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    posted a message on [1.6.4+] Adventure Lobbies | Play Adventure Maps With Friends for Free [FEATURED ON: The Shaft]

    Loving it, aside from the weird pause thing.
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] [SMP] [Forge] MineCoins - 4 Denominations of Currency!
    1.3.0. Now with notes. (their textures are incomplete, though.)

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    posted a message on Forge Config Item IDs
    Quote from pigalot

    remove the int part before each of the variables in your preInit.

    int coinCopperID = ...... //not this
    coinCopperID = ..... //this

    You should read about the difference between assignment (what you are trying to do) and declaration.

    Thank you! Works perfectly now.
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    posted a message on Forge Config Item IDs
    Okay, so I'm trying to implement a config for my mod, but I'm having a bit of a problem: the item IDs will, no matter what I do, remain 0.

    Here's my main mod class.

    package springgadget.minecoins;
    import net.minecraft.src.CreativeTabs;
    import net.minecraft.src.Item;
    import net.minecraft.src.ItemStack;
    import net.minecraftforge.common.Configuration;
    import net.minecraftforge.common.DungeonHooks;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.Init;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.Instance;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.PostInit;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.PreInit;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.SidedProxy;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLInitializationEvent;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLPostInitializationEvent;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLPreInitializationEvent;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.network.NetworkMod;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry;
    import cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.LanguageRegistry;
    @Mod(modid="MineCoins", name="MineCoins", version="1.3.0")
    @NetworkMod(clientSideRequired=true, serverSideRequired=false)
    public class MineCoins {
        public static int coinCopperID;
        public static int coinSilverID;
        public static int coinGoldID;
        public static int coinPlatinumID;
        public static int noteCopperID;
        public static int noteSilverID;
        public static int noteGoldID;
        public static int notePlatinumID;
        public static boolean dungeonLoot;
        public static boolean smeltCoins;
        public static boolean craftNotes;
        public static boolean craftDenominations;
        public static ItemCoin coinCopper;
        public static ItemCoin coinSilver;
        public static ItemCoin coinGold;
        public static ItemCoin coinPlatinum;
        public static ItemCoin noteCopper;
        public static ItemCoin noteSilver;
        public static ItemCoin noteGold;
        public static ItemCoin notePlatinum;
        // The instance of your mod that Forge uses.
        public static MineCoins instance;
        // Says where the client and server 'proxy' code is loaded.
        @SidedProxy(clientSide="springgadget.minecoins.client.ClientProxy", serverSide="springgadget.minecoins.CommonProxy")
        public static CommonProxy proxy;
        public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) {
            Configuration config = new Configuration(event.getSuggestedConfigurationFile());
            int coinCopperID = config.getItem("CopperCoinID", 5885).getInt(5885);
            int coinSilverID = config.getItem("SilverCoinID", 5886).getInt(58896);
            int coinGoldID = config.getItem("GoldCoinID", 5887).getInt(5887);
            int coinPlatinumID = config.getItem("PlatinumCoinID", 5888).getInt(5888);
            int noteCopperID = config.getItem("CopperNoteID", 5900).getInt(5900);
            int noteSilverID = config.getItem("SilverNoteID", 5901).getInt(5901);
            int noteGoldID = config.getItem("GoldNoteID", 5902).getInt(5902);
            int notePlatinumID = config.getItem("PlatinumNoteID", 5903).getInt(5903);
            boolean dungeonLoot = config.get(Configuration.CATEGORY_GENERAL, "DungeonLoot", false).getBoolean(false);
            boolean smeltCoins = config.get(Configuration.CATEGORY_GENERAL, "SmeltCoins", false).getBoolean(false);
            boolean craftNotes = config.get(Configuration.CATEGORY_GENERAL, "CraftNotes", false).getBoolean(false);
            boolean craftDenominations = config.get(Configuration.CATEGORY_GENERAL, "CraftDenominations", true).getBoolean(true);
        public void load(FMLInitializationEvent event) {
            coinCopper = (new ItemCoin(coinCopperID - 256, 32, 0, "coinCopper"));
            coinSilver = (new ItemCoin(coinSilverID - 256, 32, 1, "coinSilver"));
            coinGold = (new ItemCoin(coinGoldID - 256, 32, 2, "coinGold"));
            coinPlatinum = (new ItemCoin(coinPlatinumID - 256, 32, 3, "coinPlatinum"));
            noteCopper = (new ItemCoin(noteCopperID - 256, 64, 16, "coinCopper"));
            noteSilver = (new ItemCoin(noteSilverID - 256, 64, 17, "coinSilver"));
            noteGold = (new ItemCoin(noteGoldID - 256, 64, 18, "coinGold"));
            notePlatinum = (new ItemCoin(notePlatinumID - 256, 64, 19, "coinPlatinum"));
            LanguageRegistry.addName(coinCopper, "Copper Coin");
            LanguageRegistry.addName(coinSilver, "Silver Coin");
            LanguageRegistry.addName(coinGold, "Gold Coin");
            LanguageRegistry.addName(coinPlatinum, "Platinum Coin");
            LanguageRegistry.addName(noteCopper, "Copper Note");
            LanguageRegistry.addName(noteSilver, "Silver Note");
            LanguageRegistry.addName(noteGold, "Gold Note");
            LanguageRegistry.addName(notePlatinum, "Platinum Note");
            if(craftDenominations == true) {
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(coinSilver), "CCC", "CCC", "CCC", 
                    'C', coinCopper);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(coinGold), "SSS", "SSS", "SSS", 
                    'S', coinSilver);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(coinPlatinum), "GGG", "GGG", "GGG", 
                    'G', coinGold);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(coinGold, 9), "P", 
                    'P', coinPlatinum);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(coinSilver, 9), "G", 
                    'G', coinGold);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(coinCopper, 9), "S", 
                    'S', coinSilver);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(noteSilver), "CCC", "CCC", "CCC", 
                    'C', noteCopper);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(noteGold), "SSS", "SSS", "SSS", 
                    'S', noteSilver);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(notePlatinum), "GGG", "GGG", "GGG", 
                    'G', noteGold);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(noteGold, 9), "P", 
                    'P', notePlatinum);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(noteSilver, 9), "G", 
                    'G', noteGold);
                GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(noteCopper, 9), "S", 
                    'S', noteSilver);
            if(smeltCoins == true) {
                GameRegistry.addSmelting(Item.goldNugget.shiftedIndex, new ItemStack(coinGold), 0f);
            if(craftNotes == true) {
                GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(noteCopper), new ItemStack(coinCopper), new ItemStack(Item.paper));
                GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(noteSilver), new ItemStack(coinSilver), new ItemStack(Item.paper));
                GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(noteGold), new ItemStack(coinGold), new ItemStack(Item.paper));
                GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(notePlatinum), new ItemStack(coinPlatinum), new ItemStack(Item.paper));
            if(dungeonLoot == true) {
                DungeonHooks.addDungeonLoot(new ItemStack(coinCopper), 120);
                DungeonHooks.addDungeonLoot(new ItemStack(coinSilver), 100);
                DungeonHooks.addDungeonLoot(new ItemStack(coinGold), 050);
        public void postInit(FMLPostInitializationEvent event) {
            // Stub Method

