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    Factory Deathrun
    A reset-able deathrun map with 11 unique traps, and very bright colors!

    What is "Death-Run"
    Deathrun is a minigame that has existed for a very long time, with a very simple concept! All players who are playing, are considered 'Runners,' except one player chosen randomly, who is the 'trapper.' The Trapper's task is to eliminate all the other players before they make it to the end! If any of the Runners make it to the end, everyone but the trapper wins!

    What does this version of Deathrun have to offer?
    Well, Like the title says, there are 11 unique traps, (Some have cool downs and some can only be used once).
    The map itself has very bright colors, and the colorful patterns along the wall and floor, makes it obvious where a trap is!
    The map itself resets everything, every time someone starts the game!
    I should probably also mention, that Deathrun contains a-lot of... no... A TON of death.

    Please enjoy the map, and keep in mind that it's multiplayer, not singleplayer.
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    When i found this server, i was amazed that it was everything i expected of it, and more! It's the best creative server I've ever played on! ^_^

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