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    I am disappointed with the status of unarmed combat in Minecraft. No one engages in hand-to-hand combat by throwing their right fist over and over and jumping around a bit.

    My suggestion is this: You could enter a boxing stance by pressing "u" on a computer or holding both L2 and R2 (RB and LB on Xbox) on console, deselecting your hotbar entirely and raising your fists up like they are when you hold up a map. Pressing the left mouse button throws punches with alternating fists doing 4 damage, while the right brings your fists up to block, reducing damage by 25%, except for potions of harming.

    In addition, punching through glass blocks or panes in a boxing stance would damage anyone behind them by 5 health points (due to glass shards), but damage the puncher by 3 (due to punching glass). Sprinting continuously for three seconds before an attack would double your knockback.

    When moving in boxing stance, the more armor you have on, the slower you will move, except for leather armor. Each piece of Gold/Iron/Chainmail armor you're wearing will slow you down by 10%, while each piece of diamond will slow you down by 20%.

    This would be useful for any time your sword breaks; I just suggested it because I like punching things, though.

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    posted a message on Shrek Boss in Minecraft

    10/10 support. The best suggestion I've read on these forums for awhile.

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    posted a message on Date Palms (new Tree/Fruit)

    Usually, spawning in desert biomes, especially in large biomes mode, is a death sentence, mainly due to the lack of food and trees, which makes sense, after all, deserts aren't known for being hospitable; But when I walk up on an oasis, I should be able to find food and wood here as I would if I was really lost in the Arabian/Saharan desert, hence my suggestion of date palms.

    For those unaware and too lazy to google, dates are fruits which grow in the desert, mainly in countries such as Egypt, Iran, and Arabia in the middle-east and Sahara. They were a very vital food source in ancient times, though they have now been replaced somewhat by exported food.

    So anyways, date trees would spawn near... oasisis? oasi? oases? Oases. Anyways, the trees would grow near oases, and a unique wood, leaf, sapling, and fruit would be introduced. The logs could not be crafted into planks, but four logs could be made into a crafting table, and two could be made into a stick (To preserve the difficulty of Deserts, and because date trees aren't used for making houses all that often). The leaf blocks would drop 2-4 dates on being broken. Dates themselves would restore three hunger points and restore 2.5 saturation.

    Trees would be 6 blocks tall and have a flat patch of leaf blocks in a + sign, like you'd expect from a palm tree. The Date saplings would be like normal saplings, but would grow on sand, red sand, and coarse dirt, and have to be within 5 blocks of a water source to be planted or grow. Date Saplings would turn into dead bushes after around 5 minutes if the water source they were planted near was destroyed.

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    posted a message on More Slime stuff

    Ok, so I had an idea, and I searched for Slime, got about 3 related results in the whole listing, the rest were just random. Also: The full editor is stupid, it deletes all the empty lines, like you'd never pressed enter, to I have to put those back every time.

    • So here's my (first) idea: Slime slabs and panes

    When the player right clicks a block with a slimeball, it places a slimy green semi-translucent block, about the size of snow (not snow blocks, but the thin snow), it slows the player down and can be broken to give a slime ball. It is most easily harvested by hand, and occurs naturally in slime spawning areas. Also it can be placed on a wall where it will become a Slime Pane.

    • My next idea: Slime caves

    My next idea is a new generated structure, called a Slime Cave, the slime cave looks a series of caves that stay rather flat (not going very much higher or lower at any spot than any other spot). These caves are often covered in slime slabs and slime panes, with slimes spawning here excessively, and other mobs having a much lower chance to spawn.In addition, there would be a room with slime spawners and a giant slime for a "boss" of sorts, he wouldn't drop anything special though, he's just a very large slime who would split into 4 large slimes.New: May contain some of those new slime blocks that they're adding in 1.8, not really sure how that would work so post ideas.

