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    You can see it better in this screenshot...

    and then this one shows how it must have got here:

    So I can now answer the question, yes they can leave the ocean monument. Who would have thought it?

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    And the rather underwhelming next installment...

    So...I finally finished making my totally glass ocean-floor-under-the ocean-monument thing....and it's really underwhelming. You can't see that much through the glass blocks because of the stupid white marks they have on them. I'd planned to spend time lighting up the outside of the monument - working from the inside and placing sea lanterns at intervals in the walls - but I really don't know if I want to put a lot more effort into it. It's all something of a sidetrack as it is, and there's plenty of other things I could be doing. But on the other hand, what if it's fabulous once it's done? Or maybe it's better than I think but I'm jaded because I've spent so many hours staring up at it while I place the glass blocks one at a time.

    One thing that was interesting was that the supports aren't all even at the bottom - must depend on the terrain, so some end higher up where the terrain was higher. Well, not that interesting really, more like obvious when you think about it.

    Time to do something else for a while and then come back to it and see how I feel. The sensible next step is to make my base, particularly a large farm, which is going directly underneath the ocean monument, though not on this top level. I need to mine out the space in sections, including an area with very high ceiling for a tree farm. So yes, that next.

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    Yes, it worked! Thanks so much for clearing that up. :)

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    Also remember your crops don't grow if you're too far away. That's what I hate most - you're away for days, come back and nothing's grown. So that might be another reason why you're failing.

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    Having accidentally deleted my 'Preparing for the Apocalypse' world (another world had a similar name and I deleted the wrong one), that I was really enjoying, I decided to set myself a new challenge, and keep track of my progress here.

    I've previously done the 'underground' challenge successfully where you grab what you can and head underground to live, and decided to make a scenario based on that.

    There's a vague storyline in my head, that these are troubled times with civilistation at risk of total collapse, (or having collapsed) so it's safer to stay underground, 'off-grid', and borders between biomes operate like those between countries, with (invisible) border patrol, so that if I cross them above ground alarms will be triggered. Possibly my character is delusional and actually everything's fine. It doesn't have to be any more detailed than that, just enought so my rules make sense to me. Maybe I'll add some ruins and stuff above ground at some later date.

    I need to acknowledge TheMasterCaver, as it was a comment of his that inspired this idea - something like 'I do most of my exploring underground', which made me think about how you could explore above ground from underground. Though I think they meant exploring caves etc.


    Rules are flexible and I'll add more if I want to - I just seem to prefer playing with rules.

    General Rules

    1. Mark where I spawn, collect what I want and head underground at nightfall, at the spawn point

    2. All homes, farms, etc must be underground - no building to be done above ground and minimal impact on terrain

    3. I'm only allowed to surface during daylight and must be back undergound at nightfall

    4. Exploration and travel mainly underground - not allowed to cross biome boundaries above ground (can use F3 to check biome)

    5. Allowed one shaft to surface in each discovered biome, but must be inconspicuous

    New rules added as I go along

    6. I can explore by boat, but cannot go ashore other than where I started. I can stay in the boat overnight if need be

    7. Building, homes etc can also be underwater, if far enough away from land not to be easily detected

    8. I can infiltrate villages but must kill any villager that sees me

    9. I can use naturally occurring cave entrances on the surface to make routes underground, for example to bring animals underground, as long as I don't leave anything to show I've been there

    A purer version wouldn't allow use of F3, so that I'd have to surface say every 500 blocks to see what was there. But that would be so much harder, and I can justify it within my storyline by saying I have some sort of radar detector technology...or something. It detects the soil composition, and presence of large amounts of water, and...stuff like that.

    Oh, and I play completely Vanilla, on Normal mode.

    Starting out

    So, I created a new world and this is where I spawned:

    It's Forest Hills, not very exciting, so I don't waste any time exploring. I spend the day chopping down the nearest trees (the image above was taken after I'd already cleared some), and collecting some seeds and a little bit of dirt. I get a few apples which will have to do for food for now, as there are no animals in sight. I make plenty of ladders and a
    trapdoor and start down just before night fallsl:

    (I forgot to take screenshots at the time, so this is the next day, after the shaft is complete).

    I come across a cave halfway down and almost get killed by a skeleton, but manage to build a wall and kill it by hitting its legs - lucky all these monsters have their vital organs in their legs.

    Get a decent start with coal and iron ore, and make a furnace to smelt enough for a bucket so I can collect some water.

