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    New one? I can't make it since I'm an absolute noob at ms paint

    I can make one!
    If I know how to draw properly.
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    :( :( :(

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    posted a message on The Above Avatar is tied to railroad track. Would you save him/her?

    What kind of cruel person would tie a cat to a railroad track?

    Of course I would save...

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    This is a remake of these two threads. (Do not post on them, they are old)


    You're still inside an egg (yes, the shaking white one in the back). You feel like you have been misplaced somewhere, but you are very excited to go out and explore the world!

    What is your name and what will you look like?

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    Quote from MegaMinEr69»

    Be the other guy.

    The command is invalid! There is no code name "the other guy" registered. Try using a valid code name, or the person you are looking for might not be available.

    Hmm. The Transformation Spell works on other things. Let's try and see does it work on myself?

    Try using it to shapeshift into something that has better and stronger wings. Like an eagle, condor or a phoenix. Anything. Maybe even a bat.

    Also test the Elemental Attack. I know there isn't much to test it on, but at least I will know how it works if anyone attacks me.

    The skill you are talking about is Shapeshifter, which only Earth Guardians can learn. You are not an Earth Guardian!

    Elemental Attack is special for you, because you have three options: Fire, Water and Air. You can use them any time you want, as long as you have enough PP. Just know which element to use! A small note, you cannot combine these elements while attacking.

    Quote from ConsumerOfAll»

    Sorry about missing a few rounds. As we are not a Sburb/Sgrub/Sb_b player, not that we know what that is, we do not have access to an Alchemiter, which is a shame, as it sounds like a really cool tool for modifying and creating new items. Anyway, attempt to create a platform, preferably floating, but non-floating will do, and see if that goes into the void, and how fast. If it doesn't, we can now rest.

    Quote from GoldHero101»

    Continue to ponder on how to get more build grist. Maybe FIGHTING will get us somewhere. We need a platform, and a portal frame! Get those made!

    Anything you make quickly falls inside the void. Seems like a force is pulling things downwards.
    You also don't know how to make a portal frame. Making one will require a skill with high level.

    Quote from Buttons_1»

    Well, if the void is trying to pull me down, and my cute little wings can help me stay up.... then maybe I should flutter down there and check out what's far bellow me in the void. If it's dangerous down there, I can fly back up. After all, I'm now armed with a knife, in case I can find something new to work with, or if there are any monsters lurking down there in the depths.

    You check what is in the void...

    It's really dark in here. You can't see anything!
    Quote from nametooshort»

    Let there be light.

    Seriously, what's with the darkness all around?

    Oh and puff out some pure air essence and mix it with fire, since you know, fire needs air to burn.

    Well it's an inefficient way to make light I guess...

    All in all try to find somewhere to uhh land on, since I can't see a thing around anyway.

    Well you have fire, you could use that. There's ground here too...

    There's nothing down here, just darkness. You could feel heavy air around you. Wait, there's something here...

    Some white figures. You could probably get some exp and build grist if you kill them. Or maybe you could just leave right now.
    Did they hear your footsteps.....?

    "A visitor?"
    "Please join us."

    BAD MEMORY and his friend attacked!

    BAD MEMORY A - HP: 20/20
    BAD MEMORY B - HP: 20/20
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    Oh, another one of these things again? Well okay then...

    Some notes!

    - You can follow the story, or not! But please take your time to think before making actions.

    - I will try to answer everyone's replies, even if they don't make sense...

    - This forum game is slightly planned! But the ending will depend on your actions.


    Story so far

    Act 1 - The beginning of your adventure.

    Intermission 1- In Progress


    You wake up in a room. You have absolutely no memory of how you got here or what is going on. You don't even remember your name... But for sure you were put here for a purpose. What will you do?

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    (Hello Everyone, sorry for the lack of updates and for the quality of this post. I've been very busy with a lot of things)

    Quote from Selene011»

    wait... walls?

    Walls of the blocks. They are very strong, some look unbreakable.

    Quote from nametooshort»


    It's dangerous to draw in a situation like this, but you try anyway...
    The clipboard disappeared where you drew on it. There's a hole on the clipboard now.

    Quote from Draeju»

    if the wind is getting stronger!

    use this so you can get energy and fly away ;)

    Your jetpack fuel is fine. You have no idea what kind of fuel Steve filled it with though.

    Quote from ConsumerOfAll»

    Regain your senses, attempt to draw something to land on, and switch again. It appears that each mode represents an element (Orange = Fire = Drawing, Blue = Water = Writing/Transformation, Green = Earth = Creating Life?, Gray = Wind = ???)

    Draw a bandage for yourself, and a door on one of the cubes, if you can get near them. If it doesn't work, try clicking the eraser again (If it doesn't switch back to orange/fire, I believe the next element is Ether/Soul. Don't ask, it's magic science!).

    Quote from GoldHero101»

    Aha. The Pencil of Elements. Let's call it that! Change to fire mode, then land somewhere, patching the kid with a first aid kit.

    Quote from Buttons_1»

    Well i think we should get the kid to safety, so draw in a doorway to an inside shelter on the wall. and put the kid to bed till you figure out where his/her parents are. And uh, it might be a good idea to draw a band-aid (bandage) for that head wound. ouch! Draw it on the wall as well, then peel it off and stick it on your head.

