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    posted a message on Just thinking: A mod that gives Minecraft a story
    I remember seeing something like this a while ago somewhere on the forum, but I believe it was abandoned.

    The whole point of the mod was to make Minecraft actually have a goal and take time to complete.

    You started off in a pre spawned house with a fence and garden in the middle of the woods (just as a general spawn), and then the whole point of the mod was to explore the world of minecraft and collect 7 (or so) different items from temples all around the map, like a few 1000 blocks away from spawn in each direction.
    Each artifact after you took it, you blacked out or something and returned to spawn to find the next one, but you gained some item/ability/weapon to help you complete the game.

    IE: Sword, Bow, 4 pieces of armor, and maybe some kind of special amulet.

    The mod page said there were boss battles and then once you collected all the items from the temples, some kind of portal opens up to fight a final boss with all your fancy items.

    Also suggested in the post were:
    Interactive characters, a realistic barter system, spawned cities/towns, quests, an assortment of weapons and armor other than the regular Minecraft ones, maybe some kind of money and gambling system, and lastly - magic (just simple spells that you could find "upgrades" for at special spots throughout the adventure.

    I'm mostly curious on how real a possibility it would be to make this mod, and how long it would take.

    If you'd like to take this idea, go ahead. I would love to see this happen!
    It would be a Minecraft CIVILIZATION!

    Thank you for reading c:

    Also- I'm good at initial game concepts, naming things, beta testing, and criticism while beta testing.
    Feel free to shoot me a message if you would like help
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    posted a message on [1.2] ICBM - Missiles and Military Tech! [6,000,000+ DOWNLOADS]
    So I've been experimenting around with all the missles and launchers....

    Several things:

    -The higher tiered missles usually won't fire on a cruise launcher, it doesn't even register, or it just crashes the game
    -The proximity alert on the silo thingy won't stop you from hitting yourself at a certain point
    -I still can't figure out how to use the turret thing, but when you exit from it, it drops you enough to loose 1/2 heart of health
    -Anti-Gravitational missle messes up other missles trajectory and never goes away even if you reload the world, so it's a permanent ****ed-up zone :\
    -Please add a way to launch missles and have radar hooked up to EMPs that WON'T auto kill your missiles :|

    Other than that, I've been having too much damn fun with this mod xD

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    posted a message on Pixelmon 8.1.2 (12th Nov 2020)
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    posted a message on Schools: Best friends, walkers, and hugging rules.

    Ugh, the educational system needs a revamp. Schtuff isn't the same as it was all those years ago, and yet we're still doing it the same way
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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF

    If you can do it I will give you lovez and diamonds :3
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Equivalent Exchange 2 - v1.4.6.7

    I congratulate you on your current status, and wish you luck on the life consuming work of a modder :3

    :DPANTS: diamond pants for you
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    posted a message on Notch Gives $3 Million to Mojang Employees

    Good show man, it's good to see someone who is so kind in a competitive industry
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    posted a message on Bukkit Officially Joins Mojang!
    They really earned it, Bukkit has revolutionized multiplayer in minecraft and now they get to work closer in team with the Minecraft crew :J
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] SDK's Mods [v1] *Aug 18th ModLoaderMP Updated*
    Good to see you're keeping this mod alive Scotty :laugh.gif:

    Keep up the good work
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    posted a message on [1.1] Creepy Kingdom - Minecraft RTS - New Video! (2/24/12)


    Twas a sexy death :3
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    posted a message on Running out of memory
    I keep getting the running out of memory error.

    I have 8GB of RAM, 64-bit, running windows 7 and it only seems to happen on multiplayer, but it happens every 5 minutes, any ideas?
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    posted a message on Futurecraft
    What happened to the original post
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Agreed, 2way repeater would be smexy

    PS. Will this topic get a new post after it hits 1000 pages?

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    posted a message on Summer Wars based PS3/Xbox game concept
    Ok, I just need a place to think and jot this down on the spot.

    Just watched Summer Wars again (check it out, it's some amazing anime)

    If you've never seen it, go here:

    It's in 3 parts, and the first one it brings up was taken down, so scroll to the "Part 1" tab

    I believe you can also get the 1080p version on piratebay, but I'm not directing you to them, and I hold no accountability if you do.

    But it made me want to create a video game for some reason, I'm one of those people who as soon as you think of something you just have to put it down somewhere to get it out.

