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    I figured it was only a matter of time till you made a gravity gun ;D

    Just tested it out; works great, and definitely a great companion mod to the portal gun!
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    Quote from Bellaabzug21

    The beauty of the condenser was that it wasn't that hard to craft. No matter what, it was incredibly overpowerer, even if it required you to put down a set of jem armor and blocks of red matter, it wouldn't be enough. People would just generate more EMC to make more to use to make more, and more, and more, and more. No matter what he does, it would be impossible to balance out.

    I understand that it's really impossible to make balanced, which is why I suggested it be one of the last items you can get in the mod. Balance isn't really an issue when you're flying around shooting lightning bolts at at anything that moves (or whatever the equivalent power items in EE3 will allow you to do). Besides, I don't really see how it's unbalanced. It's not like it allows you to create more emc than you would otherwise; whether you fuel it with cobble or gold ingots, you're still destroying an amount of material exactly equivalent to that which you're trying to receive. Now, if the condenser allowed you to say, generate 10 diamonds for the "price" of 7, that could be an issue.

    Quote from DaveSW

    Balance is good. Your comments are not.

    Thank you for that well thought out response! Who needs counterarguments when you can reply "LOL U SUX" instead?

    Quote from faregoth

    People need to stop complaining about the changes. First of all its pahimars mod, and he could what ever the hell he wants to it. Second, people saying ee2 wasnt op, or that is the reason why it was fun, just need to shut thier mouths. Basiclly u get a condenser, everything else in the game is useless you can generate diamonds out of nothing. EE3 is ment to more balenced, this way to be alot more fun. Come on who doesnt want to make huge trans circles on the game. Third of all EE3 is not copying tc3, he was already planning research a long time ago, and azanor got to it first. Both will be equally fun, and i cant wait,

    End of rant :)

    I feel a deep need to correct your first sentence. It is a terrible idea to say "it's not yours, so you can't complain!". Without complaints and criticisms, there is no need for improvement. There NEEDS to be dissenting opinions in order to spark discussion on either how to improve the mod, or justification as to how the mod is fine as is.

    With that out of the way, I'd like to apologize for my comment regarding TC. I didn't mean to imply I thought Pah was ripping the idea off from TC, I just meant I had a feeling that with a change to a more machine/industrial setup with various arcane systems wired up to each other in complex ways, EE3 would feel too similar to TC. Maybe I'm just stubborn to change, but I already miss the simplicity that EE2 stood for; being able to consolidate resources to slowly work toward the awesome power items. I don't want to have to memorize all sorts of obtuse wiring systems and pointlessly complicated game mechanics a la Thaumcraft just to be able to play the mod at all.

    But maybe I'm wrong and the release version will be like EE2 but better. I'm not holding my breath on that, but I'll wait till the release to give my final judgment (as if anyone cared what I thought :P )

    Quote from Fuzzzie

    They were removed because they were overpowered. Half the reason why servers never used EE is because it was too overpowered. I welcome a more balanced EE and not having passive EMC collection that I can use to spawn any item I want into the game. Plus too, Thaumcraft is completely changed now too, so the comparison is invalid.

    See, the problem I have with removing the condenser is that it is the most useful thing ever added to minecraft. I'm not even talking about using it to make unlimited diamonds or whatever, just simple stuff like making bricks without spending an hour meticulously searching for/smelting clay. Or being able to create a decent supply of arrows without having to kill dozens of chickens and spend a half hour destroying gravel over and over to get flint. Or hell, just being able to take something useless like lapis or excess redstone and turn it into something I'll actually use, like massive amounts of iron for armor.

    In fact, I have another proposed solution to balance the condenser (well, make it MORE balanced at least). Remove the ability to create the more powerful items in the game (diamonds, power item components, whatever replaces dark/red matter) and just have it be able to duplicate stuff like building blocks and raw materials like wood and glass.
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    So...basically this is going to consist of removing everything that made EE2 fun and replacing it with an ­ized version of Thaumcraft? (I say this because of the EMC wire comment..I'm envisioning lots of Thaumcraft-esque devices).

    I mean really, removing the energy condenser (aka the best thing to happen to minecraft ever)? Do you just hate fun? I noticed in the OP you mentioned people complaining about items being overpowered should just go somewhere else, so why does it seem like you're bowing to the desires of the idiots who demand everything to be perfectly balanced?

    At least meet us halfway here man. I humbly suggest a compromise: keep collectors/condensers in the mod, BUT have them be extremely late-game items (I'm talking the equivalent of gem armor in EE2 level late-game). That way we can still have our awesome items and have a very alluring goal to work towards to boot!
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    Yeah, the adf.ly link is definitely broken. I tried downloading it on 4 different browsers; 3 of which lead to a download for some completely unrelated spyware masquerading as a download launcher and the other just led to a blank page...try mediafire instead, they tend to be more reliable
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    Quote from ArchebuS

    Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, Computers, Scuba Diving, Fantasy Writing, Fitness, Womanising.

    You wouldn't happen to look like this, would you?

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    Now that I think about it, that does sound a bit upset. However, I was merely surprised.

