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Hey there! My name is SquidMannn and welcome to my profile. I make mostly command block related stuff and I run a YouTube channel at .One thing that I make mostly on my channel to be more specific is a "one command". A one command is a very long Minecraft command that you put into a command block and when it is activated; a machine is created that is built of more command blocks. Some people call them a vanilla mod because they can add cool new features to the game except there are no downloads required! I have also made a few creations that require a world download but I have yet to create a map. I have been playing Minecraft since 2013 so I am a little bit newer compared to other more experienced Minecrafters, but one thing I can assure you I am very experienced in is command blocks and I have learned how to do pretty much anything. Whenever I make a creation I try to get it as compact as possible and maintain a perfect balance that will keep it user friendly and compact. Compactness is a very big part of one commands because sometimes people have to make their creations into TWO commands due to the character limit of command blocks. On my YouTube channel you will find many other links to various profiles such as my planetminecraft account or Twitter. I will probably spend most of my time on this website on the forums and not upload any of my content I have created. If you want to see my content and try it out for yourself, check out my channel.


-Computer Programming
-Music (Electro or Rock)
-Command Blocks

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