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    Ridiculous World

    Ridiculous World is a new mod to add biomes to Minecraft. My favorite biomes have always been the fantastic and unrealistic ones like Mushroom Island, Deadlands, and Ominous Woods. The aim is to make the world a little more interesting than just a few real-world biomes and trees.

    Downloads can be found on the CurseForge page when they're approved:


    - Addition: Botanical Garden biome. I herd u like Botania.
    - Change: Included Othlon's sexy new textures
    - Bugfix: Bubblegum Trees drop the right saplings.
    - Bugfix: Mobs no longer change states when you're not looking
    - Bugfix: Skeletal horses should no longer glitch clientside

    - Addition: Shadow Fen biome. Careful. It's dark.
    - Addition: Bubblegum Trees now grow on Rock Candy Mountain
    - Addition: Emerald Ore now found in the Mountains of Madness
    - Addition: Custom crafting tables can now be made from wood from this mod
    - Addition: Wooden Stairs
    - Change: The Ossuary is no longer safe during the day.
    - Change: Rainbow Sheep now spawn on Rock Candy Mountain.

    - Addition: Thaumcraft aspects
    - Addition: Configs to adjust frequency of individual biomes
    - Addition: Trick or Treating mobs during October...
    - Addition: Shoggoths. Tekeli-li!
    - Addition: Mountains of Madness now contain Emerald Ore.
    - Change: Now uses the latest Forge. Will accept biome weights that aren't multiples of 10
    - Change: Murica is disabled by default and is no longer a magical biome
    - Removal: Cyclopean Ruins are removed for overhauling.


    - Spooky Forest

    - Ossuary

    - Rock Candy Mountain

    - M̭̖̹͘o͏҉̗͠ͅù҉̬̘̘̮̬n̖͇t̲͔̞̞ą̥̪͉̕̕i͚͉͚n̺͔̻̭̹͎̠̪͝ ͚̞͔ơ̶̦̖̦͔͎f̴̱̘̺͙̥̻͍̀͜ ̘͉̗̮M̭̖͚̙̕͢͟a̲̼͇d҉̸̳n̩̞̰͕̹̟̤͓͇e̦͔̳̰͍̭͢͝s͕̹͍͖͓̥s̢̹̻̙̞̥̯̲̕

    - Shadow Fen

    More Screenshots:

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    Forbidden Magic 0.575 has been uploaded to Curse and should be approved eventually.


    Just a minor bugfix, for people having trouble infusing the Shovel of the Purifier.

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    Forbidden Magic

    This is a small Thaumcraft 4 addon I've been working on to add a little "darkness" to Thaumcraft.

    Some of the current features include:

    • Five new wand cores, three of which add cross-mod interactions
    • Creative-only wand with infinite vis, for testing or shenanigans
    • New tools
    • New enchantments
    • A new craftable spawner that actually works without players nearby
    • Magical scribing tools to help with research
    • New flowers to help your thaumaturgy when Botania is installed
    • A new Blood Magic ritual to protect you from Warp
    • A new blood orb for blood mages who like to delve into the unspeakable

    The current focus of development is to add mechanics along two separate themes: Taint and Infernalism. Items will revolve around the use of taint for unscrupulous ends, or channeling the seven deadly sins to rule with the power of the Nether.

    Like my mod? Consider supporting me on Patreon.



    Here's an excellent spotlight by Haighyorkie:


    - Bugfix: Shovel of the Purifier and Pickaxe of Distortion infusion recipes no longer conflict with vanilla TC recipes when certain mods are present.

    - Bugfix: Sword of the Dragonslayer removed.
    - Bugfix: Botania flowers now follow the standard tooltip scheme
    - Bugfix: Extra padding added to Educational enchant so that it plays nicer with other mods
    - Bugfix: Cosmetic overrides can be removed from the Collar of Pain and Ring of Nutrition now

    - Change: Tainthistle mana generation is less erratic
    - Change: Crystal Scribing Tools now use durability in Easy Research Mode
    - Change: Collar of Pain and Ring of Nutrition can now use Botania's cosmetic overrides
    - Addition: Sword of the Dragonslayer. Give your Draconic Armor wearing friends a special gift today.