    (still in case he's lurking somewhere)

    Welcome to Cubeaism, ozode. Take a number, and you will receive your insanity when it's called. Please don't feed the spastic buddhas.
    Once your number is called, a caretaker will arrive to provide you with your complimentary bib. Drooling on yourself is to be expected for the duration of your stay in Cubeaism.

    And don't think you're off the hook quite yet, MD. I'll get to the bottom of this mystery no matter what. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to analyze the writing styles of yourself as well as your "roommate" (yes, this is how I spend most summer vacations, why do you ask? :3).
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    Don't post, though. We need to see how he reacts (if he hasn't shamequit already).

    He ripped off Donjon.bin.sh's worldgen software, and someone called him out on it. LOOOOOOOOOOL.

    EDIT: Oh, ****. He's gotten himself into a DDOS war with a friend of mine from Spore UK (who happens to be a bit of a hacker), and he's going after our internet router. I'll be off soon to man the guns, I suppose.
    After reading the link, I have but one question: what in the **** does the axis tilt of a fictional planet have to do with roleplaying? Or its titanium density? Or its oceans' ratios of water to ice? I'm just trying to picture a RP scenario in which any of that would ever come up:

    "The Zorgian battlemaster hurls his energy lance with the strength of a thousand rabid zythmors, the airborne projectile impacting squarely in the middle of your chest and launching you out the damaged cruiser's open airlock. You sail out into the open expanse of space for a bit before being captured by the atmosphere of the planet Rhathgar, a frigid ocean world consisting of 32% water and 68% ice mass. Fortunately, you manage to pull on your hazard suit in time to protect you from the harms of atmospheric reentry and achieve terminal velocity as you plummet toward the planet. Roll 15 or higher on a d20 to avoid landing on the hard ice".
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    Oooooh cool!

    Well, I cant upload screens with my phone, so I'll try to explain this as simply as I can. For materials, you'll need 4 sticky pistons, some stone or other flooring material, 13-15 redstone, a button/lever/pressure plate and the materials you'd need to make an iron golem

    1. Make a 2 block wide hallway

    2. At one end of the hallway, dig out the last 2 rows of the floor, forming a 2 block long, 2 wide, 1 deep hole at one end.

    3. Drop into the hole, and on either side, dig 2 blocks deep into the walls (at this point you should have a 2x2x1 hole, with 4 horizontal holes going into the area under the walls of the hallway.

    4. Place a sticky piston at the end of each horizontal hole, facing toward the center of the hall.

    5. Place a block in front of each piston to act as the floor when the trapdoor is inactive.

    6. Use redstone to connect all 4 sticky pistons to a lever or button (pressure plate too, I guess, but that would be harder)

    7. Test the activation mechanism of your choice to check if all 4 pistons activate at the same time when you hit the switch. If successful, the 2x2 area of the floor should disappear as the sticky pistons retract, taking that area of the floor with it, and making anything standing in that area fall.

    8. Open the trap, and continue to dig the 2x2 area down by about 5-6 blocks.

    9. Using the bottom of the 5th or 6th block down the extended pit as a floor, expand the 2x2 chamber one block in every direction, making it a 4x4 room, 3 tall.

    10. Build an iron golem at the bottom of the pit.

    11. When a mob passes over the 2x2 area when the floor is inactive, hit the switch and they drop into your "rancor pit" and have to fight the "rancor" while you watch from above. Nifty, Huh?

    The real beauty of this trap is it's effectiveness and versatility. Because mobs register the inactive trap as a floor, the improved AI doesn't realize it's a trap and walks right into the danger zone giving you a chance to drop it into the pit. it's also a really versatile trap, because you can use other methods to dispose of mobs. For example, if you don't have the iron/pumpkins to spare on a golem, you can skip building the whole rancor pit step and instead dig the 2x2 pit a few block deeper and put lava or flaming netherrack at the bottom, making mobs fall into a burning demise when you activate the trap. I personally prefer the rancor approach, but lava/fire is fun to use too >:D

    There's another awesome trap I've come up with using sticky pistons, but that one will stay a secret till I post the LP, alongside my snow golem and cactus traps :3
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    nah, I did eventually find some...plus the seed I picked is another reference! Even if I didn't find any, I have some devious ideas for traps and base defense I can't wait to show off when I post the screens (hint: they involve lots of cactus, lava and snow golems).

    Also, I'd recommend that one God who's all about paranoia...one of your favorites if I recall. That LP should give you plenty of opportunities to create innovative traps I could steal be inspired by :3 plus, it just sounds fun to have a huge maze/base. He's probably my second favorite God, after roki....which reminds me, I never did answer my own question:

    My top 5 gods:

    1. Roki
    2. Said paranoia God
    3. Penna
    4. Pillagis (yes, shameless self plug, but hey, I think it was a cool idea!)
    5. Archebus' version of Nixos
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    Agreed. Although the sky castle sounds like an awesome idea. And, for what it's worth, we PC players can't do the aether mod either because it hasn't been updated since new years day and may never come back.

    That being said, I do pity you for having to play on 360; while I prefer console games myself, minecraft is just one of those gaes that has to be played on a PC for control and mod purposes.

    Also, with summer upon me, the roki LP has begun! Everything's going smoothly so far, and I picked the seed in honor of you, MD :3
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