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    posted a message on [V1.5.1] Pfaeffs Mod (SSP) V1.2.3 (Allocator, Jump Pad, Light Sensor and more!)
    I first want to say that your mods are the only ones I use in my Singleplayer Survival World, and they are likely the only ones I will ever use. You have done a phenomenal job.

    I understand why you decided to stop work on the Fan, but I have prepared a list of reasons why a Fan is not only worth the time required to implement it properly, but is also the most useful addition Minecraft could have. However, in order for it to have maximum functionality, it should push all entities, including falling sand, mobs, and players. Also, the distance entities travel should be determined by the strength of the redstone signal going in. For instance, a Repeater or Torch pointing directly at the Fan block would make the Fan blow entities fifteen blocks. Also, Fans would have to be able to face any of the six directions.

    The List:

    1) Enderman Farms: Currently, Enderman Farms are massive both in size and expense because Enderman teleport when in contact with water. Using Fans would greatly improve upon these farms.

    2) Gold Farms: Without the option to place Water in the Nether, the only way to move the drops from where the Pigman die is to use Hoppers, which are ridiculously expensive. Therefore, the spawning platforms are never large enough to be very useful.

    3) Wheat / Carrot / Potato Farms: Using fans to push drops instead of water means that drops from harvested crops can move to a central location without disturbing growing crops.

    4) Mushroom Farms: Water will destroy all crops in its path, but Fans will only push harvested Mushrooms. This way, Mushrooms can remain to spread while their neighbors are being transported. This double the efficiency of an under-appreciated source of food.

    5) Tree farms: Since Leaves take a long time to decay, Fans are the optimal method for transporting dropped Apples or Saplings. While the Leaves are still decaying, Saplings can continue to grow.

    6) Sugarcane Farms: If Fans are able to blow through blocks that can be walked through (they should, in my opinion), then you can say goodbye to drops being lost and wasted as they get stuck in the block where the Sugarcane grows.

    7) Melon / Pumpkin Farms: Again, if Fans can blow through the stem blocks, then Melon and Pumpkin drops will no longer get stuck in the stem block.

    8) Redstone Wiring: Currently, neither Dropper chains nor water can transport items over things such as Redstone Dust, Torches, and Repeaters.

    9) Item Elevators: With Fans, Item Elevators would no longer be massively expensive and sizeable contraptions requiring late game items such as Nether Quartz for every layer.

    10) Player Elevators: Fans would be able to transport the player upward quite high when on full strength, then reset fall damage when the Fans are on their lowest power setting. With this combination, a very nice two-way elevator can be created.

    11) Projectiles: When used in conjunction with Dispensers, TNT, Snowballs, Arrows, and Fire Charges can have their flight path modified heavily while they are in flight by blowing them with Fans along their path.

    12) Minecarts: When a Minecart stops on an unpowered Powered Rail, then the Rail becomes Powered, you could use a Fan pointing in both possible directions so that you could choose which direction the Minecart would go. This would be very useful both for player Minecart stations and for Storage Minecarts.

    I hope I have convinced you that Fans are worth adding and that they could be hugely helpful in fixing the issues present with current blocks and techniques. Fans are better than Hopper chains. So much better.
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    posted a message on Better Glass: Smeltable Soul Sand
    Minecraft has few useless blocks; every block seems to have its niche. Other than Gravel and Lapis, however, Soul Sand is perhaps the only block that is almost never used. While it slows down mobs, this is almost never desirable. It is used to plant Nether Warts, but that means the player uses no more than a stack of Soul Sand in there entire world.

    Currently, Glass has a very undesirable texture. It isn't completely transparent, and the player's vision is very heavily obstructed:

    I propose that smelting Soul Sand makes Soul Glass (You can also use this Soul Glass to make Soul Glass Panes). These would have a slight reddish-brown exterior, but that exterior only covers the outside boundary:

    My texture editing skill is not nearly good enough to show how the boundary changes. Imagine a window where the inner region is completely clear, even between blocks.

    TL;DR: Smelt Soul Sand to create prettier Glass and Glass Panes.

    • More aesthetically pleasing alternative glass texture.
    • Adds a use for Soul Sand.
    • Incentive to explore the Nether more.
    • Feel free to add any you come up with.
    • Feel free to add any you come up with.
    Don't forget to vote in the pole and give me any feedback you have on this idea.
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    posted a message on Combination Lock - Most Compact
    Through use of the Repeater Locks from the new update, I have made the most compact combination lock that I have seen, not by a small amount. Depending on the combination, its entirety is between (2d+1)*4*4 and (2d+1)*8*4 (more on why the depth varies in the "Setting the Combination" section), where b is the number of digits in the combination. The instructions to build it is below. Thanks to SquirtDude for creating a video!