    - Bugfix: Pickaxe and Shovel of the Chameleon no longer unbreakable
    - Change: Botania recipes no longer use mana petals, keeping compatibility with the newest update of Botania
    - Addition: Terrasteel Caps. You asked for this.

    - Bugfix: Axe of the Skulltaker correctly drops player heads.
    - Bugfix: Blood Staff no longer nukes your inventory if you don't have LP
    - Bugfix: Eldritch Blood Orb damage properly syncs
    - Bugfix: Eldritch Blood Orb now updates LP max, sort of
    - Bugfix: Tainthistle no longer decays.
    - Change: LP costs for Blood Wand/Staff are cut in half
    - Change: Mana costs for Livingwood/Dreamwood Wand/Staff are slightly lower
    - Change: Conversion costs for LP or Mana can now be changed in the configs
    - Change: Consuming enchant now works on oredict'ed cobblestone. New garbage OreDict types can be added to the config.
    - Addition: Crystal Scribing Tools have a new use when Thaumcraft research is set to "Easy"

    - Bugfix: Tainted Tree and Tainted Stone researches should be obtainable now
    - Bugfix: Primal Crusher can now be enchanted with Consuming and Corrupting
    - Change: OreDict removed from sin shards
    - Change: Enchantments can be disabled in config
    - Change: Warp values lowered slightly
    - Change: Lust Shard drop rate increased. Giggity.
    - Change: Wand caps now use Botania's nuggets if available
    - Addition: Heretic villager
    - Addition: Profane Wand
    - Addition: EMC values for raw Thaumcraft items

    - Bugfix: Crystal Scribing Tools are craftable again
    - Bugfix: Enchantments are now weighted and should not cause crashes with randomly enchanted gear
    - Bugfix: Ball and Chain Goblins removed from Wrath Cage support due to funky rendering crashes.
    - Bugfix: Pech Mage and Stalker removed from Imprinted Crystal list. There's no way to handle those without serious hardcoding.
    - Bugfix: Botania flowers now affected by Overgrowth Seeds
    - Bugfix: Botania flowers now have icons in the Lexicon
    - Bugfix: Warp for Witchwood Wand restored
    - Change: Ars Magica 2 integration enabled by default because people don't read configs.

    - Bugfix: Blood Magic items no longer crash on trying to set owner
    - Bugfix: Plea of Delayed Insanity no longer crashes
    - Bugfix: Conversion wands no longer charge full price for fractional vis
    - Change: Vis crafting cost on the Dreamwood Staff toned down a wee bit

    - Bugfix: The mod will not even bother starting if you use an outdated version of Thaumcraft. This is why we can't have nice things.
    - Bugfix: The mod will abort adding cross-mod research if it can't find the items necessary for recipes because you're using an outdated version of that mod.
    - Bugfix: Impact enchantment should play nice with other mods now.
    - Change: Completely reorganized the Apocrypha tab
    - Change: Warp levels toned down
    - Change: A few researches are easier now
    - Change: Gluttony items can now be disabled or changed to Hardcore Mode recipes in the config
    - Change: Capitalism enchant now uses Greed Shards
    - Change: Thaumic Cake now uses Gluttony Shards
    - Change: Riding Crop is more encouraging
    - Change: Eldritch Blood Orb now returns the Primordial Pearl if successfully infused
    - Change: Crystal Scribing Tools no longer cost vis to refill
    - Addition: All seven sin shards are now obtainable
    - Addition: Ring of Nutrition - Cookies are actually filling now
    - Addition: Wand Focus: Blink - Walking is too much work
    - Addition: Primal Scribing Tools - They're back!
    - Addition: Tainted Tree - Spoopy
    - Addition: Tainted Stone
    - Addition: Twilight Forest support for the Wrath Cage

    - Bugfix: Eldritch Blood Orb is no longer consumed in orb recipes. For real this time.
    - Change: Eldritch Blood Orb is now tier 6 and requires a Transcendant Blood Orb and Primordial Pearl to craft. Updating will cause all existing eldritch blood orbs to vanish.

