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Gaffah! My undead mates from beyond the forbidden realms have informed me of the desolate nothingness that is (was) my about me page!

Official Title:
SpartanDoesAcid; Second Duke of the Grand Duchy of Untold Empires under the Forum Roleplaying Federation, Loyal by Oath to the Minecraft Forum Empire.

Honorable Mention to the Legitimate Barons of the Grand Duchy of Untold Empires;


May Cthulhu make their harvests bountiful and their soil fertile!
Interests Abraham Drinkin' walks into a bar, Giant Red Hats, Haven't played Minecraft in a year, godless commie scum from the pits of hell, Crush Stalinism!, Futret, futtin' around, HARD HARD HARD SO HARDCORE HARD..., wib wub wibbly wobbly timey wimey

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Minecraft slash12799