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    posted a message on Flying Block Printer
    Hey, I just wanted to say thank you all so much for all the great comments and support, you folks are an awesome community! :D

    Quote from SpencerWencer

    Time to tell Chuck Hull about this!

    He invented the 3D Printer

    Hahaa, I said to Kim, who is Chuck Hull? Then I saw the small print! :P

    Could u make a house with this redstone contraption? It would be awesome if u could! But it's awesome as it is

    In theory you could, but it would have to be a completely solid house as the roof would cave in if there weren't blocks underneath it.

    Quote from CeruleanNutter

    So is it just me or is redstone dust glitched on the ground? They may have mentioned it and I didn't catch, I just skimmed the video.

    I meant to mention that in the video, but I forgot. For some reason when we use snapshots with our texture pack (Faithful 32) the redstone dust always faces the same way. It still works fine, it just looks odd. Perhaps somebody with more knowledge than I can explain why that happens?
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    posted a message on Flying Block Printer
    No it's vanilla, you do need either a snapshot or 1.8 for the slime blocks. :)
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