☼ ↛ [ Whitelist ✔ Vanilla ✔ Events ✔ Anti-Grief ✔ Mature ✔ ]
    IGN: Squiddy_Squidney

    Age: 14

    About You: Hi there! Im Squidney but you can call me Sydney (either works) im a mature female pc gamer! Im kind and always willing to help others! I do streaming on twitch as well. (I recently just started) I love watching anime and just playing games! Cooking is a side thing I do as well c: I can't wait to meet everyone!

    Why Us: I really enjoyed the introduction you put for the community, you guys seem very mature kind folks. (Those builds are fantastic by the way!) I been looking for a small community to play with to get back into the game again.

    Why You: Im mature and kind. I love to help in community projects. Im chill and always willing to have fun! I love putting a smile on others!

    Rambling Space (Things You Dislike in a Server, etc): On most servers I really hate the pay2win or pay2play type of servers. Like buying ranks for perks. When you could just use in-game money. I just don't like those servers lol.
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