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    I think you'll enjoy this mod: https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/238050-rope-bridge

    I use it on all my modded worlds, and honestly it is worthy of being added to vanilla. It is simply a rope bridge mod, exactly as you were describing in the original post.

    Not advertising (mod isn't even mine lol) but I just thought you could find some use out this

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    The idea that Minecraft is designed for children is actually false. The game has no set target audience. It started out just like all of Notch's other games, a random little project only known to a small handful of people.

    The fact that so many Minecraft toys and such exist is just because of marketing and companies looking to profit from the Minecraft brand name, that still doesn't mean the game is for kids.

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    posted a message on Ice and Fire: Dragons in a Whole New Light! - Build 1.1.0 - 1.11.2 Update
    Quote from THE_jn101»

    I LOVE the look´s of this mod and i even have a little suggestion you should make a craftable stable item which could spawn a stable big enough for a fully grown dragon

    of course it needs to be expensive but i personly prefere my big fire breathing lizard under control than roaming around the world and building one in the right size would take ages

    I don't understand why you couldn't just build or carve out a place for it?
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    posted a message on DIVERSITY - Alpha 1.6.1 - New Villages, New Structures, New Mobs
    Quote from KryptonCaptain»

    Would you be able to add that to a 1.7.10 update, or have you stopped working on that version?

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    posted a message on The Betweenlands ~ A dark, hostile environment...
    Quote from FairWolf01»

    We should open a betweenlands server.

    I agree! Support!
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    posted a message on [WIP][1.6.4/1.6.2][SMP/LAN/SP] Shrooms! V0.0.6 - Underground Mushroom Biomes? New Enemies? MUSHROOMS?! YES!
    Quote from aman3712»

    Man, I really hope this mod keeps getting updated and implemented into newer versions. A Minecraft mod that adds an incredibility cool, underground mushroom biome full of new adventures and dangerous foes is too good to be forgotten. I'll be more than willing to support this mod though posting suggestions and ideas, since this mod has so much potential!

    I agree, I would love to see it be updated to the currently used versions (1.7.10, 1.8, 1.8.9, 1.9, 1.9.4, 1.10)

    Although, the mod does need a little more. Certain things need changing. For example, we need a reason to go searching for this biome, it currently doesn't have too much of a point.

    Maybe a breedable/farmable mushroom creature (similar to the Hongo from Journey into the Light) that drops mushrooms that make good food? Idk, this mod just seems to have to much untapped potential to let it go to waste.

    Somethings that I think should be removed entirely however, is the feature where having the underground mycelium above a certain elevation just turns it into dirt. It's just pointless and doesn't make a whole lot of sense in my opinion. Another thing I think should go is the feature where mushroom spores make mushrooms become giant. Bonemeal already does that, and in real life that's not what a mushroom spore does at all.

    Over all, this is a great mod, it has quite a bit of potential, and I'd love to see it updated to the aforementioned versions, this mod does not deserve to die D:
    Good work modmaker
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    posted a message on [WIP][1.6.4/1.6.2][SMP/LAN/SP] Shrooms! V0.0.6 - Underground Mushroom Biomes? New Enemies? MUSHROOMS?! YES!

    Can we be expecting a 1.9 version? (Forge is out)

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    posted a message on YAFM - Yet Another Food Mod (June 7, 2017)
    How about horse meat?
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    posted a message on New Block: Aged Cobblestone
    Aged Cobblestone: http://i.imgur.com/AfTqIcx.png

    Story: The Mossy Cobblestone texture wasn't updated when the current Cobblestone texture came out for a reason. It's because (They probably forgot, but here's a story for it that kind of covers up for that. =]) when the Cobblestone texture got changed, some old Cobblestone blocks survived. The Mossy Cobblestone you see today are those remaining old Cobblestone blocks. (Because Mossy Cobblestone is aged, that's why it's all covered in vines & moss & stuff.)

    How to obtain: It's simple, just smelt Mossy Cobblestone. (Image) My reasoning for this is... well remember when I said that Mossy Cobblestone is mossy & vine-y because it's aged? Well this ties in with that. If you smelt Mossy Cobblestone, It will burn off all of the moss & stuff, revealing the old Cobblestone. It's also obtainable by lighting a Mossy Cobblestone block on fire, causing the block to update because it's like you're burning off all of the moss/vines. (The Flint and Steel method was suggested by AGmukbooks, from reddit.) This block would be available in Creative Mode & with the /give command. =D

    Possible Uses: It could be just used in builds in place of regular Cobblestone for nostalgic people, It could be used in a checkerboard pattern with Cobblestone or Mossy Cobblestone, or it could be randomly placed in those large Cobblestone paths people like to make (for like a cracked stone effect), the possibilities are virtually limitless.

    Be sure to rate this idea & share your opinions in the comments section below! ;D
    Thanks for reading
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    posted a message on All* Mobs Drop Bones
    Quote from XBXGXWX

    i feel that this would ruin the balance of the game. although its more realistic, NOBODY will need to turn to easy any more (well unless ur after endermen and stuff). bones also have a good use in farming and taming wolves, and it would be better if bones are more scarce.

    it would be nice to have bone replace sticks in certain crafting recipes, though.

    Are you trying t tel me the only reason people go on Easy Mode is to get bones?
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