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    --OOC Information—

    Minecraft IGN: taiwolfe

    Prior Roleplay Experience: 5 years of a mix of Minecraft RP and DnD/Only War

    Define Power-gaming in your own words: Ignoring limitations on your character to force actions through at the expense of other players.

    Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Using knowledge you know OOC IC. A good example would be hearing on Discord someone talk about their character’s plans and reacting IC to that info.

    Define Role-Playing in your own words: Acting as another person for your own enjoyment.

    --IC Information—

    Character name: Xerax

    Race: Goblin

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Character Description:

    Xerax is 4’10” normally but his hutched figure reduces his height further to around 4’7”. He has a lean face which combined with his bald head and yellow eyes gives him an almost rat like appearance. Xerax usually wears rags which do little to hide the gnarliness of his dark green limbs. His habit of collecting trinkets of value causes him to softly jingle with every step. This combined with his emancipated figure has led some people to jokingly refer to him as a scarecrow or windchime, much to his chagrin.

    Character Occupation: (Optional)

    Henchman for hire: Xerax is a henchmen without a boss. After the death of his old boss, he now searches for a new one to serve. His old job makes him good at not taking the spotlight and instead serving to help his master excel in whatever he or she wants to do. This includes cooking, cleaning and the odd job of guarding a hallway or gathering information.

    Character Personality/Traits:

    Xerax is a servile cowardly being. The only thing that matches his cowardness is his slavish loyalty to his current boss. He is though capable of autonomy though and has been known to creatively reinterpret orders if he believes his boss is making a mistake that would harm him or her in the long term. As someone who believes strictly in hierarchy, Xerax has developed a bit of a sadistic personality to those who he considers beneath him. He can easily suck up to his boss in one breath and insult and deride those beneath him in another.

    Character Biography:

    Xerax was born to uncertain parents after the fall of Thonduhm to the Alliance. His earliest memories was him serving under the leader of his refugee group as menial labor. His job was to be in essence a camp follower. He has to prepare the meals, change bandages, gather firewood, wash the clothes, etc. Eventually with the demon invasion dealt with while he was very young, his caravan settled down in Barkamsted in the slums district. Any thought of independence was quickly beaten out of him by his boss and so he served dutifully for years. His servitude to his boss lasted until the Aceadia War when his master died to the Ca'Liar when they sacked the city. Xerax for his part, spent the sack hiding in a barrel.

    For the first time in his life, Xerax had no one to tell him what to do. He ended up drifting through the Barkamsted slums as a seasonal worker until he caught the eye of a more open minded shopkeeper in need of an assistant as his business got busier and he got older. Xerax was understandably pleased to have someone tell him what to do again and it was under his new master that he learned how to read and write and unlike his old master, the shopkeeper, while never close, was much more amiable to him. During this time, Xerax improved his service skills, now being able to quickly finish his daily chores so he can help his master in his day to day needs. All good things must come to an end though and his master eventually died of old age. Xerax was left with part of his inheritance but the shopkeeper’s relatives used Pact race prejudice to swindle most of it out from under Xerax. This left him poor and without a master once more.

    Xerax once again is back to working seasonal jobs in the rundone slums. He has increasingly grown dissatisfied though with his current station in life as he feels that he serves his previous masters with distinction and yet has not been rewarded for his hard work at all. He searches for a new master once more but this time he will not be denied his happy ending, no matter what the cost may be.

    Other/Extra: (Images, notes, etc.)


    Please give us a roleplay response to both of these scenarios, at least one paragraph each:

    A small riot breaks out in Barkamsted between Humans and Pact races. They're quickly gaining the attention of the guards as the situation escalates. Your character is somehow swept up into the crowd as the situation grows more dangerous, what do they do?

    Xerax would join in the riot. He has seen his fair share of prejudice and like his peers eventually that anger boils up into a rage. Xerax is a coward, so what better time to let out his steam then in the middle of a riot? He takes his chance to smash stalls and loot buildings before dispersing once the guards begin to take control of the situation.

    For whatever reason, your character finds themselves in an ancient tomb, the walls thick with brambles and foliage. From up ahead, you spy what appears to be a shambling mound of something. It pauses, quivers and moans. What do they do?

    If his master sends him to this ancient tomb, it must be important. Xerax is a coward and so naturally as a coward as soon as he notices the mound he would freeze up in fear. After a few moments to recover his wits, he would try to hide and allow the mound to pass by him. Failing that, he would make up an excuse to his master why he could not reach the end of the tomb and leave. He may be loyal but he isn’t stupid. Whatever that thing is could probably gut him without a second thought.

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