    Sorry if it's a bit messy. :S
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] [SMP] [Forge] MineCoins - 4 Denominations of Currency!
    I've been neglecting this mod. I'll update to 1.4.2 as soon as my friend completes the new coin textures. Also, I'm addressing all issues Neometron pointed out. Not sure if I can get them to stack to 100, though.
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    posted a message on [Parkour] Mountain Climbing Challenge
    When I made this about two months ago, I could finish it no problem. Now I can't even complete my own map...
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    posted a message on [Parkour] Mountain Climbing Challenge
    Just parkour. Up the side of a mountain. I suppose this one also gets you thinking a little bit, as you need to investigate your surroundings a little to see where you need to jump next. Basically, just play on peaceful, don't break blocks you didn't place, only place torches and ladders you get from chests, and start at the sign that you're told to.



    Isn't it amazing.
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] [SMP] [Forge] MineCoins - 4 Denominations of Currency!
    Quote from Minerbrine

    Hey ive been using this mod forever and love it because i always wanted a physical currency mod but might i surgest Notes as well as coins because i think that would be epic thanks

    I was actually thinking about adding notes. As well as a lot of other features, this would be optional (in config) to add notes. If disabled, coins would work as they do now. However, if enabled, coins would only stack up to 32. You could use paper and any denomination of coin to craft notes and they would stack up to 64. You could also choose to, if you'd like, to just use notes if your server is more of a modern environment (e.g. cities with huge skyscrapers). Other than that, they'd work just like regular coins. I'll probably add this, but the HUD is priority one right now.
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] [SMP] [Forge] MineCoins - 4 Denominations of Currency!

