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    Name: Evan

    In Game Name: Smokestar

    Age: 15

    Why would you like to join?: I'd like to join because I need a good vanilla server to play on. I'd probably enjoy it a lot, and spend a lot of time on the server. And if I would continuously play, I would probably donate to the server.

    Why should we trust you?: You should trust me because I don't treat people badly unless they treat me badly. I am usually a funny guy and I like to spend a lot of my time playing games, and I am a very experienced player who could help people.

    Will you record?: Possibly. I don't know yet.

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    My friend and I were bored, so we decided to make an SMP server that is open to the public. I have purchased this off of a website, which is disclosed for now. We are making a variety of shops in the spawn area, along with a secret enchanting area that will be a challenge to get to. We are just here to have fun, and we actively promote people. We're just trying to have a great time, so if you are here to troll, don't even bother. Don't even bother asking for a rank, because your answer will be no. We have a small set of rules, which will be listed here.

    1. You can grief, but it's frowned upon
    2. No hacking (X-ray, Aimbot, Flyhacks, Noclip)
    3. Never disrespect any player at any time
    4. No racism or hate crimes at any time
    5. Report any violations to the admins
    6. Don't glitch (as in, duping, going through walls)

    Our server address is the following:

    Here are some quick screenshots of the still work in progress spawn:

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    posted a message on Smokestar's Adventure [Need Alpha Testers] [WIP]
    This is the first time I've actually needed a set of Alpha testers.

    For real. I've actually teamed up with 2 of my close friends to make an adventure map. The lore isn't actually as interesting... but you know, it's my first map. I've spent almost 10 hours working on it already, which it is a pain to actually create. I want some people to test it out for me. If you would like to help, please contact my Skype:


    This would actually really help me to get some people helping me.

    Here are some quick screenshots (at night.)

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    posted a message on IP - Play.MineStars.com [NETWORK] [SURVIVAL] [KITPVP] [CREATIVE] +MORE (LAUNCH TODAY)
    Constructive Review:

    -This server has many upsides, and barely any downsides.

    -I will be listing the downsides first, then the upsides.





    - Nice owner.

    - No lag.

    - Fair gameplay

    - No overpowered spawn gear

    - Owner actively speaks to his players

    - Factions

    - PVP

    - Many worlds to play in

    - Very entertaining.

    [I hope you take any of my criticism into review and fix any of the downsides.]
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    posted a message on Faction Server - I need one.
    I need a faction server that doesn't spawn you with a bunch of overpowered stuff, pretty much it doesn't spawn you with anything.


    • Factions
    • No Chest Protection
    • No insta soup
    • No 5 year old admins
    • No abusive admins
    • No overpowered gear
    • No overpowered donating ranks
    • Nothing overpowered
    • PVP
    • Combat-log protection
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    Quote from undefined »

    I am still attempting to understand why a 760 GTX is paired with an i7-4770k and 16GB Ram.

    Quote from SeaWry
    x86 is not 64bit, (x64) 64bit is a extension to the memory addressing of the 32 bit. You will need 64bit java, as linked above. You will also need to keep 32bit java for Web Browsers as well, except for chrome or 64bit Firefox (Waterfox) which can use 64bit version of java or otherwise unless the browser you are using says it can or is 64bit version. An for most part before it happens, do not be an unintelligent person and lets say allocate 8GB of ram to Minecraft. No, that is stupid and does nothing but hurt performance outside an server environment. Instead put 2GB to an absolute max of 3GB (heavy modded Minecraft only). Ram amount does not increase performance unless it was an bottleneck to start with.

    I am still attempting to understand why a 760 GTX is paired with an i7-4770k and 16GB Ram.

    GTX 760 Video Card (2gigs in the card) For note, Vram is not same as ram installed on PC, Vram is an entirely different thing you should never worry on unless you know what it does and how it is used.

    It was the best price for my budget, and well, I can run most games on the highest settings. I'm going to be putting another GTX 760 in the computer around november, so it has dual cards. Thanks for your support, also.
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    posted a message on Cannot allocate more than one gigabyte to Minecraft
    Ah, it worked. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
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    posted a message on Cannot allocate more than one gigabyte to Minecraft
    So, recently, my Minecraft has been crashing a lot. There is only 1 gigabyte, or so I believe, of memory allocated to my Minecraft. I have Minecraft Shaders, and a 64-bit OS. X86 is what the OS for java is, which I believe means 64 bit.

    Now, I have 16gb of RAM and a 1tb hard drive installed. I have no idea why I cannot allocate more memory. I've tried many videos, yet all of them did not work. This computer is about 3 weeks old.
    I have a GTX 760 Video Card (2gigs in the card) and an Intel Core i7-4770k Processor.
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    posted a message on Medieval City Build
    This is my first map. Please, comment your opinion!