    - Bugfix: Eldritch Blood Orb no longer kills you in creative
    - Bugfix: Imprinting Crystal no longer displays oddly depending on NBT data
    - Bugfix: No more crash when clicking on obsidian or netherrack with a wand in the new TC focus system
    - Bugfix: Elementium Caps have a texture now. >.>
    - Bugfix: Collar of Pain no longer doubled in creative menu
    - Addition: Special Mobs support added to the Wrath Cage

    - Change: Gula is now made from Fames and Vacuos
    - Change: Collar of Pain now has an owner tag when right-clicked onto another player
    - Addition: Tainthistle. Keep your infusion room clean.
    - Addition: Bloodthorn. When you're too lazy to hunt blood shards yourself.
    - Addition: Elementium Caps. Because pink wands needed to be a thing.
    - Addition: Dreamwood Wand/Staff

    - Bugfix: Eldritch Blood Orb is no longer consumed in orb recipes
    - Bugfix: Eldritch Blood Orb actually has 80 mil LP cap now
    - Bugfix: Chameleon Tools won't count as "enchanted" on blank states
    - Bugfix: Disabling cross-mod wands but leaving Blood Magic enabled no longer crashes
    - Change: Mana costs on the Whisperweed increased
    - Addition: Collar of Pain
    - Addition: Plea of Delayed Insanity - Now you can finally have a safe place from Warp. Just never run out of LP or leave its area...

    - Bugfix: Fiery Core enchant works with the newer version of Thaumcraft
    - Removed: Transcendant Blood Orb, Scribing Tools of Thoth, Eternal Enchantment. KAMI is no longer headcanon.
    - Removed: Porcivore Enchantment. Mojang broke it for no apparent reason.
    - Addition: Bound Scribing Tools. Ritual of Binding works on crystalline things, right?
    - Addition: Eldritch Blood Orb
    - Addition: Voidtouched Enchantment
    - Addition: Impact Enchantment
    - Addition: Wrath Enchantment
    - Addition: Euclidaisy. Shhhhhhh, don't tell Vazkii. ;)
    - Addition: Whisperweed. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ;)
    - Addition: Compatibility configs to disable interactions with other mods in case you want everything separate.
    - Change: Witchwood Wand and Staff are restored, but disabled in the configs by default.
    - Change: Rapier of the Strix now has warping and self-repair like other void tools.

    - Bugfix: No longer has allergic reactions to Natura
    - Bugfix: No longer throws an exception when trying to reflect info from Thaumcraft
    - Change: Rapier of the Strix now made from Void Sword
    - Change: Warp levels lowered
    - Change: Shovel of the Purifier now removes flux goo/gas in an area when right-clicked
    - Change: Umbral Roses now spreads from a bush. Actually spreads again.

    - Bugfix: KAMI research no longer crashes the client when opened

    - Addition: Strix Rapier, for when you're sick of people in Bound Armor picking on you
    - Change: Lots and lots of Warp!
    - Change: Updated for Minecraft 1.7.10
    - Change: Livingwood Wand mana costs lowered

    - Bugfix: Mod should no longer crash when fire charge aspects are tampered with
    - Change: Witchwood Wands are now purple to match the new look

    - Bugfix: Mod now plays nice with newer versions of Thaumic Tinkerer

    - Bugfix: Pickaxe of Distortion will mine special blocks at the correct speeds now
    - Change: Updated to 1.7.2 thanks to joshie
    - Removed: Eldritch, Totemic, and Witchwood Wands are temporarily disabled.

    - Bugfix: Totemic Wand Core is now craftable. Way to go, Pokefenn.
    - Bugfix: Will no longer throw a NullPointerException when another mod tampers with the recipes for gold armor.
    - Change: Witchwood Wand costs less mana.
    - Change: Livingwood Wand costs more mana.
    - Change: Neutronium Wand is now marked as Creative Only in case the 9001 vis weren't a clue.
    - Change: Chinese translation is cleaned up thanks to crafteverywhere
    - Change: Umbral Rose growth rate un-nerfed slightly
    - Change: Chameleon Tools can now have separate anvil names per mode
    - Change: Chameleon Pickaxe with the Eternal enchant can now be used in the Arcane Bore without ever breaking.
    - Change: Bloody Scrivener's Tools can now use LP from within the research table. Durability on them drastically decreased for if you run out of LP.
    - Addition: Witchwood Staff - Faster and less expensive than the wand
    - Addition: Neutronium Staff - In case you wanted a staff instead of a wand. o_O
    - Addition: Scribing Tools of Thoth - Another pointless Kami item

