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    Warriors of CHAOS!!!

    Our humble clan is dedicated to the eradication of all other Minecrafters. We shall never fail in our task to kill, to maim, and to burn. However, we must never fight amongst eachother, for that shows weakness, and we are the indomitable! We dedicate ourselves to the gods, whether it's Khorne, the Blood God, the God of violence, and death, Nurgle, the God of plauges and diseases, Tzeentch, the God of change, Slaanesh, the God of pleasures and lusts, or even none especially, worshipping all equally.

    The few laws we have are as follows:
    -Never attack another clan member
    -Kill as much as possible
    -Try and get a Chaos Warrior skin
    - This is for the lazy, creativity is admired by the gods! (You may use this skin, but don't expect it to shoot you up the ranks.)
    -Dedicate yourself to a god/no god
    -Traitors shall be killed
    -Stealing is allowed if you are not caught. If you are caught, then let's just say you won't be living much longer.
    -Failing to destroy a base completely will result in demotion, or death.
    -Obey every order your superiors give you.

    The ranks are as follows:
    Warrior - The lowest rank, but still honourable, since you are given all permission to offer ideas and suggestions.
    Champion - A champion will be able to funnel ideas unto me, and furthermore, be able to order lower members around (as a squad leader, not slavemaster).
    Exalted Hero/Sorcerer - They will be able to control vastly larger numbers, and are the highest rank, with the exception of 2 people.
    Chaos Lord/Sorceror Lord - These are the two second in commands, but must be well trained in survival, and must never run.
    Daemon Prince - Me. I give the orders.

    I may give orders, but if you want to kill something, there is no need to go over it with me. In fact, that is how you get higher ranks, showing me that you are killing. Make a video, and show me your prowess, showing it to me live is even better.


    Put this in your signature. If you wish to add your god in, too, then by all means, but this is the most important.


    Our mighty clan consists of: :VV: :VV:
    Ferin Axel Karkland, Daemon Prince of Slaughter (Me) :sad.gif:
    Chaos Lord Kyre, Lord of Time. :Lava:
    Eylk, Champion of Caverns :Lava:
    Champion of the Plague, Ezrool :VV:
    Warrior The_Flail :Red:
    Warrior Scottzar :Red:
    Warrior Gavinrad :Grey:
    Warrior Dannyman18 :Glass:
    Warrior Chipit
    Warrior ReaperofDeath
    Warrior iS_Rooster
    Warrior XxPhogxX
    Warrior Tykoon
    Warrior Madnickhahaha
    Warrior Modsec
    Warrior Hav0rkz
    Warrior L33tg4m3r
    Warrior Adrian_Tek
    Warrior Theforgott3none
    Warrior Drizzcon
    Warrior Greyknight666
    Warrior Redsion
    Warrior airsoftglock

    Total Members: 23 so far!

    Our mighty allies are... :Notch: :Notch:
    Orsa Novus Aevum
    Royal Minecraft Militia


    The following are deemed an eyesore by the gods. Kill on sight. :Notch: :Notch:
    Giavanni - Once a warrior, now a hacker. The gods are displeased greatly.


    Please, if you wish to join the clan, you the following forum.
    All people who are already in the clan should do this too, but it isn't necessary.


    IGN (In game name):
    Reason(s) for joining, specific reasons please!:
    Favourite Chaos God, and if you wish, why:
    Reason(s) I should let you in above others:
    FPS Experience:
    Favourite IRL weapon(s):


    Register at our forum. *Need to get back up*
    Here is our steam group.
    Finally, my steam name is Snurferst, so add me if you wish to be let in our steam group.
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    Age: 15
    In Game Name: JSKFox
    Where you heard of this server: From the Grandmaster of War himself.
    Current Clan[s]: ONA
    Why you wish to join the server: To fan the flames of destruction, to stride down the heathen halls of our enemies and crush them between my iron fingers.

    writing in red makes me such a rebel, eh?
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