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    Preferred name: Gingy

    Age (aren't too strict about this, but we are building a mature community): 16

    Discord tag: Gingy#9095

    Minecraft username: TisGingy

    Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your favorite building style? Why do you like SMP servers?: Well, you see, I have a distinct lack of personality, I suck at building and I'm too stupid to understand why I like SMP servers... But I sure do try! Nah, jkn. I make poor attempts to be funny (pretty evident), I like to mine... too much, and I'm generally looking to be a more social person, so I decided joining an SMP on my favourite game was the best way to do it. I guess rustic is my favourite building style? But if you wanna know what kinda style I actually build in, I like to call it "Terrible". I used to be really good at building but I've just lost my touch recently. I guess that's another reason I wanna join the SMP, because I really need to get better at Minecraft. I've been playing since 1.0 yet I still suck at most things. I'm almost like a speedrunner in the early game (up to getting diamonds) but then I loose motivation because I dont know what to do beyond that point.

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    IGN: GingerGingyBoi

    Age: 16

    Timezone: GMT+1

    Your plans on the server: I plan to not be the worst player on the server... scrap that, I hope to not be the worst player on the server lol. I don't have any exact plans, but in the long run I'd like to have made a huge main base, a farm area and a few shops. +trying to interact with other members of the community and help if they need it (So I can use them in the future for self-profit MWUHAHAHA!! Joking lol)

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    Discord: Gingy#9095

    Minecraft Username: GingerGingyBoi

    Age: 16

    How do you play Minecraft? (What do you focus on in survival?): Mining tbh. I love mining. But I play differently in an SMP, I love joining collaborative projects and adding to the community such as making shops or helping others if they're stuggling with materials or any projects they've taken on.

    What is your greatest achievement in survival Minecraft?: Um... I'm going to be honest, I dont think I've killed the Ender Dragon on my own XD. I've been playing since 2011 but I just havent really focused on the Survival mode until a few years ago when I joined my first SMP and ever since I just havent been able to go back to single player survival. So to answer what my greatest achievement in survival Minecraft is... I made an automatic storage sorter thingy a few days ago and I currenty have about 4 stacks of diamonds from fully legitimate mining for about 2 weeks... Yeah, that's about as good as it gets for me. (I have killed the dragon 3 times in the past and the wither twice in both hard and normal, but I did it with a friend of mine so it wasnt any challenge)

    What are the main reason(s) you applied?: I'm apart of a SMP at the moment, but it's so inactive that I see no point in staying. So I'm looking for a new group of people to play with.

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    IGN: GingerGingyBoi

    Age: 16

    Discord: Gingy#9095

    I'd like to join because ever since seeing the launch of HermitCraft 7, I've been wanting to get in on that SMP action. I've started a world on the PS4 with a close friend of mine, but know that i'd be missing out on the community aspects such as shops and stuff kinda dissapointed me. I have been apart of 2 Community worlds before (both in the past year), but both of the owners just kinda... ran away and left us to it XD. To put it simply, I'm looking for a good, friendly community made up of people for me to help and people to help me. That's pretty much it.

    ...BTW, I'm more of a builder than a Redstoner, but if i'm being honest my specialty is probably just mining. Not very impressive lol.

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    Hermit craft like server

    We have just started a new 100% vanilla survival server.
    with a few datapacks:
    - Double Shulker shells
    - AFK Display
    - Customizable Armour Stands
    - Dragon Drops Elytra
    - Multiplayer Sleep
    - More Mob heads

    We are looking for long term members which will help this community grow.

    16+ (Mature personality).
    No Greifing - will result in a ban.
    No PVP - unless both parties agree.
    X-ray, hacking and duping is not permited on any terms.
    Just be a decent person.

    - Age:
    - IGN:

    - Discord
    - Location:
    - Why you'd like to join:

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    I know people my age can tend to be immature and act like dicks, but you wouldnt get any of that from me :)

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