    I go right down to bedrock and test out how it would be to live there, which would have been my first choice, but with lava pouring out every time I try to expand, I decide it wasn't worth it - the cobblestone on the wall in this picture is where I've blocked off lava:

    So I go back up a little way and test it out until I'm sure I'm at least on the same level as the lava, ending up on layer 11, and build my first basic base:

    It's an 11x11 square with the shaft in the centre, going up to the surface and down to bedrock. I start a tunnel in the centre of each side, which will be used to explore and travel.

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    More Shenanigans

    I remember I haven't explored North yet - that lava spillage. I block it, tunnel up a bit, block in a lava lake and then remake my original tunnel. Then I tunnel onwards. Plains...river....forest....plains...river...plains...forest....plains...forest...river....forest...plains...forest....right up to 1000 blocks. I place rails on the way back, though I'm short by 200 or so that I'll fill in later.

    Back home, no slimes this time. I'm frequently hatching eggs, replenishing my arrows, and harvesting crops. Sugar cane is slow as I only have my small areas still - don't feel like working on my farm yet though, until I'm sure this will be my permanent base. If I find more exciting biomes I may want to move nearer.

    I head East, making a tunnel through the ravine and leaving doors both sides for later exploration. It's just as exciting as North was at first, but then I hit Ocean about 400 blocks from home. I go back a little way and make a shaft up at a point that should be the middle of a forest, but when I surface I find I'm just on the edge of water - must have been running along the edge of the forest, parallel to the ocean:

    I make a new rule, based on the exploration I did earlier by boat and what I feel fits in with my storyline, while allowing some fun:

    - I am allowed to explore by boat, but can only come ashore in the same biome where I began.

    I'll add that to my list. Also I'm allowed to spend the night in a boat if I have to (inevitable sometimes). I head as directly East as I can - my main aim is to get some motivation for all the tunnelling under ocean I'll have to do if I continue East. I pass some small islands and then I spot:

    My original idea was that I'd have to stay away from villages, but this is too tempting. I don't see any villages so I decide to creep in for a closer look. Once ashort I spot a farm plot that's a distance away from any buildings so I raid it - it's full of potatoes:

    I creep around a bit more, and have to kill two villagers who spot me:

    I've never killed villagers before and I feel awful about it, but you've got to do what you've got to do. I find some bookshelves and steal the books, then head off in my boat as it's getting dark:

    Being in the village in stealth made a nice change - I always wondered why they don't object at you stealing all their stuff from right under their noses.

    I have 68 potatoes, a decent haul, and around 20 books. The ocean seems to go on forever, until at around 2000 from home I find an Extreme Hills island. Better than nothing. I boat home again.

    I've decided I'm going to make my tunnels into a grid - around 2000 blocks N, S, E, W and then tunneling to join the ends of those tunnels up, and making halfway tunnels, so I'll end up with a 4000 block grid with 8 squares, each line 1000 blocks apart. Hopefully this will get me a good selection of biomes. It doesn't matter what order I make the tunnels in, so I'll probably go wherever seems more interesting, and I'll set rails as I go. I haven't tried Nether travel yet, but that might be a possibility too. I have done some Nether exploration, and it's something I want to do more of, so maybe later, once I've finished exploring my grid.

    I have 96 diamonds and 21 books, and 2 leather, so once back home I decide to make a start doing some enchanting, particularly some pickaxes would be good:

    I'm getting a little tired of being surrounded by plain stone, but it's in keeping with my living style at the moment - later I can make a fancy base, once I have some fancy stuff.

    I don't do too badly with my enchanting:

    I have 2 diamond pickaxes with Efficiency II, Silk Touch, a couple of Aqua Affinity helmets, and some enchanted diamond armour.

    I head off to the Western Plains where I know there are cows lurking somewhere. I find 3 cows and manage to snag a couple of sheep too in passing. I lead them to one of the surface caves, and block them in with a few dirt blocks. With them secured, I build a staircase down to meet my tunnel, and entice them down there:

    With a lot of pushing and pulling I get two of the cows and both sheep into a new animal pen and before they've even had time to settle in I have them breeding:

    One of the cows didn't want to come, but that's fine as I have other plans for her. I check I have all the supplies I need - Aqua Affinity helmets, plenty of buckets, stack of baked potatoes, sand and dirt....and head off to where I left the cow. This one seems to be glitched, as it won't step into any of the tunnels where there are rails. I can push it onto the rails though, and then I dig around to get in front of it and lead it with wheat. Weird.