    - Bugfix: Now uses the Blood Magic API. Is compatible with Blood Magic 1.0.1 and up
    - Bugfix: Witchwood Wand no longer causes a crash if used with outdated versions of Ars Magica 2. Wand is still useless without a compatible version of AM2.
    - Change: Transcendent Blood Orb and Bloody Scrivener's Tools can now be bound with keys like other Blood Magic items
    - Addition: Chinese translation! Courtesy of Mrkwtkr

    - Bugfix: Apocrypha tab no longer crashes if Player Beacons is present in non-TC mode.
    - Change: Livingwood Wand's proc rate decreased, but will now charge all five aspects at once

    - Bugfix: Mod no longer crashes if Thaumic Tinkerer is not present. (People do that? o_O)
    - Bugfix: Blood Staff now displays its owner in the tooltip
    - Change: Nether Star Block now registered in the Ore Dictionary as "blockNetherStar"

    - Bugfix: Missing aspects are finally fixed
    - Bugfix: Wrath Cage no longer drops experience when broken
    - Change: Superbia removed from Ender Pearls
    - Change: Growth rate on Umbral Roses slightly increased
    - Change: Blood Rod now requires infusing in a Blood Altar to be used in a wand
    - Change: Research difficulties decreased across the mod to be more in line with TC 4.1
    - Change: Most enchantments now have support for the Osmotic Enchanter
    - Removed: "No New Aspects" config
    - Removed: Tainted Arts Tab
    - Addition: Lord of Hellfire research
    - Addition: Totem Wand, for Totemic compatibility
    - Addition: Livingwood Wand and Manasteel Caps, for Botania compatibility
    - Addition: Blood Staff, for Blood Magic compatibility
    - Addition: Nether Star Block
    - Addition: Transcendent Blood Orb, for Kami and Blood Magic compatibility
    - Addition: Eternal enchantment, for Kami compatibility

    - Bugfix: Now compatible with Blood Magic 0.7.3 and up
    - Bugfix: Beds actually have Desidia on them
    - Bugfix: Gluttony Shards have aspects now
    - Addition: Riding Crops
    - Addition: Luxuria aspect added to Leads
    - Addition: Crystal Scribing Tools

    - Bugfix: Now compatible with Player Beacons 1.2.2
    - Bugfix: Wrath Cage no longer throws a NullPointerException when right clicked with an empty crystal
    - Change: Growth rate on Umbral Roses nerfed yet again
    - Addition: Aspects are now added to several Blood Magic items if both mods are present.

    - Change: Research modified to be more in line with TC 4.1's research system.
    - Change: Wrath Cages rewritten to work with TC 4.1's new pipe system. Cage now only applies suction to a single essentia type at a time and is cycled by right-clicking with the Diabolist Fork.
    - Change: Infernus removed from Soul Sand.
    - Change: Consecutive bites of Thaumic Cake no longer cause you to transcend mortal needs.
    - Change: Interdisciplinary research is now tagged for both mods.
    - Addition: Corrupting Enchant, for getting nether shards in the overworld.
    - Addition: Gluttony Shards. Only available through the Corrupting enchant for now.
    - Addition: Bloody Scrivener's Tools, for when you just don't want to stop researching.
    - Addition: Config to allow the Wrath Cage to accept ANY non-boss mob as an imprint.

    - Bugfix: Stopped aspects from Natura logs from leaking all over the rest of the Ore Dictionary. No more angry logs.
    - Change: All non-Taint research moved into the "Apocrypha" tab.
    - Change: All changes to vanilla TC removed.
    - Change: Gula removed from Rotten Flesh.
    - Change: Aspects fixed for Alchemical Caps.
    - Change: Gula added to Dartcraft bacon.
    - Change: Luxuria added to Saddles.
    - Change: Invidia added to Comparators.
    - Change: Ira added to Fire Charges and Ghast Tears.
    - Change: Desidia amount on Beds increased.

