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    Yeah,I guess so.
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    This mod includes 5 new blocks,3 new ingots,2 new items, and 7 new swords.

    Mod Topic:This mod focuses on swords and their abilities + ores. What this mod does is,it spawns special ore into the world capable of creating powerful weapons. Some ores are tricky to find and others are not.

    Download Here: http://www.mediafire...b4w2czltztkre1d


    WeakOre: An ore that spawns in mountains and underground,this ore is so weak that you can mine it with your hands. When broken you will get weak ingot.

    AshBlock: A burnt block that spawns beneath the ground and when broken it gives you ash.

    LightningOre: A lightning ore that when broken you get a lightning ingot.

    GravityOre: A special ore that can be used to make a powerful weapon,when this ore is broken you get a gravity ore.

    SwordStone: A very hard block to break and very rare. This block is known to hold a special gem inside of it. This Stone will spawn deeper underground than the other ores/blocks.


    WeakIngot: A very weak ingot,you can get this from WeakOre.

    LightningIngot: A strange electrical ingot that comes from LightningOre.

    GravityIngot: A powerful ingot that has strange abilities,you can get this ingot from GravityOre.


    Ash: A black burnt dust,you can get this from the AshBlock.

    SwordGem: An ancient gem used for crafting legendary swords,you can get this item from the SwordStone.


    WeakSword: A fragile sword that can break in one hit.
    2 Weak Ingots and 1 stick.

    AshSword: A sword made out ashes. When this sword hits a mob it can set it on fire.
    1 Weak Sword and 2 pieces of Ash.

    LightningSword: A sword made out of electricity. When this sword strikes a mob lightning will come down. Be careful.
    1 Weak Sword and 2 Lightning Ingots.

    GravitySword: A forceful sword that can knock back the enemy far.
    1 Weak Sword and 2 Gravity Ingots.

    AshLightningSword: A special sword that when hits a mob it sets them on fire. If you right click with this weapon it will start raining. When this weapon is created it starts to rain.(Sorry,I couldn't add lightning affects to this weapon.)
    1 Ash Sword,a Sword Gem,and a Lightning Sword.

    DeathsBlade: A powerful weapon capable of knock back and fire affect. Right clicking with this weapon spawns Zombie Pigmen. When this weapon is created the time sets 16000(night time).
    1 Gravity Sword,a Sword Gem,and 1 obsidian block.

    ElectricGravitySword: An extremely powerful sword,when hits an entity that entity will go flying and get hit by lightning at the same time. Right clicking with this weapon causes it to rain. Creating this weapon will also cause it to rain.
    1 Lightning Sword,a Sword Gem,and a Gravity Sword.

    How To Install:
    Requires ModLoader - http://www.minecraft...minary-updates/
    1.Download ZIP. file
    2.Extract the ZIP. file into minecraft jar.
    3.Run your minecraft
    4.Have Fun (:

    Known Problems:
    1.Rain effect only last for a short while.
    2.When spawning the Zombie Pigman from DeathsBlade one of the Zombie Pigmen will be glitched.
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