    Individual Modules:
    This is almost all you will need for each digit in the combination. For every digit you have, there will be one of these in a line. When tiling, the Redstone Wires on the different modules should connect. The block at the top of the image is a Sticky Piston. The Blue Wool Block is the input.The top torch and Note Block are not necessary for the design's function, but are there for convenience.
    For the first digit in the combination, you will need to make a small adjustment to the above design. Simply place a Redstone Repeater pointing away from the redstone line and under the block that holds the 3-tick Repeater and a Redstone Wire connected to the Repeater.

    This is what the modules should look like when combined into a four-digit array. The output of the Combination Lock is the output of the final Repeater in its locked setting.

    Layered Tutorial:
    Below are the layers of a 7-digit combination lock.
    First Layer: This layer has a line of 14 blocks, with Torches on every other block, which power Repeaters that lock more Repeaters. The Redstone Lamp is the output.

    Second Layer: This layer consists only of building blocks, which are arranged in a two-by-seven rectangle with one block of air between two adjacent blocks, and redstone that is placed on top of the building blocks placed in layer 1.

    Third Layer: In order to show the Button inputs, this layer image is upside-down with resect to the above two. In this layer, there are seven rows, with one block of air in between, of Buttons, building blocks, Repeaters, building blocks, and Pistons. The Repeaters are on their third delay setting.

    Setting the Combination:
    You may have noticed that the instructions above only detail how to set the combination to (1-2-3-4); however, numerous other combinations are possible. To set a different combination, such as (1-4-2-3), simply wire your button number to the order in which it appears. For the example (1-4-2-3), Button #1 would be wired to Module #1, Button #4 would be wired to Module #2, Button #2 would be wired to Module #3, and Button #3 would be wired to Module 4.
    This process can work where one button appears multiple times in a combination: simply wire it to both applicable modules. This process can take anywhere from zero to four blocks, hence the depth variation.

    Comments? Questions? Criticisms? I'm all ears eyes!
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    posted a message on Pyrotechnic Stand—A Simpler Way: Forum Post Overhaul + Custom Pics!
    Ever so often, a brilliant idea appears. This is one of them, and needs to be added to the game. The only thing I would like to add is that the third poll is somewhat ambiguous; is it second chronologically or positionally?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Red-Stone Wiring, Help?
    Quote from King_Geoffrey

    ...................................................... :( ............................................ :) ............................................. :D ............................................ uhhhh i dont know any more...but... THANK YOU, YOU ARE AMAZING IN MY OPINION... NOT SHURE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT STILL THANK YOU... I didnt know what to do but still this is very helpful...
    Oh also, is there a way to do that even with levers?

    To do it with levers, use a pulse limiter (monostable circuit). If you don't know what that is, the Ultimate Collection of Redstone Circuit Designs should suit you quite well.
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    posted a message on AND Door : 256 entries
    I hate to tell you this, but you could simply have 256 levers that are all negated, then run a redstone wire that connects all of the torches to each other, and negate this redstone wire. This will accomplish the same thing, due to DeMorgan's Law.
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    posted a message on Ultimate Collection of Redstone Circuits
    I have a rather interesting circuit that can fill a couple of potential uses. I'm not sure if this is at all useful or better than some other designs, or even if it is original, but I thought I'd share in case anyone can benefit.

    Tileable Monostable Circuit:
    This is quite simply a fairly compact and fast monostable circuit. If you change the output to a repeater, then it has the added bonus of being tileable. The top Repeater is set to two ticks of delay, but can be adjusted as needed.

    This RS-NOR Latch is decently fast and compact. It is also one wide, though not tileable. Also, the inputs are adjacent. The top redstone dust and the repeater can be switched without issue.

    This is perhaps the most interesting outcome of the design. It is the most compact circuit of the type that I've seen, unless I've missed something critical. It acts as an RS-NOR Latch, but one input is controlled by redstone, and one is a BUD.

    Hopefully someone can benefit from these designs. At the very least, they feature an interesting concept, in my opinion. XD
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    posted a message on Creating a Fireplace in a wooden mansion
    Get some Minecarts and set them on fire by pushing them through lava. Then, run the Minecarts into the spots where the Netherack would be. The Minecarts should burn infinitely, but they won't catch your house on fire.
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    posted a message on Stacking Slabs of Different Types
    I propose that the option to place different slabs on top of each other is given, instead of simply placing the slab in the block space above the existing slab.

    When you have a slab made out of material A:

    And you place another slab made out of material A on top, you get this:

    However, if you place a slab made out of material B on top, you get this:

    I think that instead of this, the bottom half of the block's texture should be that of material A, and the top half as B.

    Edit: I apologize for the images not working :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Potion making mechanism sucks
    I agree with you. I was super exited when potions were added to the game and loved the cauldron system. However, the brewing stand is completely inferior, in my opinion. With the brewing stand, it takes extremely long to brew a potion, you can't see what is happening, and it gives the whole mechanic a completely different feel, for example. I am going to get a mod that put cauldrons back into the game. I think that, at the very least, Minecrafters should have the option to use either device for brewing potions.
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