    v0.231 Hotfix:
    - Bugfix: Fixed the NullPointerException when punching mobs

    - Bugfix: Mod is now compatible with beta builds of TT. Will now manually check whether Infusion Enchanting has been moved or not.
    - Bugfix: Sloth Shards no longer floppy.
    - Bugfix: Eldritch Wand now checks whether or not the Player Beacon is actually functioning.
    - Change: Tainted research is now moved into a Taint tab. If Thaumic Exploration is present and has a taint tab, will use their tab instead.
    - Change: Greedy and Educational enchants no longer compatible
    - Change: Emerald Transmutation now has a config to disable it
    - Addition: Config to disable all the new aspects. Will also disable the entire Infernalism tree.
    - Addition: Witchwood Wand, uses AM2 mana for vis
    - Addition: Vinteum, Alchemical, and Ender Caps. Provide discounts for associated cross-mod wands.

    - Change: Umbral Roses are nerfed again. The world has been swallowed by darkness.
    - Change: Emerald Nuggets and Chameleon Tools now using Dylan4ever's textures.
    - Addition: Eldritch Wand, uses Player Beacon to generate vis at the cost of your soul
    - Addition: Blood Wand, uses blood to generate vis
    - Addition: Educational enchant. Get some learnin'

    v0.21 Hotfix:
    - Bugfix: Trying to attune Wrath Cages to Ghasts no longer destroys everything you know and love. Thanks, Vazkii. :P
    - Bugfix: Config to disable Greedy enchant actually works
    - Bugfix: Wrath Cage appears in creative tab
    - Change: Greedy enchant's drop rate is raised
    - Change: Sloth Shard drop rate is raised
    - Change: Umbral Rose's spread rate is reigned in slightly

    - Bugfix: Chameleon Tool research has the correct aspects and the recipes now work
    - Bugfix: Mod should no longer throw a NullPointerException when Iguana Tweaks messes with vanilla tool recipes.
    - Bugfix: Netherwart now has 1 Infernus instead of 4
    - Bugfix/Change: Chameleon Sword can no longer block.
    - Change: Sloth Shards were too lazy to even drop. Drop rate increased.
    - Change: Umbral Roses now spread more aggressively.
    - Change: All Infernalism research has been moved to the Infernalism tab instead of cluttering up Artifice. "Duplicate" research buttons used to indicate prerequisites. As usual, enabling "Don't Be That Guy" in the configs will return the Infernal Furnace and Wand Focus: Nine Hells to their original forms if you don't like the change.
    - Change: Now using Flaxbeard's Diabolist Fork and Shovel of the Purifier textures.
    - Addition: Fiery Core, Greedy, Consuming, and Porcivore enchantments

    - Bugfix: Fixed NullPointerException crash when killing beheadable mobs with bare hands or a FakePlayer
    - Change: Switched Pickaxe of Distortion texture with Nieue's
    - Change: Changed Tainted Wand texture
    - Change: Moved Imprinting Crystals to a separate tab
    - Addition: Added some aspects to TT:Kami and Natura
    - Addition: Chameleon Tools. They're still a Work In Progress.

    v0.1: Released the mod


    Downloads are now available on the CurseForge page. Older versions can still be found in this thread.


    Old versions:

    Minecraft 1.6.4:

    Prerelease 0.24 (Mediafire) Requires Thaumcraft 4.0
    Prerelease 0.32 (Mediafire) Requires Thaumcraft 4.1
    Prerelease 0.333 (Mediafire) Requires Thaumcraft 4.1
    Prerelease 0.34 (Mediafire) Requires Thaumcraft 4.1

    Thaumcraft 1.7.2:
    Prerelease 0.41b (Mediafire)

    Thaumcraft 1.7.10
    Prerelease 0.51 (Mediafire)

    Install Instructions:

    Install Forge and Thaumcraft 4, and then drop this mod's .jar file into your mods folder.

    Known Bugs:

    None! Hopefully.


    I like modpacks. A lot. Like, I can't even remember the last time I played a single mod by itself. I grant blanket permission to use my mod in any modpack, but reserve the right to change my mind.

    Keep in mind that my mod requires Thaumcraft to run and I do not have the authority to grant permission for that.


    Distribution of Forbidden Magic in binary or source form is subject to the terms of the WTFPL.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: This mod is stopping me from researching Ichor! ಠ_ಠ
    A: That's not even a question! And, no, the mod isn't. Forbidden Magic is programmed to load after Thaumic Tinkerer does. The research for FM doesn't even exist during the time TT is scraping the Thaumonomicon to figure out Ichor prereqs. Forbidden Magic research is not, and never has been, a prerequisite for Ichor research. If you're having problems, it's not FM's fault. Take it up with the other mods in your pack or with the TT authors.