    I wonder where that kids parents are...

    You click the eraser again.

    The pencil turns back to orange. So, now you know that the pencil cycles four different modes.

    You draw something to land on, a floating block will do you guess. You also draw a bandage and stick it on your head.

    The block is empty inside. You draw a bed to put the kid in. He'll be comfortable for a while. He still looks really cute...

    You also draw a first-aid kit, but inside does not look like something in a normal first-aid kit. All these containers have words written on them that make no sense at all. You don't know what to do with them, but maybe the box looks handy.

    What will you do?

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    Quote from nametooshort»



    You have a strong feeling that something bad will happen if you kill this person.
    Quote from Buttons_1»

    Steve is evil, he knows what the pencil can do. It's my pencil, with the power to create a universe, or destroy one! But in this case.... I want to use it to get rid of Steve. But how.....

    "There you are!"

    "Sorry about your door! It's a little broken, but I know you can fix it! Anyway, I just need you to stand here for five minutes. Don't move around and do weird things okay?"

    Steve is now distracted and is writing stuff on a notebook.

    Quote from Draeju»

    "pulls out sword and puts it aside"

    .....i am ready if things get out of control here.....

    You don't have a sword!

    Quote from GoldHero101»

    We draw a wall to protect us from the guy. Aw jeez. Things are going to crap right now. And we just started!

    (I think you can blame me for that lol)
    You totally do not want to do that. He just destroyed a steel barrier on your door with his weapon... is that a hammer? Unless you could make a better wall to protect yourself with...

    Quote from DirtDog»

    Quick! Draw a second pencil, a decoy pencil. Offer the decoy pencil to him in an attempt to placate Steve and distract him from his murderous rage!

    If Steve takes the bait, or is distracted in any way, take that opportunity to draw an escape hatch in the floor and flee. Flee like flatulence in the wind!

    Quote from Endergirl00»

    Draw a fire-breathing Dragon to distract Steve. Then leave the decoy pencil beside the Dragon so that Steve will have to fight off the dragon before he could get to the decoy!

    After drawing a dragon (Endergirl's idea), a false pencil and a escape hatch, I jump out without time for thinking about anything and activate the jetpack. I follow that damn road of floating blocks in hoping to find a safe place.... somewhere..... near...... please...... anyone?...... I won't stop until I find it...... wherever..... whenever..... ok, I give up. I land on a block and draw anything that can bring me those blocks that are near me so I can build a smaller hut.

    I also check my stats (You can draw them in the corner if you want). Looks like I got +2 Fear.

    (Forgive my bad drawing of a dragon)

    You drew a fire-breathing dragon... oh crap.

    Apparently you can't draw living things with this pencil. Well, you guess that this isn't actually an "ultimate pencil" that can destroy universes. Oh well.
    You put a decoy pencil next to Steve without him noticing. He is still distracted.

    You actually have stats! But you never pulled it out for some reason...

    You need an explanation on what all this does, but you currently don't know who to ask.

    You draw an escape hatch underneath you and immediately jump out.

    The heat out here is unbearable. You're going to have a heat stroke if you don't do something about it soon. All these blocks around you don't seem like a safe place to land.

    You hear a voice in the back. "Bob! HEY BOB!"

    "Why do you keep running away? Can you not like stand still for like five minutes like I told you? You come back here immediately, or I will use PLAN C!"
    It's Steve, he's following behind you in his jetpack! What will you do?
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    posted a message on This is just a regular forum game

    I wait for a response of our posts. I don't know about you, but in my country it's 14:23, and you said you will continue today. Wake up.

    (The time for the creator of this thread is currently 19:47. They are quite wide awake. If you probably don't know, the creator of this thread also has other things to do besides drawing. Drawing is fun, but work goes first before fun. Please do not rush them, thank you.)
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    posted a message on This is just a regular forum game

    (This is the last one for today, though I will still accept suggestions.)

    Quote from Xystem4»

    Just draw on some flames to the bottom of the jetpack so it looks like it's working, without making the gas price inflation even worse ;)

    Oh dear. I think you finally realize that this pencil also has its own weaknesses. It can't attach stuff to made objects. Oh well, at least you think don't use money here.

    Quote from Buttons_1»

    I would like a mouth, and an ear or two would be nice. Then I can start thinking about rocket fuel.

    The pencil also doesn't work on body parts... But you thought of making rocket fuel.

    Quote from Pailuf»

    Draw fuel, duh.

    Quote from ConsumerOfAll»

    Draw a fuel canister, and insert the fuel canister into the rocket.

    You separately draw a filled fuel canister and insert it to the rocket in the jetpack. The jetpack works perfectly fine now! Now time fo-
    Oh, who is this person here? You guess that you're not the only one in this place.

    "Howdy! I'm Steve! You're new here, aren't you? Golly you must be so confused!"
    (You really don't like how he greets you.)
    "I can record all your memories and what you have done so far. It won't harm you, I'll just draw a picture on this notebook! Would you like me to do that?"
    Somehow, he kind of reminds you of someone you don't really like. His statement doesn't make a lot of sense either...

    What will you do?
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