    We get to the end of the tunnel, where I found the Ocean Monument, and I set up a temporary fenced area for my cow. I go up to scope out where exactly I am, and find I'm exactly in front of the Monument:

    I go out into the ocean for a better view - I want to see how far away the pillars are as I'm thinking I'll take the tip I got from Courageous Marinade and try to tunnel up through one - but I'm a bit over-confident, and I've forgotten how lethal the guardians can be, and when I'm attacked by two at once I panic, can't find my doorway, and end up getting dead. I respawn back at base, leg it (or minecart it at any rate) back, and manage to pick up all my equipment after a few tries, but this time I forget to check my air meter and drown! Head back again, luckily now everything's right next to the door so I sweep it up and reorganise my inventory. To think I'd planned not to die - I've died 3 times now. :(

    I redirect my tunnel, popping up every now and then to see where I am. I can see one of the support straight ahead, overshoot it, backtrack and finally instead of falling gravel and water I find:

    Such a feeling of success! I tentatively dig up through it, and pillar up till I hit water again - inside the monument. I test the sides of my shaft, and find a safe side to widen it to two blocks, so I can have a ladder and a torch in the shaft. I make a small room at the bottom of the ladder and bring my cow up to be a ready milk supply. I have to head back to the Plains as I haven't brought enough sand, but then I'm all set to start infiltrating the inside of the Monument:

    I get glimpses of guardians as I work, but I'm no longer a sitting duck and I look forward to wiping them out. I have 16 buckets to fill with milk and can work for a reasonably long time before having to go down for more - this will be more tedious as I get further into the monument, but at some point I'll be able to find and kill the Elder Guardians, which will make my work so much easier. I consider trying to get enough slime to use slime blocks, but it would take ages to get enough, and this method isn't too bad.

    When I drained my ocean monuments before I kept one intact and gutted the other, just to see what the inside space looked like. I prefer keeping things as they were whenever I can, but I'm having ideas of gradually replacing the prismarine with green glass blocks so the structure and layout is preserved but all visible, and I'll be able to see easily if I've missed any secret rooms. And see out at the sea. Yes. I think so...would make a lovely base....and a safe place to work out of for my off-grid living thing, no risk of being found by....whoever.

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    posted a message on Any "older" folks play Minecraft?

    I'm 54. My first experience of computer games was playing text adventures where you choose North, South, East or West, I think that was in the '80s, when we used floppy discs.

    I mostly play MC on my own though, haven't really got into multiplayer.

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    Next Chapter

    I now have full iron armour and an iron sword so I feel a lot more confident. I go to about halfway through the Plains and start my shaft to the surface. I decide to to risk just pillaring straight up, hoping that I'll hear any dangers like lava or water, though I'm not sure how much damage falling gravel or sand will do. I'm lucky and make it to the surface, but it's night so I place a trapdoor over the top and go back to base to make a clock, leaving my lovely new surface shaft:

    When I emerge there are a lot of sheep and I can hear a chicken. I do lots of shearing and find I've sheared a lot of grass too - I was going for seeds and didn't know you could collect grass that way:

    I decide to plant a birch tree to mark my trapdoor, which won't attract attention but since there aren't any other single trees growing on the plain hopefully I'll be able to find my way home:

    I find the chickens and collect some eggs and now it's already late so I head home. I make a bed and sleep in it, then since I'm really low on food I enlarge my farm area and make a small fenced area for chickens. Only one of my eggs hatches, but it's a start:

    I have a little more space for wheat now and a walkway round the outside so I won't step on the crops:

    Not pretty, but serviceable. While enlarging the area I break through into the ravine again, causing a small flood which I decide to leave in the corner. I also decide it would be pretty nice to make that whole wall into windows so I can see the ravine. I need sand on my next trip.

    Since my clock says it's nearly daybreak I head on up again. I find some sand and decide to try to catch some chickens. What would happen if I pushed one down my shaft?

    Turns out chickens can fly down ladders, and I end up with a little flock of chickens that I lead back to the chicken enclosure:

    Oh, I also decided no-one will notice if a kill a few sheep, so I now have some food as well. I go back up and manage to find some sugar cane - the first lot I saw was over the border in the neighbouring forest, so I can't get it. But I decide that the beach at the edge of a biome counts as part of that biome (it's right in the distance in this shot):

    I find some cave entrances and do a bit of exploring - not very exciting at first, but another one goes quite deep and I manage to collect an ender pearl and a few arrows and bones, and a spider eye (was hoping for string):

    I get lost a bit - I always get lost in caves, but use dead-end blocking and following my torches (I mostly put them on the right) to get back to the entrance:

    I mark the cave entrances with torches - they'll be handy if I want to get some sheep underground later.

    When I get back it's nightfall again, but I decide to wait rather than risk getting lost again. When it's light I head home, and realise I now have enough diamonds to make a full set of armour and a sword, but I decide to save them until I can enchant them.