    Q: What other mods does Forbidden Magic interact with?
    A: The following are all the mod interactions:
    - Thaumcraft: Kind of required.
    - Thaumic Tinkerer: Certain enchants can be used in the Osmotic Enchanter after being researched
    - Blood Magic: There are a few Blood Magic toys that will run off of LP as well as a new ritual. FM also adds TC aspects to most BM items.
    - Botania: There's wands for converting Botania mana into vis as well as a few new flowers.
    - Natura: A few of the sin aspects are added to Natura items.
    - Twilight Forest, Witchery: A few mobs have sin aspects added.
    - Special Mobs: Special mobs can be spawned in the Wrath Cage
    - Equivalent Exchange 3: Adds EMC values for various Thaumcraft items

    Q: Have you thought of Witchery integration?
    A: Yes, I have. I love Witchery. It's one of my favorite mods. Witchery Integration has definitely been a thing I've thought about. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't.

    Q: What's the deal with the Eldritch Wand?!
    A: The Eldritch Wand offers cross-mod compatibility when Player Beacons is installed. When Player Beacons isn't installed, the wand isn't available. If you see a FM wand in NEI and can't figure out how to get it, there's a good chance it's probably a conversion wand for a mod you don't have.

    Unless you're playing FM for 1.7. Then it's just disabled for the time being.

    Q: Is there world gen?
    A: At the moment, no, there is no world gen in this mod. Feel free to drop it in an already existing world.

    Cheat Sheet/Guide:
    Warning: There are spoilers in this spoiler.

    You sure you want to be spoiled?
    New Aspects:
    Infernus, The Nether : Ignis + Praecantatio
    Infernus can be found on Netherrack, Netherwart, Nether Portals, Nether Stars, and most Nether mobs

    Ira, Wrath : Ignis + Telum
    Ira can be found on TNT, Fire Charges, Ghast Tears, Creepers, Zombie Pigmen, and Angry Zombies

    Gula, Gluttony : Fames + Vacuos
    Gula can be found on Cookies, and Cake.

    Invidia, Envy : Sensus + Fames
    Invidia can be found on Eyes of Ender, Comparators, and Endermen.

    Desidia, Sloth : Vinculum + Spiritus
    Desidia can be found on Beds and Ocelots.

    Superbia, Pride : Volatus + Vacuos
    Superbia can be found on Ender Pearls, Gold Armor, Gold Swords, Nether Stars, and Endermen.

    Luxuria, Lust : Corpus + Fames
    Luxuria can be found on Saddles, Leads, Riding Crops, Taintacles, and Twilight Forest bunnies.

    Nether Shards:
    Wrath Shards drop from killing hostile mobs in the Nether. Using a more powerful sword or enchants such as Sharpness or Smite increase the drop chance.

    Sloth Shards drop from mobs killed in the Nether by anything other than a player. Dropping mobs off a cliff, or grinding them with a "Fake Player" such as a Turtle or Dynamism Tablet causes them to drop.

    Envy Shards can be seen carried by Zombie Pigmen sometimes. Killing the zombie pigman yourself while in the Nether causes the shard to drop.

    Pride Shards drop when a boss is killed in the Nether. This can be the Wither, or any boss added by another mod that has the standard boss health bar, as long as it is in the Nether.

    Lust Shards have a chance of dropping whenever you flog a mob with a Riding Crop. You don't need to kill the mob. The chance is per-hit.

    Gluttony Shards have a chance of dropping every time you eat food.

    Greed Shards have a chance of dropping every time you kill a mob with Looting or mine Nether Quartz with Fortune.

    Blood Magic
    Flux Taint potions can be brewed in a Blood Magic brewing stand from Flux Goo.

    Blood Seal potions can be brewed from Tainted Blood Shards, which drop from tainted mobs that have been afflicted with Weakness III.

    The Bound Scribing Tools are obtained by throwing a Crystal Scribing Tool into a Ritual of Binding. When they run out of ink, they can be right clicked
    to refill themself at the cost of 10000 LP and giving you a burst of research points.