    Let me get into the aspects:

    Concept- An almost entirely Multiplayer-motivating based game experience, SinglePlayer is for the Story whatever could be conceived to be used as an introduction to the controls, and the story (the story of Summer Wars would be cool :3).

    Character Development- At the beginning of the game you choose your avatar, and based on special items & pickups from both single and multiplayer you get to upgrade your Avatar with a cooler design and better stats. You also must select what form of Avatar you will be making and upgrading and also what element(s) will embody it, you will originally pick 1 element which you can either upgrade or branch out into another and aquire it's effects, but conflicting elements will lock one off if you choose the other (you can't have fire & water elements together)

    IE: Humaniod, Quadruped, Vertibrate, Invertibrate, Aquatic, Mammal, Plant, Fungi, etc.

    Elements: (can only choose 1 of a pair)




    (can't think of more anti-pairs atm)

    Stats: Semi-Standard layout of a combat stat system-

    HP- Health

    Attack- How much damage your regular attacks do

    Accuracy- How likely you are to land a special attack

    Defense- How much damage you reduce from enemy regular attacks

    Dodge- How likely you are to dodge an enemy special attack

    Attack Speed- The time it takes for you to attempt and land each attack

    Movement Speed- How fast your character can move across the battle map (Sprinting is available but will use stamina)

    Energy/Stamina- The more Max stamina you have the more consecutive Special attacks you can attempt, Ultimate attacks will use a percentage of total Stamina and depending on how much is used, plus other factors such as attack, determines how much damage will be done if the Ultimate attack lands

    Energy/Stamina Regeneration- How quickly you recover the Stamina you use from your special attacks

    Combo Meter- A meter that stores the amount of concecutive hits made and stores the power to be used for buffs such as +10% Attack or x2 Stamina Regeneration

    Items: Will be stored game wide across all your avatar accounts

    Weapons- Heavy, Medium, and Light based on the amount of damage they can do per hit vs how much attack speed they decrease by being equipped

    Classified into:









    Fists(Can include blund edged claws)







    WIl be a kind of the 3 main above, but will have special effects because it's not a physical weapon

    Armor- Also Heavy, Medium, and Light but based on the amount of damage absorbed vs how much movement speed they decrease by equipping

    Armor will be found as individual pieces, but can be combined into sets and will gain a bonus when joined.


    2 Ring slots

    1 Neck slot

    1 Forehead slot

    1 Upgrade slot

    *The Upgrade slot is to place an upgrade pack, upgrade packs gradually fill up with time in battle, each pack when fully charged can be used to gain permanent stats/traits, but each Avatar can only use a max of 10 upgrade packs and each one they use causes the next one to be harder to fill up than the last, these could include adding another element to your avatar, (example trait) Adamantine Fists

    Singleplayer- Mostly for story and button skills, I imagine giving the game different universes for "levels" or "areas", but after you finish there's the rest of the game to explore and collect the items you can use in Multiplayer.

    Multiplayer- The heart of what would make this popular. Worldwide tournaments every weekend with the games ranging from hand to hand combat, to races, to card games and gambling for items. Cooperative boss battles, and I'm not talking wimpy bosses (for the most part), I'm talking SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS sized bosses for a whole team to defeat

    GUI/Menu Interface and Design- Largely Summer Wars comes into play, it has what seems like an amazing GUI and interface design for the users, although this is only for systems like PS3/Xbox

    Combat Interface: This is something that still seems a bit sketchy to my mind, but I think it would be somewhere between Dragonball Blast and Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 for just straight out fighting, ATV/Grand Turismo for races, and gambling is just gambling, go to the casino

    Player Zones: Where the players go to have their contests and adventures, similar to Monster Hunter more or less, you have several different MAIN areas that are broken up into smaller Sub Areas to go through on your path

    DLC Possibilities- Any gaming company can just make a DLC add-on for an adventure that they design, opening up a LARGE realm of possibilities for expansions

    Phew, took me about 45 minutes but I got it all down to the point where I feel much less OCD about getting it written down.

    If you've actually read this far, what are your thoughts/comments?
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    posted a message on Futurecraft
    I posted a section on energy storage and usage in your forum, please check it out

    I posted a section on energy storage and usage in your forum, please check it out

    I posted a section on energy storage and usage in your forum, please check it out

    I posted a section on energy storage and usage in your forum, please check it out

    Thank you

    (had to be quadruple sure :3)
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