    I use the sand I collected to make glass and make a - not very successful - start on my glass wall:

    I plant my very pathetic amount of sugar cane next to my water hole:

    It's a start anyway. I'll need plenty of sugar cane to make paper for books, and that reminds me I haven't found cows yet. Or maybe there were some in my original biome - I'll check that soon as I didn't look around all that much before tunnelling down, too occupied with getting wood.

    I decide to continue my tunnel to the South, past my farm area, and quite soon find Forest - a continuation of the Forest Hills I've started in, and doesn't really count as a separate biome. A short while later it turns into Plains, which is probably the same Plains I found to the West. I need to do a bit more scouting about above ground, mapping out the size of my biomes. Or I could do that below ground, making a grid of tunnels. That's probably the safer option, though time-consuming and tedious. I'll start making some rail tracks soon I think, along my main tunnels.

    I'm hoping to find Taiga, Jungle, and Desert. If I find any villages I think I need to stay away from them, unfortunately, but Jungle or Desert temples are fair game. Best of all I want to find a Stronghold, but that will probably be a long way from now. I also need to make a diamond pickaxe to mine some obsidian, so I can make a Nether Portal and get some blaze rods etc. Not absolutely urgent, but something to keep in mind. I have plenty of obsidian around anyway.

    I decide that for my next session I'll try to tunnel out a lot more in all four directions, and put in my main trainlines, so that I get a better idea of what's around me and can prioritise where to go. Maybe to around 1000 blocks in each direction for a start.

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    Starting to explore:

    I start by going South, and after mining some coal to the right I hit a lava lake. I make a cobblestone path across it, but decide to leave most of it as protection for now, as I can see a dark cave ahead and hear zombies moaning:

    There isn't an open way through as yet, so I decide to leave it for now and see what's in the other three directions. I have a habit of filling in any holes when I mine out ores and gems by the way, so if my screenshots have random patches of cobblestone it'll probably be from that.

    Heading North, I've only gone about 20 blocks when the tunnel starts to flood with lava:

    I decide to leave it and retreat for now. Looks like I'll have to tunnel up a little in that direction to make any progress.

    Heading West is more successful. I hit a few small lava caves, and collect some water, leaving behind some obsidian I can dig out later:

    A close encounter with a creeper when I'm digging out some dirt to use later and dig through to a second cave, but I'm able to kill it without triggering an explosion:

    I find lots of coal, iron and redstone, but best of all....


    and finally...

    Between caving I'm continuing to tunnel straight West and keep an eye on the biome. Only a few blocks from base it turns to Plains, which goes on for about 200 or so blocks, then I get beach, and beach and more beach. I want to see what's beyond the beach, but I must be travelling parallel to a coastline.

    FINALLY it changes to Ocean and within only a few step,s Deep Ocean. I keep this in mind for future reference - I may decide to try finding an Ocean Monument from below, which is something I haven't done before. Oooh yes, sounds like a fun thing to do.

    I head back to base with a stack of 20 diamonds. Nearly enough for a full set of armour. Only one direction left to tunnel in - East is next.

    Before heading East, I realise I'm down to 3 apples, when I have to eat one, so I decide to start a basic wheat farm with the 9 seeds I managed to collect.

    I decide to dig out a little area to the South, where I hadn't gone very far because I could see dark caves, but I had left a lava safety buffer area in case of invading monsters. As I'm digging it out I have a surprise:

    Right there next to me is a huge ravine. I decide my farm is going to be even smaller than I had thought, wall it back up and plant my seeds:

    I'm smelting cobblestone to make stone, and tidying up my walls, floors and ceilings as I go - don't know why since I'll probably change it all, but I like it to look neat. Just behind that back wall is the ravine.

    I made a little pool in my main room, so I'd have an infinite source of water. I'll make something better later but this will do for now:

    Then I start tunnelling from the main room, to the East, though I know what I'm going to find:

    Yes it's that ravine. And I'm no sooner through than the zombies start dropping on my head, and a skeleton attacks:

    The bat just happened to fly past as I took the screenshot, though I know it looks like it got hit by the arrow. So I deal with the immediate threat, stick a door at the end of my very short tunnel and decide to come back later:

    So, I have lava pouring into my tunnel to the North, Plains and Deep Ocean to the West, a farm to the South and a huge ravine to the East.

    Next I'm going to build a shaft up to the Plains biome and see what I find, as well as continuing tunnelling to the South as I should be able to tunnel parallel to the ravine if I'm careful.

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    I really like the idea of this map, but any chance of a hint on how to start? I tried mining cobblestone out of the walls, which of course doesn't work as I don't have a pickaxe, and then I tried swimming into the room below, but start to drown before I can do anything. I've looked around and can't see anything else to do.

    Also, it starts on creative mode, so I had to find a way to make it survival. For some reason I had a few random items in my inventory.

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