    • My Third idea: More Slime colors

    (Currently the most liked idea in the poll.)More slime colors: So, you're probably thinking "well what if I don't want it to be green" (well, you're probably not thinking that, but still) so, I have a solution for you: Slimeballs could be dyed (crafted with dyes) to make another color slimeball, and therefore another color slime slab.But it doesn't stop there, Slimes will actually have a 5% each chance of spawning (40% chance total) in the following colors:

    • darker Green
    • red
    • orange
    • yellow
    • blue
    • pink
    • black
    • white

    This really has no effect other than aesthetics, and one can die them into ordinary Slimeballs using lime dye.New: The player can also dye slimes directly, you want all your slimes you spawned green? just right click the slimes themselves with lime dye.This would also allow map makers with custom resource packs to re texture a certain color of slime, for example: A map maker making a partially undersea level could texture yellow slimes to look like sponges, then spawn in several slimes, and color some yellow to make the look like sponges while dying others blue to blend in with the water and a third group green for enemies on land.Example two: A map maker could texture red slimes to look like dirt, yellow ones to look like stone and white ones to look like diamond ore, then spawn slimes in various locations and dye them into a camouflaged color to ambush the player on their map. The Slime blocks would also be dyable. Also, name a Slime jeb_ for a rainbow slime.

    • Magma cubes

    Per request of Roundninja, I'm putting this section here.Magma cubes, like slimes have their own equivalent of the ideas I've proposed for slimes. Magma Cube Panes and Slabs currently have no differences from their Slime equivalents other than appearance.Magma cubes would have Magma Cube Caverns, covered in Magma Cream Slabs. Magma Cube Caverns are larger and more spacious than Slime caves, but lava often generates inside of them.Magma cubes can also be died, but they can only be died certain colors:

    • Red (They look brighter red)
    • Orange (They look similar to lava)
    • White (Look brighter than they were before)
    • Black (Look like their original form)

    I know this is short, but I already explained how these things' Slime counterparts function and work, and the Magma Cube versions are the same unless specified otherwise..Other


    • White Slimes look a slightly pale blue tinted clear color, and are much more translucent than other colors.
    • Please view this, it's sort of a forth idea of this suggestion: http://www.minecraft...th-a-new-twist/

    Gallery Slime Slab, made with Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Here's a banner, please put it in your signature to attract more readers: make sure to post the URL elsewhere in your signature so people don't just get horribly lost looking for this post.

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    posted a message on SADDLES

    A well thought-out and extremely descriptive suggestion, I definitely support.

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    posted a message on Golem attack GUI

    Essentially, I noticed that Iron Golems are only capable of protecting you from hostile mobs, and not hostile players; They will hunt down and murder so much as a silverfish in your house, but someone can just sit next to your bed and spawnkill you, and the Golem will do nothing. Here's my suggestion:

    When you right-click on a golem which you have created, it opens a GUI with two columns and two corresponding spaces above the columns where you can write names. Entering a player's name would cause them to show up on the column, though an "x" would be present next to their name to allow you to remove them

    One column would be labelled "never attack", and the Golem would not attack anyone on this list, even if it were hit by them. Entering /all as a name would cause the Golem to be completely passive to all players.

    The other would be labelled "always attack", and the Golem would actively go after the players on this list even if it was never attacked by them. Entering /all as a name would cause the Golem to attack anyone who was not it's owner, excepting those who are on the never attack list.

    Players not on either list would be treated neutrally by the golem, excluding the player, who the iron golem would always be passive towards.

    This way, you could have your golems defend your multiplayer house from your enemies when you're unable to, make sure your friends wouldn't accidentally hit your golem and be killed by it, make sure only your teammates can get into your house, etc.

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    posted a message on More Slime stuff

    Here's another picture taken with resource packs showing off the slime panes in a slime cave.

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    posted a message on Sea Ice ocean

    The Sea Ice ocean would be a variation of the deep ocean, covered in floating chunks of ice.

    Like in other cold biomes, Snow would fall instead of rain, but unlike in them, water wouldn't freeze on it's own just from being exposed to the open air (to prevent it from just becoming another frozen ocean biome).

    Guardians would rarely spawn naturally, giving some incentive for players to enter this difficult-to-navigate biome.

    (Note: Being simple ≠ being vague)

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    posted a message on Shields!
    Consider the search bar.
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    posted a message on Dolphins!
    Have them spawn naturally in forests.

    Either way, support.
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