    The ritual Plea of Delayed Insanity layout is as follows:

    The ritual costs 20k LP to activate and costs 10k LP per person every 30 seconds. It applies Warp Ward to everyone within its area of effect, providing you with a safe sanctuary from Warp as long as you have enough LP. It may or may not have adverse effects on your long-term sanity, though, so running out of LP or walking out of its area is not recommended.


    Azanor, for creating Thaumcraft 4
    Vazkii, Killajoke, and LycaonX for their help creating this mod
    Othlon, for the Diabolist Fork, Shovel of the Purifier, Tainted Planks, Tainted Stone, and Tainted Stone Brick textures
    Dylan4ever for the Emerald Nugget, Chameleon Tools, and Bound Shears textures
    WayOfTime for making Blood Magic, and Pokefenn for assisting with the Blood Wand
    Mithion for making Ars Magica 2
    Succubism, for creating the cheat sheet that helped me through many hours of TC4 and inspired the creation of this mod
    Nieue, for his Pickaxe of Distortion texture
    zamboze, for the texture used in the Apocrypha tab
    crafteverywhere, for the Chinese translation
    joshie for helping update to 1.7.2

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    Quote from SynfulChaot»

    Does that mean that FM2 won't have any of the cool cross-mod wands and items that FM has?

    Cross-mod wands will be their own separate mod.
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    Quote from AmpedShrapnel»

    Anyone else having trouble crafting the Dragonslayer sword? It seems like the recipe listed isnt correct, the infusion wont even start...

    EDIT: Turns out the Ender Pearl in the recipe has the id of 268:2 instead of the standard ID of 268. (I'm playing on FTB Infinity Evolved 2.4.2 so it might not be a problem on Spiteful Fox's end.)

    Looks like a problem on my end. Thank you for catching that. I'll have it fixed in the next update. You'd think someone would've said something before now. >.<

    Quote from dylamb6»

    is 1.8.9 a thing on your list? no? ok. if yes. where? low or high?

    Forbidden Magic 2 will be 1.8, but don't hold your breath.


    Honestly? The Sword of the Dragonslayer was added to FM in January because I felt it addressed a glaring problem in pvp. The recipe has been uncraftable this entire time and I'm literally just NOW hearing about this. The fact that I keep designing these items that nobody bothers using anyway is NOT encouraging me to continue modding.

    Edit 2:

    Looks like the new Draconic Evolution includes counter-code that now makes the wearer literally immune to dying. This is beyond ridiculous. I'm not going to even bother. It would just be us going back and forth with counter-code until one of us makes the game crash and then gets our own FTB Unhinged pack.

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    Quote from PhishinaBowl»

    Is there any point to this sword OTHER then being pissed that someone else has powerful armor and you can't kill them? Seems like a REALLY easy sword to get with minimal work that allows you to defeat someone who had to put hours of grind in to get that armor. Seems INCREDIBLY unbalanced in the favor of FM. Why is there no boss fight or other mechanic that makes getting this sword actually take some effort?

    There's a suit of armor that lets players curb stomp anyone else with impunity, but the sword that can damage them is the real unbalance?
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    Forbidden Magic v0.573 has been uploaded to CurseForge and will be approved shortly. Barring any catastrophic bugs, this will probably be the last update. The modding community has started moving onto 1.8 and I have no plans on doing a direct port of Forbidden Magic. If there is an update, it'll probably be a reboot in the form of "Forbidden Magic 2".

    - Change: Tainthistle mana generation is less erratic
    - Change: Crystal Scribing Tools now use durability in Easy Research Mode
    - Change: Collar of Pain and Ring of Nutrition can now use Botania's cosmetic overrides
    - Addition: Sword of the Dragonslayer. Give your Draconic Armor wearing friends a special gift today.

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    posted a message on [TC4 Addon] Forbidden Magic - v0.575

    Forbidden Magic v0.572 has been uploaded to CurseForge and should be approved shortly.

    - Bugfix: Pickaxe and Shovel of the Chameleon no longer unbreakable
    - Change: Botania recipes no longer use mana petals, keeping compatibility with the newest update of Botania
    - Addition: Terrasteel Caps. You asked for this.

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