    Hi there. Welcome to my map upload that took me and my friends over four months.
    This is my first ever map upload, so please comment your opinion. Hate if you feel the need.
    I finally finished this today. I have a good amount of screenshots so you can see what it is like. Please note that the screenshots isn't all the map.
    Here are the screenshots!
    Download: http://adf.ly/hCgg7

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    posted a message on The Land Of Olivin RP *Roleplay* *PvP* *Classes* *Medivevil* *Werewolves* *Vampires* *Demons* *Angels*
    OCC:: I'm Chuck Testa.

    IGN: Squid_Friction

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: 2-3 years

    How old are you?: 14

    How good are you at RP'ing: Scale of 1 to 10: 9

    IC: Suirr Vorl

    Name: Suirr Vorl

    Age: 13

    Skills: Hunting, Cooking, Farming

    Race: Human

    Fear: Arachnids

    RP Example: "Hello there, Junes. Want to go hunting with me for a while? I mean, you don't have to if you don't want. I'm alone anyways."

    Background(Needs to be atleast 2 paragraphs long): Suirr has had a very dark past. In the beginning of his life, his parents were quite crazy. They would threaten him to go gather wheat, or starve him. Suirr's parents, Cestamyles and Tesysg, did not enjoy him as you can tell. The lives of the family did not go well together. Cestamyles, his father was drunk one night. He grabbed his sword and stabbed Tesysg right in the stomach, and then hid her body. Cestamyles tried slashing at Suirr's face, and made a scar across his face. At that moment, Suirr went for his father's legs and moved his head into his crotch, stunning him. Suirr grabbed his father's sword, and to his demise, stabbed him in the neck. The next morning, he buried his father and mother along with none of their rings and necklaces.

    To that day, Suirr fashioned 2 daggers made of pure iron and a diamond piece in the handle. At the age of 11, he had found a map and found a kingdom.. He set off on a 2 month journey to find this land. When he had arrived, the guards had seen the scar on his face. Guards halted him and wrote down his appearance, and thought that he was a murderer. He had been imprisoned in the dungeon for almost a
    year. At the age of 12, he was released, the guards finding out about his past-time.

    Unrelated Stuff: Yes, I have been roleplaying for a long time. :Pig:
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Tiny Minecraft (mAPP Store, Resource Mangement, Microtransactions)
    Looks really nice!
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] 1944 RP GUNS|ROLEPLAY|CITY|POLITICS
    Quote from Hedgemony

    Fire at /warp restaurant!

    Please change the RP where your family dies.
    Fixed, hopefully.
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    posted a message on [Game] Tetrimine (Minecraft-themed Tetris Game) *Made over a weekend*
    Looks really great! Good job.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] 1944 RP GUNS|ROLEPLAY|CITY|POLITICS
    IGN: Squid_Friction
    Job: Warrior/Soldier
    RP Name: Jason Mchandom
    Where do you live? (rp wise) Felrook
    Family: Two Relatives Left - Mother and father
    History: On the day Jason was born, it was a day of joy and happiness for the Mchandom family. Nobody knew what was about to happen next, a wildfire, raid, assassination, or explosive threat. Before Evan was born, the days were very raw and cold. The Mchandom family was a big group of traders and bakers. They had a pretty good reputation to other unknown traders. On the day of the disaster that happened, everyone scrambled and ran around. The fire burnt everything around them, leaving no trace of life. From the ashes, Evan Mchandom brought his son up from the fiery death. Evan's legs were crushed from all the rubble. He threw the child down the hill, hoping he would land somewhere nice. The Party was over, with only three family members left. Jason, his mother, and father.
    -- Skipping Ahead 10 Years --
    Jason had finally turned 11. It was a time of joy for him, but he was very sad that his family was completely wiped out, or at least he thought. A very sketchy man walked up to him, grabbing Jason and running off. Jason was a smart child, so he carried a knife made of a small stick and a sharp wolf tooth. Jason stabbed the dagger into the sketchy man's left side, leaving the man to fall to the ground, bleeding out and now, dead. He then ran off, crying that now he was a murderer. Jason had now noticed, that he wasnt that bad at combat. He decided to practice on some old bottles he found, now using a bow at the age of 12.
    --Age 20--, Jason was now a fit skinny person. He had nowhere to go, so he settled at Felrook.

    Physical Description: Young, Skinny and covered with cuts from the wild animals that once attacked him.
    Age: 20
    Mental Description: Pretty bad memory, almost no skills at math or science. He can interact well with animals.
    Education: Almost none.
    Do you agree to the rules? Yes. Hopefully this'll be good enough, I really need a good roleplay server, so if you can tell me what to revise that would be great. Thanks!
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    Hello Minecrafters... I have a really annoying bug that I can't seem to fix. Whenever I try to move the left mouse to click on an item to put it in the crafting, I have to hold it down. That wasnt there before, so I have NO idea how this happened. It does not happen in other games so I am very annoyed at this. Any way to fix it? I have no mods but even with my mods it still happens.
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