    Next step: HUD.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] Write to books from text files
    I have page1.txt in the books folder in the Minecraft directory. I open up my blank book and press the ` key, and all it does is input that key. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I'm on a mac?
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    posted a message on Are Mods Dangerous?
    My computer isn't that powerful either, I've installed a few mods and it's working fine. I wouldn't recommend any shader mods, though. MCPatcher is completely safe, though I'd recommend getting Optifine instead as it has similar capabilities to MCPatcher and can also give you more options for reducing lag.
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] [SMP] [Forge] MineCoins - 4 Denominations of Currency!
    Quote from Graloth

    Suggestion: several mods already add copper, and some also add iron nuggets (like gold nuggets) so maybe have the coins craftable from 1 nugget of the corresponding ore, coupled together with a config that allows us to disable your mod from adding it's own nuggets would then also prevent it from clashing too much with other mods that also add nuggets. I don't think going to the extent of adding copper ore into the world generation would be worth it, as you would just be able to get copper coins from your silver coins. Of course since iron nuggets doesn't directly translate to silver coins, you could get your silver coints from gold (and already ingame gold nuggets)

    Just to reiterate in a more understandable way:
    Craftable coin method idea:
    Gold Ingot -> Gold Nugget (as it is in vanilla)
    Gold Nugget in furnace -> Gold Coin (1 coin per nugget, as we can probably expect the nugget to be unrefined and thus have impurities, only yielding 1 pure gold coin)
    Gold Coin in furnace -> Gold Nugget (so that you can get your gold back in case you are running low and have an excess of currency)
    Gold Coin can then be broken down into silver coins (like you already can) and that futher down into copper coins)

    This way it adds another use for gold, also making the currency more valuable as you would be able to smelt it back into gold nuggets, which also makes it more versatile.

    Just a suggestion, I'm pretty sure IndustrialCraft and/or redpower2 adds silver and copper ore generation (and their corresponding ingots) so if you're up for that you could add compatibility with those mods allowing for copper and silver nuggets like with gold nuggest described above.

    Otherwise great mod, keep it up!

    I'll be implementing optional (disabled by default) recipes for coins. I was just going to add a crafting recipe for a gold coin out of a gold nugget, but I'm going to go with your idea of smelting it. Thanks for the suggestion! :)
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] [SMP] [Forge] MineCoins - 4 Denominations of Currency!
    Adding an HUD would edit a base class, I'd prefer to keep this mod 100% compatible with all Forge mods, but that'd mean no HUD addition. New poll question on this issue.
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] [SMP] [Forge] MineCoins - 4 Denominations of Currency!
    The mod has updated to 1.1 with Greys' textures and a config! Excitement! I also added two new planned features.

    Quote from Sgt_Detritus

    This looks very cool. I had been considering creating a similar mod (for the lulz) but for a rather different purpose. I find it difficult to make choices in game, so I was going to create a coin that, on right click, spits out a message saying what the result was. (Heads or Tails.) It would run a random number generator (picking between 0, and 1: 0 being heads and 1 being tails, or vice versa.) and maybe display an animation, but that bit isn't necessary.
    Also, love grey's textures; very pretty.

    It'd be nice to have a coin flip in Minecraft, but I don't think I'd be able to implement that in this mod considering the coins aren't available without TMI or some other external method, so you wouldn't be able to get them in SP without doing one of those. :(

    Oh wait...have I already forgotten my dungeon idea?


    Version 1.2 will release as soon as MC 1.3 comes out and MCP and Forge update for it. Here's a picture showing some stuff I've added.

    If you couldn't already tell by the image (or it's not loading for some reason), there will be coin flips and "rarity." (You know how the golden apple's text is purple? Yeah. Coins are yellow.) Another feature that I didn't get a picture of is dungeon loot. Yay! Now you can flip coins in singleplayer without invedit!
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] [SMP] [Forge] MineCoins - 4 Denominations of Currency!
    1.1 is nearly done. Having some difficulties with server config, once I'm through with that I'll release it. The update also includes Greys' coin textures, new default ID's, and I merged all of the Item classes (they were all the exact same, so there was only need for 1).

    The wallet is an interesting idea, I'm probably going to implement it when I get the HUD done. I might have the HUD as another convenience of the wallet, so it will only display money in the wallet(s) you have.
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