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    Hay, I joined your discord but I don't see an "application" channel.

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    Gamertag: Sporksabre

    Hay T1DsLayer628,

    I would love to Join your server. I have tried several survival servers before on bedrock but they always seemed to end up with trolls. I want to join a community where I can meet fellow builders and make friends rather than cause grief.

    A little about me. I am older than 33 have kids and a job; as such, I will probably only be on once or twice a week. That being said, I would love the opportunity to play alongside the others that have already joined. I know that you will be starting with only ten people and moving up to 20 and you probably have many requests from others. I only ask that you keep me in mind if you have room. Feel free to contact me @ anytime via my gamer tag.



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